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Changelog for Build b108h (added 03 April 2018):

* Consecrated Chalice now heals for twice as much

* Fixed some “\” characters printing to the game log sometimes
* Fixed bug that prevented online players from starting New Game+
* Legendary consumables can no longer trigger Bountiful Bag (which didn’t do anything to them anyway)
* Fixed random pet name generator
* Intro overlay text should no longer appear in challenges
* Fixed rare game load state with monsters on top of hero, or monsters ending up in the wrong location after load (disconnected sprite position / actual position)
* Fixed bug where pressing a hotkey to confirm that hotkey did not work with skill orb modified abilities
* Fixed bug where the shortcut buttons/hotkeys for UI menus (in the upper right of the menu screen) disappeared sometimes
* Fixed bug that could softlock the game during a certain encounter in the Bandit Library by allowing you to take turn actions during the cutscene

* MODDING: Extensive groundwork laid for player-created items / gear sets, item sprites

* Hovering over a monster or using examine mode will now display if the monster has elemental strengths or vulnerability. This will change based on the monster’s current status effects and champion mods. If you have Keen Eyes, you will now see that monster’s exact % resistances if they are noticeably higher or lower.
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Changelog for Build 1.09i (added 16 April 2018):

* Powerups should now stack above other items and objects in a tile

* Fixed loop point in the dungeon track “Mirai the Hero”

* Spirit Wolf (Hunter summon) no longer takes damage from lava or spikes
* Reduced monster aggression when you are already engaged with multiple monsters, particularly champions (Does not apply to New Game+)

* Fixed bug with starting challenge runs sometimes
* Fixed typo in Coffee’s effect description
* Fixed bug where Friendly Fire game modifier allowed you to hit yourself with abilities (made many abilities 100% useless)
* Attempted fix at Monster Letters ‘sticking’ on ground sometimes
* Fixed bug where a certain campfire encounter could visually softlock the game
* Fixed cursor & frog flicker on game load / game start
* Fixed bug where skill orb version of Aether Barrage did not extend range when spending Echoes
* Fixed bug where the wrong version of Guardian Arachnoid was being used in the monsterpedia (boss ver instead of regular encounter)
* Bandit Library boss should no longer show up as a target for rumors
* Attempted fix at bug where stat values in non-US countries were sometimes written incorrectly to XML
* Fixed bug where the Wild Nature set’s 3pc bonus (Bed of Thorns upgraded) was dealing Physical damage, instead of Poison
* Fixed bug where some sprites or sprite effects would stick around after beating final boss phase 1
* The “Consumable Burnout” game modifier no longer applies to food
* Fixed bug with Emblem stat display
* Fixed bug where the “NO” option when trying to manually sell a Favorited item did not work
* Fixed bug that prevented abilities from being used from the menu sometimes
* Fixed bug where using keyboard/controller to scroll to the top of the equipment list (while scrolled past the first page) would not scroll up and instead go to the category buttons
* Attempted fix at issue where monsters were occasionally visible but not targetable at range
* Skill Orb version of Radiant Aura should no longer constantly mark you as being in combat
* Experimental fix to slow memory leak

* Mod support added: Item data, job portraits, item sprites, spawn tables, shops, loot tables, monsters, dungeon rooms / floors, and job, monster, or NPC sprite sheets!
* Two new potions: Camouflage Perfume and Essential Monster Oils, each offering a burst of stealth for a short time (reducing monster aggression significantly)

* Various engine optimizations (better performance, smoothness, framerates)
* Added support for dungeon expansion in existing save files, without restarting or refreshing the current save. If game updates or player mods add new side areas, those will now be dynamically added and connected to the dungeon even in older saves.

* A quick search bar has been added to the Equipment sheet! Since this is built for use with a keyboard, you must CLICK the search bar to begin typing. You can type any part of an item name, any part of a magic mod name, a weapon or armor type, etc. You can even add multiple search terms (comma-separated) to get results that match ANY of those terms.
* The same search bar has also been added to the Dreamcaster, shops, and Inventory UI
* You can now use fast travel FROM the Desert Oasis if you have cleared the map of monsters
* You will no longer EVER move toward a monster or destructible if you click ON the object while out of range to attack it. This has tripped up many players thinking they were in range, when they actually were not.
* Added some code that should (probably) prevent you from getting the same rumor twice in a row if you rejected the first one.

* Nigiri is now Makizushi. Did I get it right this time?

Changelog for Build 1.10 (added 16 April 2018):

* Brigand’s Fan of Knives now deals 120% base damage (down from 175%), but deals +30% damage to bleeding enemies (up from +15%)

* Fixed rare game load error
* Fixed dual wielding attack bug
* Fixed bug with Orb of Reverie drop rate
* More weird edge case LOS fixes
* Fixed bug with certain stacked status effects such as Echoes collected
* Fixed bug with Sword Dancer’s 1st emblem ability (empower attack after movement) - was triggering even when not moving
* Fixed game error that could occur when searching for items in shops
* Fixed bug with the side area ‘treasure chest’ icon showing as closed sometimes when it should have been open
* Fixed bug with Library encounter soft lock
* Yet more credits fixes (this time for 900p resolution)

* New Optional Game Modifier: No Pandora Boxes

* You can now create new map objects, such as barrels, treasure chests, doors, ground-based fires, spikes, etc!
* Create new or replace existing sprite sheets for any map object
* Create new or replace existing sprite sheets for any in-game battle or status FX (sword slashes, explosions, hovering icons, ability effects, etc)

* More engine optimizations for performance
* Data cleanup for faster loading and general optimization

* Added flavor text for Rod of Wild Nature
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Changelog for Build 1.10d (added 27 April 2018):


- Using Sanctuary (Paladin master ability) cancels your Escape Portal. This is now stated in the ability description.


