New release: Dragonsphere - for FREE!

The Spring Site Update brought the new downloader, private messaging, various improvements to the overall experience, and now we give all our users a free game!
Dragonsphere - as that's another free game in our catalogue - is a classic point-and-click adventure game by MicroProse. Twenty years ago, your father King Of Gran Callahach, has imprisoned the evil sorcerer Sanwe in a Dragonsphere. Now the spell is waning, and you as the new king in your first and the most important quest have to stop Sanwe from taking his revenge. The story seems very typical - you as a hero have to save the world once again - but you cannot be more wrong about it as that's just the beginning. Discover what the real plot is all about traveling through beautifully drawn locations and solving challenging yet clever puzzles. Set yourself for a great journey, after all it's totally free on!