Indie Piñata - Grande Finale

All of everything is back, plus some new stuff.
It's the incredible, the amazing, the stunning Indie Piñata Grande Finale!
Welcome to the final blowout. It's 24 hours of every deal and Pinata so far, all to bring this weeklong event to its grande conclusion. Among these exceptional offers is the return of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - now in an all-new, totally improved Unreal Engine 4 Redux edition. There's the most delicious combination of words in gaming, also known as Sunless Sea, and of course - there is a handful of completely new Piñatas so you can keep on whackin' on!
What is the Indie Piñata?
The Indie Piñata is a whacky gaming sale brought to you by Crunching Koalas and, a weeklong celebration of diverse indie games - organised to help gamers (you) discover great indie titles without breaking the bank. Instead, we'll break the Piñata! A lot.
There's so much stuff.
There's stuff alright, with plenty of video game stuffing.
We've got a hefty selection of deals up to 80% off - all indies, all highly recommended - this includes titles like Kerbal Space Program (-33%), NEO Scavenger (-50%), Legend of Grimrock 2 (-75%), and MouseCraft (-80%), so that you can pick and choose what you play (but it's probably best to get them all just in case).
Whack your Piñata!
If you're fond of surprises, for $3 (or your local equivalent), you can grab your own 100% whackable Piñata and find a random indie wonder inside - handpicked by us and Crunching Koalas. The Piñata can include games anywhere from $9.99 to $44.99, so there's a deal (and a satisfying POP) behind every swing - and we’ll be ready to congratulate those of you who show off your discounted gains on Twitter with the hashtag #IndiePinata!
The Promo and Piñata include a completely separate batch of games, so there's plenty of variety and surprises - we'll also rotate the Promo and Piñata lineup after three days, just so that things don't get too stale. The Indie Piñata promo will last until 9/18/2015, 9:59AM GMT. Just remember - check yourself, before you whack yourself.
Batter up!
Stream watch:
It's the Indie Piñata at, as well! We’re celebrating with tons of special promo streams. Check out the schedule to know what’s going on over the weekend, and follow our channel for 4-6 hours of awesome, daily gaming content!