- You can now fast travel FROM Bottles and Brews once you’ve cleared the monsters
- Fixed incorrect description for Brigand’s innate ability that causes bleed. No longer requires "sharp" weapons. You can cause bleed with any melee attack.
- You should now receive rewards for clearing Desert Oasis
- Fixed bug where pressing a menu button twice very quickly (like equipment -> equipment) would cause some UI issues
- Fixed some visual ugliness when moving north on top of stairs or Deadly Void
- Another fix to boss2 issue where attacks were possible during cutscene
- Fixed bug where Edge Thane’s innate passive triggering at <50% Health would sometimes disappear forever until switching from and back to the job
- Fixed Examine Mode / keyboard / controller targeting issue where cursor hover state would be ‘sticky’ on the last targeted object/actor
- Fixed bug with Dreamcaster’s search bar
- Fixed bug with healing item values not displaying
- The Berserk weapon mastery should no longer stun yourself
- Fixed bug where some rumors in side areas would not display the connecting floor
- Fixed bug where three Lucid Shards would sometimes combine into an Orb and leave you with an extra shard left over
- Another pass at ensuring Buried Loot always has a key - if not on the floor, than in a monster’s inventory


- Game startup and load time optimizations related to data parsing


- When using Paladin’s Sanctuary, you will no longer counter-attack (breaking the barrier)
- Boss 3 arena will now spawn two staircases leading back to both branches which lead to the arena
- Rumors for defeating monsters with a certain element should no longer occur for monsters immune to a given element (i.e. you won’t be asked to defeat an Ember Spirit with Fire)


Changelog for Build 1.11b (added 27 April 2018):


- Darkened ability cooldown indicators


- Max item upgrades via rarity has been limited to 5. In other words, once up to 5 modifiers have been added, the raw power should not continue increasing if you remove and add mods further.
- Increased the value multiplier of food sold on the Food Cart
- The Herbalist quest no longer resets more than once, even if you restart New Game+ again
- This also goes for the Armor mastery quest, and learning Ultimate weapon masteries


- Fixed bug where Righteous Charge could sometimes send you through walls.
- Fixed text issue that could occur in the Job Trial dialogues with Jorito
- Fixed bug where some statuses, in some circumstances, would be added with a duration of 5 turns which was either too high or too low
- Fixed bug that could sometimes cause issues with stat numbers (such as Health, strength, etc) for the player and monsters on saving/loading game, in certain non-US regions
- Fixed visual bug that could occur when dropping items from the same stack on the ground
- Fixed bug where pressing any menu button rapidly could cause the character portrait info to disappear forever
- Fixed bug where the Pandora’s Box reset option in New Game+ would not actually reset your count... oops
- Fixed cursor ‘flip’ happening on UIs other than the skill screen
- Fixed bug where pressing "Compare Alternate" would not change the display instantly on the Equipment screen
- Fixed some wonky AI behavior that occurred when a summoned or charmed creature under your control disappeared or died
- Added extra protections to ensure the Nightmare Queen cannot be damaged prior to the final fight of an Item Nightmare
- Finally fixed issue with glitchy terrain if summoned terrain was added to existing (water, mud, lava, etc)


- If you disable a mod that affects the dungeon itself (such as the official Replicator 88 mod) and try to continue a save that used that mod, the game world will now regenerate from scratch while keeping your character and meta progress. Previously, the save would just not load.


- Added preventative measures in cases of total data loss due to power outage/save corruption


- The combat log now has subtle line dividers separating messages by game turn
- When visiting the Corral and looking at all your monsters, their Health will now scale instantly to your health - previously, you had to take the pet out for it to scale
- The Dreamcaster UI now shows how many of each Orb you have
- Floramancer’s summoned vines (or those created by Aura of Growth) now show up as friendly @ on the minimap rather than destructible objects/boxes
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Changelog for build 1.12f (added 02 May 2018):


- New character creation music!


- The "Conjuration" weapon magic mod now extends summon duration by 20% (minimum of 1 turn) rather than a flat +1 turn
- Crits from Daggers now grant +50 CT instead of +60 CT
- If you are dual wielding daggers and you crit with a basic attack in your mainhand, a crit with your offhand dagger will not grant an additional +50 CT - previously this could give you nigh-infinite free turns
- Corral pets now receive _up to_ +25% resistances from the player, but no more.
- Corral pet resistances now cap at 75% instead of 95%.


- Fixed bug where the game was not properly saving/loading the of times an item received rarity upgrades
- Fixed bug where destructibles like chests and barrels were occasionally targetable with some abilities
- Fixed intermittent error with log dividers
- Fixed bug where using Call Elemental Spirit on certain ‘danger’ squares would produce elementals of the wrong type
- Fixed issues with being able to damage the Nightmare Queen, for real this time
- Pretty Pretty Hairband now works for skills that use both Energy and Stamina (effectively refunding 20% of the total cost)
- Search bar is now cleared when you enter any UI with a search bar (rather than the previous search sitting there and not doing anything)
- Fixed bugs with the search bar if you were scrolled down and began searching for anything
- Tree seed rarity should now be consistently reflected in item name coloring
- Fixed bug that prevented a number of rumor types from spawning at higher levels
- Fixed bug where you couldn’t summon monsters on to a used campfire
- Fixed "Esc" text appearing under item shortcuts on controller


- New type of rumor, available if you’ve unlocked the Dreamcaster! Venture into a certain weapon type to fight a powerful Elemental King (and receive their Essence as a bonus reward.)
- Another new rumor type: tame a rare wild monster! These "Wild Untamed" beasts are stronger than other monsters of their species, and have a higher corral rarity / beauty. If you can manage to beat their pack and knock out the leader, they’re yours!


