January Mac Game Update: 10 New Additions

2 excellent indies and 8 classic titles join GOG.com Mac catalog!
Mac gamers! We've prepared another set of games for you today. GOG.com is now offering almost 100 Mac titles! As for today's additions, we've got some RPGs, some strategies, a point-and-click adventure, an FPS, and even a space fighter combat sim. Most of today's additions are classic titles, but we also have two indies, that should appeal to old-school gamers nonetheless. Let's have a quick look at the new arrivals, shall we?
Starting with the indies, Legend of Grimrock is one of the last year's most celebrated independent games, briliantly reprising the classic dungeon crawler gameplay in modern visual style. The game comes with an intuitive built-in Dungeon Editor. Only $14.99.
Blackwell Bundle is a collection of four old-school point-and-click supernatural investigative adventures, complete with hand-drawn graphics and top-notch voice acting. A must have for adventure gamers longing for a new story to unravel. Only $14.99.
Moving to the classics, Alpha Centauri serves as a great spin-off of the legendary Civilization series, in a refreshing Sci-Fi setting. The game now comes with a very rare addition, the Alien Crossfire expansion. Only $5.99.
Sid Meier's Colonization, the classic turn-based strategy game of conquest and management, lets you play either the French, English, Dutch, or Spanish colonial powers, each with distinct characteristics and political situations. Only $5.99
Postal 2 Complete, the legendary sandbox of sadistic stunts and mindless mayhem witn no political corectness, comes in a form of gory FPS that will have your soul twitching and your mind screaming. Comes packed with the Apocalypse Weekend and Share the Pain expansions, for only $9.99.
Ultima 7: The Complete Edition includes The Black Gate, Forge of Virtue, Ultima 7 Part Two: Serpent Isle, and The Silver Seed, so you can expect many, many hours of masterfully crafted classic isometric fantasy RPG experience. Only $5.99.
Freespace (+Expansion), the cult space combat sim that casts you as a s a pilot for the Galactic Terran Alliance in the war with the ominous alien Shivans. This edition includes the original Freespace and the Silent Threat mission pack. Only $5.99.
Terminal Velocity is an action-packed fast-paced interplanetary fighter sim straight from the depths of 1990s. Check out the 3D Realms classic for only $5.99.
Conquest of the New World, a historical turn-based strategy title that puts you in control of a native civilization or an expeditionary force from one of five European countries. Complete with the Deluxe Edition features, such as the scenario editor. Only $5.99.
That's it for our January Mac selection. We hope you enjoy it. As you surely know by now, we're continuing our work to bring more titles to your Apple computers. For example, the Mac version of Geneforge 1-5, an RPG series for die-hard fans of the genre: hundreds of hours of gameplay, and unique setting, is coming out next Tuesday. Expect even more good news from GOG.com quite soon.