Mac Game Update: 34 New Additions

more mac, More Mac, MOAR MAC!!!
That's right. We've added an actual bucket full of Mac games to our catalog today. No, really, we got a bucket, filled it, and then made all of those games Mac compatible. Man, the way we do business can be odd sometimes. As usual, if you got the Windows version of one of these games previously, you'll be granted the Mac OS X version without any additional payment. Check the complete list of our Mac/Win dual-system games here.
The new huge batch of games includes acclaimed titles old and new. Here's a little preview just to show off some of them.
And here's the full list of new additions:
Lords of the Realm 3
Septerra Core
Still Life 1
Fallout Tactics
Mob Rule
Jagged Alliance 2
Jagged Alliance 2 Unfinished Business
Jack Keane
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Costume Quest
Smugglers V
World of Aden: Thunderscape
Nancy Drew Curse of the Blackmoor Manor
Rogue Trooper
Legend of Kyrandia
Legends of Kyrandia Hand of Fate
Legends of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge
Haegemonia Gold
Iron Storm
Atlantis 2
Divine Divinity
Wizardry 6+7
Wizardry 8
Runaway: A Road Adventure
Runaway: Dream of the Turtle
11th Hour
Beyond Divinity
Realms of Arkania 3
Strike Suit Zero
Original War
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we needed to remove Daedalic Entertainment's The Whispered World from our Mac OS X lineup. We will offer a refund to anyone who bought the game between November 15 and November 20 2013, if they purchased the game based on Mac compatibility, and would like to get their money back. We're terribly sorry for this inconvenient situation!