- Data optimizations to compress ability and status effects further (faster load/parsing)
- Added better universal support for resistance-piercing effects


- When using rotatable abilities centered on the player, such as Fan of Knives, the AOE direction will now default to the direction with the most monsters
- Pandora’s Box count in your Adventure tab now shows the exact bonuses/penalties incurred by the boxes opened.
- Returning monsters to corral will now put them at the top of the list instead of the bottom
- The Skill sheet now remembers the scrollbar position if you close and reopen the UI
- Compressed the display of monster resistances in the info bar. Also, ‘actors’ in a tile are now stored in the order: monsters, map objects, items.
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Changelog for Build 1.13o (added 17 May 2018):

* Tangledeep is now completely localized to Japanese! Click the flag icon on the main screen to switch languages.

* Going forward, your corral pet will (finally) gain experience and level up while fighting alongside you! This is something that’s been a long time coming. Your pet gains a % of the XP that _you_ earn, whether through defeating monsters or completing rumors. Once your pet gets enough XP, it will level up, gaining more power, stats, and health.
* This new method of advancement feels a lot more intuitive, and it supercedes the wonky previous system of pet health scaling. Also, this means that you can actually get a really powerful pet simply through regular gameplay, without _needing_ to do any pet breeding.
* To make sure pets aren’t too overpowered, your pets can now only reach a maximum of level 12 in the regular game (which is about the level of the very hardest monsters.) To get them to level 15, you will need to beat the game and play New Game+. In either case, breeding is a way to increase a monster’s power even if they are at the level cap.

* Breeding is still a powerful tool, and it works almost identically to how it did before. Breeding two pets will average all their stats, generate a new pool of abilities based on the parents’ abilities, and - if you add some extra JP - increase their base stats further as well. The only difference is that now, breeding will NOT cause the pet to actually gain an XP level. So, by both breeding AND leveling up a pet, you can gain even higher stats - without needing to go through as many ‘generations’ of pets as before.

* Previously, monster relationships (affection) would develop naturally over time, but in many cases, affection would go down for any number of reasons. Now, monster affection will either stay the same, or increase. The chance of affection between two monsters rising is based on beauty (higher beauty = more affection), happiness of both monsters (the higher, the better), and monster family (same family, such as Frogs, means more affection.)
* Bottom line: It should be much easier for pets to _naturally_ develop loving relationships without needing to be force-fed Romantic meals.

* Because you can now invest much more time into a pet, we think it would feel really bad if you’re adventuring with your Harmless Frog from level 3 to level 12, only to lose it to a random crit. So now, if a pet would normally be defeated, it will instead go back to the corral with its Happiness reset to 0. Furthermore, it will be unavailable as a pet for 3 ingame days. (The corral UI will say that the pet is upset with you.)
* If you have Pet Insurance, of course, that penalty will be removed (just like it is now.)

* There is a new NPC who can show up in Riverstone Grove! To find the NPC, visit the Frog Bog. She will be able to teach your pets unique skills that can’t be obtained anywhere else! Teaching your pet these skills will cost JP and scales up based on the level of your pet. There are four skills now, and more may be added later.

* Way better game load / dungeon creation screens featuring Grace Liu’s original art

* New music for the final areas of the game
* GOG soundtrack now includes the final area(s) music and the Job Trials theme

* JP is now capped at 99,999 per job
* Gold carried is now capped at 9,999,999*
* You can no longer capture Barrier Crystals as pets (didn’t make sense anyway!)
* It should no longer be possible to get duplicate legendaries in NG+ or on NG+ restarts (however, in making this change, you will temporarily find duplicate legendaries…)
* “Toxified” status now qualifies as a poison, for the purposes of abilities like Iron Breathing
* Necro Band no longer gives your Escape Portal or Healing Flask a health cost (lol)

* Fixed bug with Elemental King power scaling being too high
* Fixed various bugs with **Wild Untamed** monsters
* Fixed rare Item Dream monster scaling bug
* Fixed bug where some special areas allowed you to walk through walls near stairs (i.e. craggan mine entrance)
* Fixed game errors that could occur relating to Wild Untamed rumors and item dreams
* Fixed yet more strange LOS bugs… maybe? Switched to a new spiral check method
* Fixed rare bug that could happen with monster summoning
* Multiples of the same legendary should no longer show up in the Casino shop
* The banker will no longer let you withdraw more than the max possible gold
* Summoned objects should no longer appear under terrain
* Fixed bug where Tsukida’s Elixir and Muguzmo’s Campfire Meat would not stack with identical items
* Fixed bug where restarting NG+ would allow you to learn more Ultimate techniques
* Fixed bug where entering NG+ would _not_ preserve the # of champs defeated with each weapon type
* Attempted to fix issue where mod levels (such as Replicator 88) would sometimes show up in earlygame rumors
* Medi-Ray Dispatchers can no longer be knocked out with a monster mallet
* Fixed game error that could occur when switching combat log text sizes
* Fixed bug that could make certain mastery abilities not appear in the skill list (or appear when they shouldn’t, while switching from one mastered job to another)
* Attempted fix at bug where the Painter quest would sometimes not mark as completed if you hit a monster with the Monster Mallet
* The Spirit stat no longer makes Delayed Teleport take longer (lol)
* Fixed bug where Kunai Toss (monster ability) could hit friendlies

* See the monster pet changes and additions above!

