Midweek Sale: Strategy and Raw Fury games up to -80%

The limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.
Building a civilization is a challenge worthy of the gods, but even an enlightened dictator or an outstanding strategist have to face the burdens of leadership if they want to herd nations, rule an island or secure the survival of a city. But don't worry! All sofa strategists, domesticated dictators and caring managers - we've got you covered with our special mid-week sale!
Build your city and breathe life into it in SimCity series (-75); rule with a hard hand and an exquisite sense of humor in Tropico (-70%) or colonize an alien world with Aven Colony (-75%).
If you're a fan of frosty weather, you should definitely try to face a blood-chilling experience in Frostpunk (-40%), where low temperatures often bring emotional fever.
If you're more into action and conquests, jump into Raw Fury collection of games, now up to -80%. What about charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite Bad North (-25%) or GoNNER a tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements?
The Midweek Strategy Sale ends May 18th, 10pm UTC, and Raw Fury games promo ends May 22th, 10pm UTC.