Three of Disney's most treasured 16-bit platformers return, exclusively on

Embrace your adventurous inner child with The Lion King, Aladdin, and The Jungle Book!
Good stories never fall out of style. And if someone knows how to tell a proper fairytale, that's got to be Disney. Today, three of their most celebrated, charming platformers of yore based on such tales are coming back, exclusively on Disney Aladdin, Disney The Lion King, and Disney The Jungle Book are all household names that still captivate our imagination, decades after we got introduced to their cinematic and videogame worlds.
That's why and Disney heave teamed up to bring these beloved classics of the 16-bit era to a new generation of gamers and Disney fans. All three titles have been meticulously updated to be compatible with modern operating systems while preserving the original graphics, sound, and gameplay.
Developed during the golden age of platformers, Disney Aladdin, Disney The Lion King, and Disney The Jungle Book established themselves as hallmarks of the genre, earning the praise of fans and critics alike for over two decades. That was due in no small part to their groundbreaking visuals. With the advent of Digicel technology, hand-drawn cels from Disney's animation team brought the characters to life with a level of vibrancy that was unparalleled at the time, and remains impressive today. Just look at how adorable little Simba looks when he roars at his enemies!
Return to these beautiful worlds, full of that unmistakable Disney charm and wondrous sense of adventure. Disney Aladdin, Disney The Lion King, and Disney The Jungle Book are available now, DRM-free on and you can get them for 10% off individually, or for 33% off as a bundle of heartwarming joy until August 8, 12:59 PM UTC!