* Significant work done for localization prep
* Miscellaneous minor engine optimizations
* Major optimization related to the combat log draw time (caused stutters during heavy combat)
* Faster and smoother game loading
* Major optimization related to any objects spawned ingame, ranging from dialog buttons to sprite FX, reducing stutter and making the game smoother
* Up to 38% reduction in save file size, which means faster load times
* Further data file size reduction (faster loading of core data)

* Further cleanup of the hover info bar, giving monsters their own separate line(s)
* When landing a stun with Shield Mastery, “STUNNED!” should appear above the monster.
* Merchants will now consistently announce that they have new goods upon entering the floor, until you talk to them next
* Jesse, the monster rancher, now explains the new pet advancement mechanic, and will also remind you of how monster romance works!
* Consolidated Dreamcaster affinity UI if the dream has all 5 elemental affinities
* You will now be prompted if you attempt to destroy an object such as an Ice Block that causes damage on destruction.
* When starting or restarting New Game+, all toggle abilities will be cleared and reset
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Changelog for Build 1.13p (added 24 May 2018):

* Map borders are now always shown on the minimap

* JP: Improved out-of-bounds dialog boxes, i.e. F1 help tutorial
* JP: Fixed text overlap issues in banker deposit money dialog
* JP: Fixed text overlap issues on the Options menu
* JP: Fixed a handful of missing kanji
* JP: Fixed “Armor” text unlocalized on Equipment screen
* Fixed monster levelup dialog
* Fixed occasionally buggy Darkfrog sprites
* Attempted fixes for some sprite layering issues related to Deadly Void and Stairs
* Fixed rare game load error related to array index
* Fixed soft lock bug when your pet leveled up
* Fixed lock bug that could occur with certain abilities like Suplex

* Default battle text size is now larger, so that the “100%” value is correct
* Fixed the scale of some monsters in the Monsterpedia that were covering up other monsters!

* JP: Improved localization of item prefixes

Changelog for Build 1.13u (added 24 May 2018):

* Throw Stone now hits 100% of the time as intended, even to targets in water
* Fixed bug where Heavy Armor Mastery was always giving +15 flat resistance instead of +1 per level as intended
* Fixed bug with Floramancer’s Compost passive
* Fixed bug where you could be pulled into an area with no line of sight
* More attempts at fixing edge cases where you could find duplicate legendaries
* Fixed various bugs with Skewer (1st spear mastery)
* Fixed bug where monsters could jump on to tiles with destructible, blocking objects like crates or ice blocks
* Fixed bug with Gamblers’ “Roll the Bones” 6+6 roll
* Fixed bug where St. Herge’s 3-piece set was not working properly
* Fixed bug where an extra SFX would play when opening the Journal tab
* Fixed some monster powers that were only usable a limited number of times in the monster’s life
* Attempted fix at a bug where a quest could be completed and then failed simultaneously if the quest completion and failure conditions were met at the same time.
* Fixed some visual bugs in the feat selection screen
* Fixed bug with wrong terrain sprites showing up sometimes out of LOS
* Cleaned up visual bugs that could occur when returning to the final boss area
* JP: Various text fixes for overlapping text, dialogs going off screen, etc.

* Pathfinding optimizations, should be particularly noticeable in densely packed areas with narrow corridors
* Minor optimizations related to UI and animations
* Major optimizations related to certain restorative effects
* Optimization of game load times
* Optimizations related to dialog boxes
* XML compression for faster loading
* Yet more data optimizations for faster initial load time

* Magic mods that require a specific item subtype (like weapons, quivers, etc) now display this in their description
* Abilities that require a certain weapon type for the cooldown to tick (ultimate techniques) now say this in the skill description
* The “Use Shovel” hotkey will now try to use Dream shovels before regular shovels
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Changelog for Build 1.15 (added 18 June 2018):

* Allies buffed by moonbeams (from the Moonbow legendary) now show the buff animation
* Improved the cutscene involving the Dreamcaster in town
* Improved the cutscene involving the escaped frog
* Improved the cutscene when picking up the cube from Dirtbeak for the first time

* New music for the escaped frog sequence
* Replaced some placeholder SFX
* Crab Grab now has SFX
* Planting a tree now has SFX
* Selecting items in your inventory / equipment screen now has SFX
* Various Monster Corral actions now have SFX

* Pet insurance cost is now simply player level * 75 gold, rather than monster level.
* Gambler’s Cheat Death passive now works a bit differently. Now, if it triggers from any damage source, you cannot die from any other damage sources that turn. For example: 5 monsters attack you. The 3rd monster’s attack would normally reduce you to 0 Health, but Cheat Death triggers. Previously, the 4th and 5th monsters could still defeat you. Now, they cannot.
* Brigand’s Detect Weakness passive now has a 50% higher chance of marking a monster each turn, and the damage bonus has been raised to +100% (up from +35%)
* Edge Thane’s Glorious Battler passive now also grants 25 CT when defeating a non-worthless enemy with a song active.
* Edge Thane’s innate abilities have more generous Health thresholds. The base innate now triggers when health is <= 60% instead of 50%, and the final innate (triggers when health is <= 33% instead of 25%. Also, when the base innate triggers, your damage mitigation is increased by 20% (up from 15%).
* Budoka’s Vital Point: Bleed now has a buffed ‘trigger’ effect. Once an enemy is marked for bleeding and you strike them with another Budoka technique, the bleed will spread to enemies within _3_ tiles of the original enemy, instead of within 1 tile.
* For the first 3/4 of the dungeon, there is now a ~2 turn buffer from when you first enter a floor to when monsters can aggro you naturally. This should help with edge cases where a ton of aggressive monsters happen to spawn right next to stairs. However, note that if the monsters were already aggressive, or if you attack them, they will still fight back. Note: This does not apply on New Game+.
* Monsters knocked out with a Monster Mallet should now gain immunity to mud and lava, and any ‘charged’ ability they may have been using should now be canceled
* Jade Beetle’s ‘Armor Break’ skill removed (was only accessible by pet Jade Beetles)
* Flat damage resistance (such as the Physical damage reduction granted by Medium and Heavy armor) is now applied AFTER your % resistance. This is most noticeable when you have higher resistance values.
* Percy’s healing costs have been reduced to a flat, linearly scaling 50 -> 100 -> 150g (etc), resetting each time you level up. The costs are no longer based on character level. JP healing starts at 100jp and increases by 25jp per time you heal in your current level.
* The cost to deposit an item at the bank has been reduced by about 20% on average

