New Release: Alien Breed + Alien Breed: Tower Assault

There’s a million aliens out there thirsting for your blood; can you slaughter your way to the exit?
These classic top-down shooters have you killing enough aliens to make Sigourney Weaver blush, and this two pack of Alien Breed and Alien Breed: Tower Assault is available for only $5.99.
Alien Breed is a classic run-and-shoot action game that has you fighting a variety of bulbous-headed aliens with an insatiable hunger for your flesh. In a distant future, you control one brave space ranger or (with a friend) two fearless cosmic marines who blast their way through maze-like levels crawling with hideous space monstrosities to find the lift down to the next level and--hopefully--to escape the doomed space station that you’re on. Clearing the space station completely will require killing hundreds of nasty aliens, buying new weapons, medkits, ammo, and finally blowing everything up. For us at, just a regular day.
Alien Breed: Tower Assault follows a similar alien slaying scenario as the first game in the series. However, it is much less linear than its predecessor and offers 276 possible ways of completing the game (yes, we checked).
If you wished in 2012 for an alien-infested space stations and soldiers on a suicide missions, well, you’re a little crazy. But if you wished for a fantastic game about alien-infested space stations, makes your dreams come true with a powerful double combo from Team 17: Alien Breed and Alien Breed: Tower Assault for only $5.99.