Stardew Valley 1.4 update is here!

A game that has a huge cult following around the world finally gets some new adjustments. As the creator of Stardew Valley sums up – 1.4 update purpose is not just to add new content, but to make the game even more enjoyable.
For example, some tools will now prove to be more efficient. Moreover, every spouse of the main character will get an additional after-marriage quest. Gamers will also receive a convenient screenshot button to make a photo of their farm, which they can later share with friends. To celebrate its 1.4 update release, Stardew Valley will be available on GOG.COM with a 10% discount until 3rd December 2019, 6 PM UTC.
Not only Stardew Valley fans will be satisfied with improvements and additional features today. A free DLC for the Project Hospital game, called Doctor Mode, is out now on GOG.COM. Also, you can buy Tangledeep – Dawn of Dragons DLC, with a 10% discount until 3rd December 2019, 5 PM UTC.