* Attempted fix for bug where monster echoes and powerups would sometimes not trigger if they spawned on top of you. The powerups should now be obtained automatically at the end of the turn
* Job Trials are now accessible immediately in New Game+ (if you’ve mastered your current job)
* When hovering your cursor over an enemy and using a melee weapon with an Overdrawing bow on your hotbar, clicking on an enemy at max range should properly switch to the Overdrawing bow
* Fixed monster wander behavior in Item Dreams with Deadly Void
* Fixed bug with certain monster ability targeting such as Battousai’s Iaijutsu
* Fixed bugs with inaccurate estimated healing on food items
* Fixed bug that was allowing certain status effects like Sneak Attack to trigger on the wrong conditions
* Fixed bug that made the Overdrawing magic mod always reset CT to 0 even when at less than max range
* Fixed bugs with effects that required enemies to have not noticed you (these were always triggering)
* Fixed visual bug with ‘icy ground’ (dropped by Frosted Jellies) sprite
* Fixed bug where certain status effect sprites would “stick” to a corral pet and never come off
* Corral pets should now gain XP even if you are at the level cap
* Another attempt at fixing bug where getting pulled or pushed would not update line of sight properly
* Fixed some monster abilities not using proper targeting
* Fixed bug where monster letters would sometimes display garbage text
* Fixed bugs with Armor Training (Paladin skill)
* Fixed bug where the block bonus from Big Giant Circlet and Crystal Ring did not stack correctly
* Fixed bug where friendly River Spirits’ water shot attack could sometimes target the player. Also fixed a number of other assorted friendly monster attacks
* Fixed bug where the cursor could permanently disappear when returning to title
* Attempt at fixing bug where the Summon Mini-Panthox effect would not trigger all summons (sometimes)
* Fixed visual bugs with button colors in equipment and inventory screens
* Fixed random floating “new item display” popup text
* Enemy buff animations should no longer play while outside line of sight
* Orbs/seeds should no longer drop in Job Trials, as intended
* Fixed bug with high level rumors spawning after doing job trials
* Fixed the monster family of one of the final hub side area bosses
* Fixed random error that could happen and prevent game load on some older systems
* Fixed health bars sometimes rotating out of position
* Attempted fix at issue where Fungal Columns (and some other enemies) would occasionally be invisible
* Monsters KO’d with monster mallet should no longer take lava damage (this should have been fixed already, so re-fixed?)
* Fixed bug that was not incorporating your Spirit Power into Iron Breathing’s healing calculation (this may have affected some other healing abilities)
* Fixed issues with sprite layering of summoned objects or terrain like mud and lava
* HuSyn’s Autobarrier is now correctly classified as a Passive skill again
* Gold cost of upgrading bank storage has been capped at your max gold held amount
* Casino 2F now gives a super treasure chest when cleared, as intended
* Parting Gifts should now work correctly with Runic Crystal

* You can now find a new tree in Riverstone Grove that will be inscribed with the names of characters you’ve lost in Tangledeep. This data has been tracked only recently and will show level, job, champions defeated, etc. for each of your previous characters.
* Upon completing an Item Dream, you’ll now see a popup showing the results of your Dream run: gold, XP, and JP earned, fountains found, items looted, and Goldfrogs caught. You’ll also see what (if any) upgrades your item got!

* Yet more XML optimizations for faster load time
* Support for dialogs with multiple pages of reponses! Wow!
* Major optimizations related to map objects, monster spawns, and wandering monster behavior
* Major optimization related to monsters trying to pathfind from very far away
* Major optimizations related to many damage-dealing effects

* On the Equipment screen, pushing left on your list of equipped gear via keyboard or controller will wrap the cursor around to the Filter buttons. Pushing right on the Filter buttons will then return to your equipped gear list.
* When walking into an Item Dream aura (after not being in that aura the previous turn), the game log will show the aura effect. Also, the aura effect will pop up over your head for a second.
* When purchasing Pet Insurance, the game will now let you know if you already have insurance _before_ checking to see if you have enough money
* When attempting a Job Trial, if you have a corral pet, you will now have the option of putting the pet back in the corral automatically
* The Recipe book now updates ALL recipes to check if you have ingredients, each time you cook a recipe.
* When handing in quest-related items like Tsukida’s coffee, the game will try to use unmodified versions (such as Coffee with no seasoning)
* You can now sell items to Nando in town.
* A new confirmation dialog now appears if you try to leave a campfire area without resting or cooking at the fire.
* New tutorial popup the first time you knock out a monster in the dungeon reminding you to use your Escape Portal to easily escape
* New tutorial popup if you have not returned to town after going through several dungeon floors (and if you have never used your portal before!)
* You can now swap places with merchants in the dungeon.
* When using the “Come to me at once” pet command, your pet should now stick right next to you for a few turns. It will not move away for any reason (unless pulled away.)
* The “Wandering Merchant” message should no longer obscure the “Harvest Food” dialog after exiting an item dream.
* Dungeon areas that are roughly on-par for your level will be noted as “Tricky” in the upper left, which is generally accurate to the challenge you would expect in these maps.
* When finding unusual Item Dream events, you will now see some overlay text the first time you enter that floor
* Grove Pest and two of the final hub area bosses (re-used sprite) removed from the Monsterpedia, secret rift boss _added_ to the Monsterpedia
* “Shaken” status now displays exact amount of CT lost per turn
* Added numbers to various special item and effect descriptions

