GOG.com adds Interplay games for Mac OS X

Fallout, MDK, Descent--now on your Mac.
Hello Gamers! Since the CD Projekt RED & GOG.com Special Event a week ago, PC gamers had an exclusive chance to Pay What They Want for Interplay Games, especially if they decided to pay $34.99 or more to get the complete catalog of Interplay classics, including Freespace 2, Sacrifice, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and 29 more. This has just changed. Not only PC gamers but Mac gamers can participate as well, since GOG.com adds Interplay games for Mac OS X, and starts selling 12 amazing titles such as Fallout, Descent + Descent 2, Earthworm Jim 1+2, MDK, and Battle Chess, are fully OS X-compatible and available for an incredibly low price of $5.99 each for the first time in history. A total of 12 Interplay games can be purchased on GOG.com right now with more Interplay titles coming to our catalogue in the future.
Is that it? NO! The 12 games from Interplay, including Redneck Rampage, Stonekeep, and the all-time classics Fallout, MDK, and Descent, are also available as a part of our Pay What You Want for Interplay Games offer. To get those 12 games for Mac, which are worth $71.88, GOG.com Mac users need to pay only $34.99 (or more if they wish). Kingdom: The far Reaches, Shattered Steel, VR Soccer '96, and Screamer can be picked up for as little as $0.01. But that's not all--the 20 other Interplay games for PC which are available in this offer, like Fallout 2, Freespace + Expansion, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, will get a free update to OS X once the Mac versions are ready.
Grab 32 Interplay games, 12 of which are now fully Mac-compatible, right now in Pay What You Want for Interplay Games--this offer lasts only 6 more days!