Mac Game Update: 22 New Additions

Psychonauts, Torchlight, Wing Commander 3, and 19 other great games, classic and new, now for your Mac!
Our Mac gaming offer keeps on growing with the addition of a new or classic title every now and then, and our catalog of OS X compatible games has reached (and passed) 100-games milestone quite a while ago. Steady growth is not enough for us, though. We like to drop a content-bomb from time to time, adding a whole pack of Mac-compatible builds to the site. Well, boom! Today, such a pack arrives, with a collection of 22 exciting titles you can now download and play on your Mac! As usual, if you bought the Windows version in the past, you automatically gain access to the Mac version with no need of additional purchase. Let's take a look at the new arrivals, shall we?
7th Guest, a true milestone in gaming and a fascinating ghost story with fully-orchestrated soundtrack, for only $9.99 (now only $7.99!)
Cannon Fodder, a comedic classic top-down squad-based shooter with the tiniest soldiers fighting the biggest war, for only $5.99
Gemini Rue, a gritty neo-noir point-and-click adventure game masterfully mixing Sci-Fi and crime mystery genres, for only $9.99 (now only $7.99!)
Hocus Pocus, a spell-slinging 36-level serving of delightful classic platforming fun from the magical 1990s, for only $5.99
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods, a isometric god-game, in which you earn your place on Mount Olympus, for only $5.99
Primordia, a sci-fi point-and-click adventure game with enthralling story, multiple endings, and pixelated graphics, for $9.99 (now only $7.99!)
Psychonauts, an immensely original and funny action-adventure 3D platformer with surreal story and environment, for only $9.99
Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945, a realistic sharpshooter simulation set in the final dramatic days of the World War II, for only $9.99
Space Colony HD, the high-definition version of the futuristic cross between real time strategy and The Sims, for only $9.99
Stronghold Crusader HD, an epic castle sim RTS in which you lead armies up to 10k units to conquer the holy land, for only $9.99
Torchlight, a masterfully crafted fantasy hack-and-slash from the makers of Diablo (MP3 soundtrack included!), for only $14.99 (now only $11.99!)
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, a mixture of excellent space-fighter sim and an excellent interactive movie, for only $5.99
All of the above, as well as the following titles: Crusader No Regret, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Ground Control 2: Special Edition, Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition 1+2, Pinball Gold Pack, Resonance, Stronghold HD, Total Annihilation Commander Pack, Total Annihilation Kingdoms, Ultima 8: Gold Edition, are available on both Windows and Mac OS X starting today. Once again we'd like to remind you, that if you purchased any of these games in the past, you now have access to the Mac-compatible version on with no additional payment required! We'll keep on working to expand our Mac-centric offer (134 games now, and counting), so drop by frequently and check for new titles.