* JP: Numerous text updates and fixes
* “Spirit-Linked” modifier was previously used for both armor and shields and had the same name for both. Now, the shield version is called “Refreshing”.
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Changelog for build 1.17c (05 July 2018):

- Rose Petals will no longer show up as demanded items in the Food Cart

- Fixed bug where the ‘grace period’ for monsters not acting on entering a floor was NOT breaking if you attacked a monster
- Emerald Maul is now 1-handed, as intended
- Attempted fix for bug where if you died while trading blows with a boss, the game could soft lock
- Fixed bug where one-shotting Dirtbeak could softlock the game
- Fixed bug where the +4 Core Stats bonus of the Bronze job emblem was not removed as intended when upgrading your emblem
- Fixed bug where the sprite and flavor text for your emblem was not updating after an upgrade without reloading the game
- Fast Travel back to town should no longer override your town portal (as intended)
- Fixed bug where the “quest monster” status display would sometimes disappear from quest monsters
- Fixed bug where auto-switching weapons to use certain abilities would sometimes not auto re-equip your offhand
- If the “harvest all food” dialog is overridden by other dialogs, it will appear on the next step you take in Riverstone Grove.

- Demanded items at the Food Cart are now colored green when adding items TO the cart
1.18g is out on Steam. Mostly it's a nerf, disabling and locking all skills from the character sheet outside of town, but Spellshaper got its Shapes all moved to a single hotbar button for compensation.

Hope we get the patch soon.
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Changelog for Build 1.17k (added 27 August 2018):

* Juiced up visuals + sound for planting and chopping trees

* Floramancer’s “Bed of Thorns” now lasts 8 turns (down from 12)
* Increased health/damage of the 3rd boss by about 15%
* Increased the frequency of the 4th boss (phase 1) laser attack
* Increased 4th boss phase 2’s non-health stats
* Slightly toned down the damage of the shadow bolt attack used by the 2nd bosses
* Doubled the restorative effect of Song of Spirit (lvl 3)
* Monsters will no longer drop 2 powerups if you do not defeat them in melee range
* Gambler’s “Roll the Bones” healing effect now carries over to your corral pet by whatever your % pet healing is
* Pandora Boxes will now “throw” any loot they might contain so as not to be obscured by the animation
* Monsters are no longer attracted to noise caused by actions not involving the player. This was causing some unusual behavior and pathing.
* Monsters should be more hesitant about walking into lava.
* Reduced the damage of Ember Spirit’s Bed of Flames attack by about 25%
* Reduced the damage of Guardian Lurker’s laser attack by about 15%
* Brigand’s “Detect Weakness” should no longer trigger on mushrooms. Also, the effect is no longer consumed unless you attack the target from the marked direction, and it should happen a bit more frequently.

* The “defeat monster with element” rumor type should no longer mention side areas with a monster that has already been cleared from that area
* When using the “Back to Town” option from a side area where fast travel is _not_ possible, the game should now generate a return portal again - as intended
* Monsters will now be relocated from stairs when entering a new zone, avoiding situations where you could enter a zone on top of a monster
* Fixed bug where “Wild Untamed” monsters would sometimes not lose their quest target icon when being added to the corral
* Fixed visual bugs in Applewood Grove and some other side areas not showing their Trees properly
* Attempted fix for issue with new auto-weapon swap when using certain abilities that could cause problems with paired offhands
* Attempted fix for rare bug with abilities like Dirtbeak’s “Run Through” that could allow monsters to spam the same ability with no cooldown
* Fixed rare bug with Gambler tier1 emblem
* Fixed bug related to saving weapon power/range values and monster stats in certain real-world regions
* Fixed bug related to Energy reserving abilities
* Fixed bug where you could mark your summons as hostile
* Fixed some bugs related to monster evaluation of player stealth. In some cases, stalking monsters would still sometimes “aggro” the player without respecting stealth.
* Phasing/Blinking monster’s “Reactive Warp” ability will now warp to the attacker, not just the player
* Gambler should now be able to draw Wild Cards far more reliably during Job Trials
* Fixed bug where portals could activate immediately after entering a boss room, leading to unintended behavior. Any in-progress portal is now canceled when entering boss/story areas.
* Fixed bug where Highland Charge was not adding the attack buff correctly
* Attempted fix for bug where opening and closing menus extremely quickly could cause the ‘character block’ in the upper left to disappear. There is now a short delay on opening/closing menus.

* It’s now possible to deposit stackable consumables at the bank even if the bank is full, as long as the banker already has at least one of the item you’re trying to deposit.
* The log message for learning an ability from a piece of equipment is now marked as “Verbose” for the combat log

Changelog for Build 1.17m (added 27 August 2018):

* Notification for new day stays on screen a bit longer

* New audio notification when a new day happens

* Hunter’s “Spirit Wolf” ability cooldown lowered to 10 turns (down from 30)
* Rumors that generate monsters (such as Boss Gangs) should now de-prioritize floors with a lot of monsters already. Floors with above a certain number of monsters will never spawn new ones via rumors.

