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It looks like if you play Adventure mode, you can't return to the final battle if you lose the first time. At least I think that's what I'm seeing...

(I probably would've won without too much trouble if I'd noticed the physical immunity and switched weapons a lot earlier... X-P )
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Noted and on my "to-fix" list.

b066 Changes

Updated art/animations: Destroyer, Jade Salamander, Bandit Brigand, Spinebro
New sprite for Hunter's Spirit Wolf Companion!

New Casino theme by Grant Kirkhope

Reduced % current HP damage of Thunder Spirit's "Static Shock" effect
Lowered overall monster respawn rate
Further adjusted downward scaling of enemy summoned creatures like Fungal Toads from Conjurers
Phalanx armor mod adjusted; it is now -15% melee, +15% ranged dmg taken (from -10% / +20%)
Using damaging or summon items will now break Paladin's Sanctuary (healing / buff items are OK though)
Bosses in New Game+ mode should be considerably harder, as intended
Max cost of healing in town is now 9999g (was previously uncapped)
Thundering Lion duration extended, but charges now cost 6 Energy

Fixed bugs with Phoenix Wing trigger logic
Blizzard Bow should no longer be able to stack another Freeze weapon mod
Charmed Verdigrizzlies should no longer summon hostile Floracondas
"Frozen" champions should no longer be able to cast Frostspike Armor on allies
Relentless Current should no longer trigger twice in the same turn
Player pets should no longer benefit from NG+ enemy scaling
Weird monsters in the "Appease Monster" rumor/quest will now take the food with them.
When charmed monsters become Confused after their charm wears off, you can now hit them (as intended)
The map generator should no longer convert ground to wall tiles if the tiles have enemies or items on them
There should no longer be maps that are disconnected with inaccessible monsters, items, or staircases.
Possible fix for rare bug where powerups did not trigger when stepping on them
Ascetic's Handwrap should no longer interfere with your unarmed offhand attack
Charmed monsters will surpress their own "Berserker" trait to avoid randomly hitting the player
The correct music will now play if you use a Tent in Riverstone Grove
Fixed bug related to equipping multiple Knight Gloves; equipping two will not do anything, but you will also no logner lose the effect of both if you remove just one.
Monsters with modified loot chance (such as those created by Crest of the Draik) will now have that increased chance saved/loaded properly
You can no longer knock out Item Dream Crystals with the Monster Mallet and drag them outside of Item Dreams
Fungal Columns no longer auto-kill all monsters with their Self Destruct

Reworks to some Paladin abilities. "Smite Evil" now generates a Wrath charge, as does "Radiant Aura" and "Heavy Guard" if you block. You can hold a max of three Wrath charges. Divine Fury has replaced Divine Bolt, and it fires one bolt in a random AOE plus an extra bolt for each charge you have, while Shield Slam buffs your block/parry per Wrath charge.
Second boss fight reworked with new story/dialog and pre-fight passage!
New legendary accessory!
New legendary weapon!

Adjusted line of sight algorithm to be more lenient
Cleanup and reorganizing of map gen code
Improved flood fill algorithm to detect cutoff / disconnected maps

"Equipped" and "Reserve" passive ability interface has been simplified. There is now a single list of all your passive abilities, including certain ones gained from your job (such as Brigand and HuSyn's mastery abilities). You can simply click or press 'confirm' to toggle passives on and off. You still have a limit of 4 job passives - "free" passives like Weapon Masteries are listed as (Free Passive).
Added clickable arrows to cycle your action hotbars
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Builds 067+068:

* Various recolored skill icons, plus Soulkeeper and 2nd mastery tier skill icons
* Numerous new item sprites
* New generic Echo and Health powerup sprites
* New "Constrict" sprite effect
* Updated idle/hit animation for Dirtbeak
* Various updated tiles
* New tile set + variations

* New Butler Bell SFX

* Discipline no longer offers "Defeat Dodge" and "Defeat Parry", which were sort of weird bonuses that didn't feel great. It does, however, now scale pet health UP.
* Monster Slaying magic mods now stack, so if you are dual-wielding or using a quiver, you can gain huge damage bonuses against specific monster families!
* Staff and Crossbow weapons no longer have a damage penalty in melee range
* Only Spears and the Flail now have a *ranged* damage penalty
* 2nd boss fight is a bit harder now (boss abilities are now used more frequently, Void Bolt has range of 5 instead of 4)
* Bow weapon power adjusted down slightly
* Many food items and meals now make you Full for a shorter duration
* Buffed effects of Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bread, Hearty Meatwich, Mint Fudge, and Charcuterie
* Removed the "lose 10% HP" Item Dream Crystal aura from the game
* Charmed/friendly monsters should always prioritize buffing you, if possible, rather than themselves
* Slingshots should no longer have ranged damage penalties

