GOG.com Holiday Sale Begins!

Our holiday sale is here! You’ve been waiting for the chance to pick up all of our great classics at incredible savings, and that time is now. Virtually the entire catalog is 50% off from now until 2 January 2011. While most of you have probably clicked through and are getting games now, let’s let you know about the fine details of the promo.
Activision games are on sale until the 26th of December, so be sure to pick them up early. We’ll do our best to remind all of you via Facebook or Twitter about that, so be sure to follow us there if you aren’t for updates and reminders. Further, The Witcher 2 will be 40% off during this holiday sale, but the Witcher: Enhanced Edition is 50% off. Finally, there are a few games that are not in our holiday sale: in particular, Codemasters games and Gothic 1 are not included this year.
Our holiday sales are the best time this year for you to pick up all of the classic PC games that you have been waiting to get since you joined GOG.com; Santa also appreciates you picking up games on GOG.com, because that’s less for him to fit in his sleigh. ;)
Happy Holidays to all, and we hope all your gaming wishes come true!