* Grotto Flyers and certain other creatures should no longer take Lava damage (or other terrain effects) as intended
* Fixed visual bug with the “ancient cube” cutscene in camp that could happen sometimes
* Fixed bug where trees could occasionally spawn in non-collidable ground tiles, creating ghostly trees with no collision!
* Fixed bug with text parsing of the pet command help popup
* Another attempted fix at the “elemental defeat” rumor display bug
* Attempted fix for bugs with large ‘ghostly’ images occasionally appearing
* Fixed display bugs with Show Item Info on Pickup boxes
* Fixed bug where turrets were not being cleared from final side area 1
* Fixed bug where “tame monster” quest was not removed from your journal after completion, until you switched zones

* Using your Flask during a job trial no longer interferes with rumors
* Taking steps in Job Trials no longer counts toward rumors, nor does taking damage or switching gear
* Job Trial Crystals now have a unique icon on the minimap

* Added text that clarifies when Sneak Attack and Autobarrier reactivate.
* Localized new strings into Japanese
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Changelog for Build 1.18g (added 27 August 2018):

* Previously, we had a Game Modifier that limited your character to using only skills assigned to your hotbars. You also could not switch skills outside of town or a safe area. Now, we are making this mode the default setting.
* In other words, you can actively use up to 16 skills at a time, but you can no longer use skills directly from the Skills page, and you can no longer switch skills in a combat area.
* We think this change will make your choice of what skills to learn and use more meaningful, encouraging you to try different ‘skill builds’. Also, it will give very end-game and NG+ characters a bit more of a challenge, as you will no longer be able to access dozens of toggles, buffs, and movement abilities at all times.
* p.s. If you prefer the old way, you can select the appropriate Game Modifier when creating a new character!
* P.p.s. We’re also considering expanding the hotbars with an extra 1 slot each, based on the feedback to this change.

* With the above balance change, we’ve changed the way Spellshape and Spellshift abilities work. Now, as a Spellshaper, learning any of these abilities gives you just a single active ability called “Spellshapes”. Using this ability will pop up a menu of all available Shapes/Shifts, and you can toggle them on/off at will.
* You will still learn abilities like Spellshape: Line and Spellshift: Penetrate like before, but these will be treated as ‘free’ Support abilities that don’t take any slots. You need only use the new “Spellshapes” active ability to switch between them!

* Soulkeeper’s Gold emblem that summons Soulshades on crit now has a 5 turn internal cooldown (up from 3)

* Fixed bug where a number of “reaction” type abilities were not evaluating their trigger conditions correctly and thus triggering too often. For example, Detect Weakness was triggering and being consumed even when attacking at unmarked angles.
* Fixed bug where Thundering Lion charges were consumed with some attacks (such as Spears at range 2) without triggering the lightning strike effect. Now, the charges should ONLY be consumed if the effect triggers.
* Fixed bug where monsters with “Stalking” behavior could engage in this behavior regardless of player Stealth and aggro-reduction effects
* It should now be possible to Fast Travel from town if you don’t have any kind of portal open.
* Fixed bug where bosses and their “adds” were not nearly as aggressive as intended
* Fixed bug where boss “adds” such as the bandits in the first boss fight were giving too much JP
* Final boss phase 2 is now immovable, which should prevent some softlocking bugs that were possible.
* Fixed some logic bugs with 2nd job trial floor, e.g. monsters giving XP/JP when they shouldn’t
* Fixed visual oddities with Craggan’s summoned mud drawing on top of certain objects and actors
* Fixed extra staircase spawning after the final boss is defeated.
* Fixed bug where unknown characters in your character / pet names would mess up various displays such as the combat log. These characters are now replaced with question marks. (This is true for all game languages.)
* Fixed bug where Percy’s Blessing of Protection was not lasting long enough.
* You can no longer assign passive abilities to your hotbar by pressing 1-8 on the Purchase Abilities page
* Fixed bug in Equipment and Inventory UIs where sometimes interacting with an item would do nothing

* New champion mods: Heavy and Massive! These champions cannot be pushed or pulled, and cause damage with each step they take. (Massive monsters cause even more.)
* New champion mod (higher level): Resist-Piercing! These champions pierce 50% of your resistances with their attacks, so watch out!
* Three new monsters with new powers and abilities: the Marbled Banebite, Maniox, and Inferno Spirit!
* Magic Books can now get mods that increase single-elemental damage by 18% (lower rank items) or 30% (higher rank), thus making 10 new magic mods total! You can stack multiple elements (such as a boost to Fire and a boost to Water), but the lower and higher-rank versions of the _same_ element mods are not compatible.
* Added a new possible map layout type to Item Dreams

* Beta support for Chinese and German!
* (JP) Various adjustments to font rendering and sizing for the pixel font. It should look best at 720p/1080p on almost all UIs.
* (JP) You can now select a “smooth” Vector style look. Just click the smooth, non-pixelized Japanese flag on the title screen and restart the game.

* Minor optimization to monster pathfinding / movement.
* Various other minor optimizations

* Circlet of Persuasion is now “Charm Circlet”
* Fixed slightly awkward game log message when a monster heals you (“Monster heals yourself for…”)

Changelog for Build 1.18j (added 27 August 2018):

* Changed sprite for legendary items “Deep Lake’s Gem” and “The Shard”

* The minimum cost to heal at Percy now scales with level (100g at level 5, 200g at level 8, 300g at level 12, 400g at level 15).
* Champions that summon tornados now have a reduced chance to spawn tornados near the player when outside of LOS

* Fixed hanging dialog cursor that happened sometimes when switching jobs at Percy
* Fixed bug where Spellshaped Auras, Sneak Attack would disappear sometimes from you
* Fixed bug with multi-target abilities like Godspeed Strike and Escape Artist not working correctly
* Fixed bug with certain dialogs not responding to ‘Confirm’ input
* Fixed bug with dual wielding accuracy calculation
* Attempted fix at map generation bug with certain Item Dream layouts