* Fixed bug where Butler's Bell could summon food into walls and NPCs
* If you were at low health before getting healed by Percy, your health bar should no longer flash red after the heal
* Immunology should no longer prevent you from getting the FULL debuff after eating food
* Food spawned from trees in the Grove should no longer get stuck in the trees
* Added extra checks to ensure the "boss defeated" event always occurs in the second boss fight
* Legendary items no longer fail to receive new magic mods in Item Dreams
* You should no longer get Rumors that send you to pre/post boss areas
* Fixed bug where you could not fail multiple "No Flask" challenge rumors at the same time
* Fixed bugs that could mess with boss fight logic if you quit the game during the fight dialog
* Fixed bug where saving and quitting after beating a Memory King would cause an Item Dream to spawn endless Memory Kings and allow infinite item upgrades. Fun!
* Banker and other meta progress should no longer be shared between slots when switching in the same session
* Fixes to some inconsistent LOS targeting issues (there are more to be done)
* The first bolt of Divine Fury now properly benefits from the Paladin innate ability that buffs your next Smite Evil/Divine bolt on block
* Fixed issue dragging/dropping items to the 8th slot on the Consumables tab
* Champion monsters should no longer be able to give the Turtling / Barrier shields to other monsters
* Fixed bug where the scrollbar in the Dreamcaster interface was not working correctly
* Fixed issue where floor 4F was not connecting to the hideout entrance before the first boss
* Possible fix for rare NullRef related to "Supporter" type monsters, such as Bandit Buffslingers
* Fixed bug where food-loving monsters would take the whole stack instead of just one item
* Fixed major bug where after selling a stack of goods to the shop you could buy the stack back for the price of just 1

* A new job, the SOULKEEPER, has been added to the game with all-new abilities! The Soulkeeper is a ranged spellcaster / summoner with a new mechanic: "Echoes". Once you have learned ANY Soulkeeper ability, you will begin accumulating Echoes from fallen enemies - these are contained within powerups. Echoes can be used for various abilities, either as a resource to cast them, or a way to power them up further. The Soulkeeper has several types of summoned creatures, but all are temporary unlike the Floramancer's pet. The Soulkeeper also prefers indirect combat and debuffs, unlike the flashy magic of the Spellshaper.
* Quivers and Magic Books no longer get magic mods related to blocking/shields. Quivers instead will now get certain weapon mods such as +critical damage and +damage to monster families, as well as unique mods. Same with magic books!
* New QUIVER magic mods: Longshot, Withering, Deadeye
* New BOOK magic mods: Nimble, Quickening, Prismatic
* New status effect: SEALED. When afflicted with this ailment, characters cannot use any abilities (but can still attack, move, and use items as normal.)
* New WEAPON magic mod: SEALING
* New universal magic mod: HUNGRY
* Side areas will now spawn one (or more) bonus treasure chests upon clearing the area. These chests are chock full of loot and have a higher chance of dropping Legendary and Set items!
* New rumor challenge! For greater rewards, you may not change gear (other than weapons) until the rumor is complete
* New item: Heavy Mystery Egg! Hatches a monster from the ~12th floor of the dungeon.
* New items: Bog Frog and Rock Viper Eggs!
* Various shop owners will now stock even higher level goods, based on your character level (many shops previously only had 2 tiers of goods)
* Added 4th tier Spellbook!