* The tutorial popup for when you try to switch skills - but can’t - now force closes the skill UI so you’re not confused as to why it’s not working. Also, an error sound now plays.
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Changelog for Build 1.18n (added 11 September 2018):

* When using the “Frenzy” Claw Mastery, switching weapons will break the effect and Unseal you. You will be prompted while switching weapons to confirm you want to do this.
* Adjusted the frequency of getting rooted in mud

* Fixed rare game error that could occur if a monster somehow aggroed itself
* Fixed bug where getting a new stack of certain statuses would not refresh the duration of the entire stack as intended.
* Fixed bug that allowed you to accumulate infinite stacks of Thundering Lion with the Wild Horse skill orb.
* Really fixed inaccessible areas in some Item Dream layouts
* Fixed bug where trying to enter some items at the Dreamcaster would not work

* Full German support has now been added!
* Chinese now has support for a vector-based font in addition to the pixel font!

* Load time optimizations
* Minor optimizations when you’ve learned a large number of abilities
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Changelog for Build 1.18o (added 13 September 2018):

* “Fencer’s” and “Duelist’s” magic mods reduced from +5% / +9% parry to +4% / +7% parry.
* Slightly reduced the base power of 2H Swords
* Reduced the Parry bonus on various legendary/set weapons

* Fixed game errors that could occur with invalid paired equipment (particularly on game load or NG+ restart)
* Fixed various temporary buffs/status effects disappearing when opening + closing character/skill sheet
* Fixed missing text in the item pickup box hover
* Fixed combat log sitting out of place on non-16:9 resolutions (these generally aren’t supported, but this was an easy fix)
* Fixed bug where Runic Crystal buff would linger after the crystal died or was removed from hotbar
* Fixed bug where actors removed when changing your hotbar were sometimes not removed from your ‘party’
* Fixed bug that could occur during ability targeting on initial game load
* Fixed some camera jank

* German text and UI improvements
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Changelog for Build 1.19d (added 05 October 2018):

* Adjusted the NG+ resist penalty. Now applies a flat -25% to “All Defense”, which does not interfere with your Resist calculations. Previously, the resist math was getting messed up by this new penalty.
* Kalzarius’ armor can now ignore damage from Deadly Void
* Champion “Vampiric Touch” melee attack now deals about 25% less damage (sorry for the oneshots)
* Max cost to change jobs has been capped at 99,999 gold.

* Fixed bug with Thundering Lion charges and Skill Orb’d Radiant Aura disappearing when opening/closing menus (among other abilities)
* Fixed bug where Hunter’s Spirit Wolf would not disappear upon switching jobs, sometimes
* Added Phoenix Fang to certain spawn tables where it was missing

* Fixed handful of missing strings in Simplified Chinese
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Changelog for Build 1.19l (added 21 November 2018):

* Summon Floraconda now reserves 30 Energy (down from 40)
* Summoned player pets now have slightly better health & damage scaling with level. +10% health per level (up from +8.5%) and +1% overall damage per level (up from 0%)

* Fixed occasional map generator bug creating some extremely cramped maps
* Fixed more bugs with pet behavior when using healing abilities
* Fixed some friendly ground effects disappearing when your or your pet(s) stepped on them
* Starting a daily/weekly challenge should now clear your bank, as intended
* Fixed soft lock that could occur at Jesse (monster corral)

* Fixed several enormous memory leaks that could be caused by going back to title screen repeatedly

Changelog for Build 1.19i (added 21 November 2018):

* Fixed text/dialogue bug when picking up multiple stacked legendaries for the first time
* Fixed daily/weekly challenges not selectable
* Fixed occasional error with certain daily/weekly feat combinations
* Really actually fixed bug with certain Spellshaper summons disappearing on open/close inventory
* Player pets should not use healing abilities on targets with >= 80% health
* “Fortify” can no longer be toggled and removed from hotbar to remain active

* Magic mods that are unique (do not stack, even across multiple items with the same mod) are now tagged as (Unique). If this makes the mod description too long, this is abbreviated to (U)

* Cleaned up and tightened some magic mod descriptions

Changelog for Build 1.19h (added 21 November 2018):

* Fixed various bugs with monster romance / rose petal quest
* Fixed bug with starting NG+ and character data deletion on New Game option
* Fixed rare error that occurs sometimes when traveling maps
* Fixed bugs with Mechanist talisman summons disappearing, and Soulshades summoned by Soulkeeper’s Gold emblem
* Fixed bug where combinable monsters like Jellies would combine with quest (rumor) monsters, causing you to fail the rumor

* Fixed various errors in the German translation

Changelog for Build 1.19g (added 21 November 2018):

* Fixed rare errors related to pet pathing being wonky after reading bad save data
* Fixed errors related to bad stored data related to various effects
* Fixed rare bug that occurred when dying & restarting as same character several times in a row
* Attempted fix at rare dagger mastery 3 game error

* Smoothed loading bar a bit more

Changelog for Build 1.19f (added 21 November 2018):

* Pets should no longer use healing abilities like Medi-Ray II while at max health. They will instead wait for their target(s) to have some % of health missing first.

* Fixed bug where side areas not intended to give clear bonuses were giving bonuses on game load
* Fixed bug where pets were causing Powerups to disappear by touching them
* You can no longer use the Monster Mallet to knock out summoned creatures
* Fixed potential game lock bug with Inferno Spirits
* Fixed item sprite rotations sometimes rendering wrong
* Fixed game error related to certain ‘attack empower’ effects such as one of the Dagger Masteries