* Removed all old + inefficient LOS algorithms
* New system that allows for tracking of temporary elemental effects in tiles, for use by other effects/skills

* Rumors to find specific areas will now state their connecting map.
* Food item will now display how many turns you will be Full for after eating
* You can now CLICK on ingredients or seasoning on the Cooking screen to instantly add them (you can still drag and drop, if you prefer)
* When selling items to the shop (or buying), the quantity being sold/bought will now be shown. You can't change the quantity yet, but still, baby steps...
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Changelog for Patch b.068a (added 17 August 2017):

- contains critical hotfix
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Builds 69-71:

* New art for side area reward chests

* Pet HP scaling from Discipline now takes place AFTER pet scaling to player level, resulting in overall higher pet HP
* "Gluttony" armor magic mod no longer extends the "Full" status, but its effect has been lowered to +15% food healing (down from +35%)
* Reduced penalties from getting knocked out in Adventure mode. You now only lose half XP, unspent JP, and money, instead of ALL XP/JP progress.
* "Shadow Vulnerable" stacks are now capped at 5 total (for a total of +100% damage from Shadow)
* Duration of Soulkeeper's Soulshades and revived monsters has been extended slightly
* Soulkeeper's elemental summons now have slightly higher HP, stats, and accuracy
* Dual wielding penalties have been reduced by 5% in both hands (i.e. your damage/accuracy for both attacks is now 5% higher)
* ALL abilities that do damage can now critically hit (previously, a handful of them did not)
* Crit rate for abilities is now the same as your regular crit rate (previously, it was a locked 5%, or 10% if you were a Gambler). Crits from abilities now also scale off your critical damage stat (instead of a flat +33%), albeit at a 1/4 reduction. i.e. +100% crit damage = base +33% +25% = +58% total from ability crits.
* The damage component of enemy PHYSICAL skills can now be blocked, if you are using a shield. Block chance and damage reduction is the same as with regular attacks, and blocking skills will trigger any on-block effects.
* Budoka: Hundred Fists and Palm Thrust now require you to be unarmed
* Brigand: Cloak & Dagger now requires a melee weapon
* Paladin: Smite Evil now require a melee weapon
* Sword Dancer: Flame Serpent, Wild Horse, and Hold the Moon now require a melee weapon
* Hunter's "Hail of Arrows" now uses a rectangular targeting shape
* Several abilities used by the 3rd boss and the summoned "adds" are now more powerful
* Magic mods that convert weapon damage to elements no longer boost weapon damage by a % - it is now a flat increase. This applies to the WILD magic mod as well
* Many legendary items have been buffed with higher stats and additional mods (depending on the item, this may not apply to current versions of the items in your inventory)
* "Well-Rounded" accessory magic mod removed from the game
* Increased rewards for completing Spiny Maze

* Cursor restored to the character creation screen
* Fixed NullRef / shop bugs in town caused by last patch
* Fixed bug where Echo Bolts would work even in melee range / using a melee weapon
* Fixed bug where Thundering Lion charges would get consumed without firing the ability, if Echo Bolts was active
* Fixed bug where secret areas would sometimes spawn with no visible water, mud, or lava
* Illusions of monsters should no longer inherit their passive traits (such as slimes summoning mini-slimes on reaction)
* Soulkeeper's starting crossbow no longer has a melee penalty (as intended)
* Immunology no longer makes you Full longer
* Fixed bugs where the legendary Phoenix Pendant, as well as the Cheat Death ability, were not triggering correctly
* Ocean Gem now prevents stamina loss while using abilities in water (as intended)
* It should no longer be possible to clear a side area multiple times while fighting Jellies
* Fixed issue where loading saves created prior to b069 was causing certain meta progress to be deleted
* Fixed UI bugs related to the monster corral and restarting your game
* Fixed minor bug with corral food interface scrollbar
* Fixed bug where your captured monsters would sometimes not appear in the corral while continuing a game
* Fixed long-standing bug where adding a weapon to your hotbar in the currently equipped slot would sometimes not equip it
* Fixed bugs with various room templates (particularly hidden rooms)

* The Monster Corral system has been revamped! Once captured and placed in the corral, monsters now have a variety of stats like Happiness, Weight, Rarity, and Beauty. Monsters can be Fed or Groomed to improve Happiness, Beauty, or both. Captured monsters also have certain foods they love or hate, so finding the right food will help them become happier even sooner. Happy monsters may produce certain items for you, even when you're away from the corral, so be sure to check back regularly!

* There is now a chance for wandering merchants to arrive at Riverstone Camp after completing Item Dreams
* New mini-quest that triggers the first time you enter Riverstone Grove at level 3 or higher
* New side area and mini-quest: BEASTLAKE PARK!
* Waypoint/fast travel system has been improved. Besides using better underlying code, you can now fast travel to any
"Safe Area" previously visited, such as the Casino or merchant areas.
* Merchants in side areas such as Bottles n' Brews or the Pet Shoppe will periodcially restock their goods as time passes.
* It is now possible to remove magic modifiers from items via the Dreamcaster. This costs one Orb of Reverie plus gold (depending on the rank & rarity of the item). Removing magic properties does NOT remove the extra core bonuses (such as weapon power or armor defense) from upgrading the item. You can continue entering the item as much as you would like by removing magic mods, but keep in mind you will not get additional "+" bonus upgrades beyond the third.

* Seven new weapon magic mods related to elemental damage, including a second tier of mods!
* New weapon mod: WARLORD'S (stronger version of Gladiator's)
* Shields can now offer varying amounts of damage reduction on block. The standard amount is still 35%; Paladins increase this to 50%.
* Magical shields now have guaranteed higher % damage reduction on block
* Magical offhand books now have guaranteed +% elemental damage
* Magical quivers now have guaranteed boosts to ranged attack damage
* Magical accessories now have guaranteed bosts to ALL core stats

* Massive code cleanup and refactor of the system that handles hand-made room / floor templates. This is now way more powerful and easier to maintain, making it possible to set up an entire dungeon floor - complete with monsters, treasure, terrain, etc - purely in XML, no code needed!

* Refactor of the code for monster spawn tables; these are now separate from map generation code, so tables can be referenced independently of dungeon floor

* Extensive work done to convert various in-game text objects (log messages, UI stuff) into a format that can be easily localized

* Planks and shovels in Item Dreams should no longer frequently spawn on the same tile
* All items now display their "Item Rank", which indicates the base power of the item. Higher item ranks drop at higher dungeon levels.
* Attacks and abilities that deal critical damage will now display a special message in the combat log.
* It is now possible to PAIR your currently equipped offhand with your currently equipped weapon. Just click/confirm on your offhand to see this new option. Paired offhands are auto-favorited, too! The way this works is very simple: When you switch to the mainhand weapon of choice, the paired offhand will auto-equip with it. If you have a mainhand weapon WITHOUT a paired offhand, the game will pick the best option it can, as it did before.

* It is now possible to equip an offhand item even if your mainhand is empty. This is useful if, for example, you are a Budoka and want to keep your mainhand free for punching, but use a shield in your offhand.
* Damaged blocked by shields is now shown in the item tooltip
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Changelog for Patch b.074a (added 05 September 2017):

* New boss 3 art!

* Slow-moving lasers (Energy Fields) will now disappear after hitting a wall
* KING champions (2 mods) will no longer appear before the first boss
* MINIBOSS champions (3 mods) will no longer appear before the second boss

* Fixed bug with Jumping Shot not always firing correctly
* Fixed bug with entering +++ items via Dreamcaster
* Fixed bug where resistance gaind by nutmeg seasoning did not wear off
* Fixed bug where spreading effects like monster sludge would not hit you if you stayed in place
* Fixed many monster abilities that were only hitting one target despite a larger AOE
* The player is now susceptible to being Sealed (cannot use abilities)

* The end of the game has been changed significantly. Going up from the 19th floor now takes you to a hub area; from here, you can go directly to the final boss, but doing so will result in a much harder battle than before. To make the challenge more fair and disrupt the final boss's abilities, you can now enter 4 new areas from the hub, fighting mini-bosses in each.
* NOTE: The new endgame areas are only available on characters / saves created in this patch
* As part of the above change, there are now a variety of new top-level monsters and mini-bosses toward the end of the game. Many of these do not have new art yet; this will be coming soon!

* Major refactoring of how ability targeting/factions work. This may have broken some stuff, but it should make things much more maintanable and expandable going forward.
* Lots of data file cleanup, particularly on ability / status effect files (which were well into the 10s of thousands of lines!!!)
Haven't played in a few patches. Looks like a lot of new stuff. Might have to do another run. But I'm probably still bad.
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Changelog for build b075 (added 18 September 2017):

IMPORTANT! As monster corral data structures have changed as of b075, old captured monsters may not behave 100% as intended (i.e. missing powers or traits). We recommend releasing your existing monsters and capturing new ones if you want to appreciate all benefits of the new system.

* New sprites for lategame monsters: Guardian Orbiter, Phasma Emitter, Barrier Crystal, Research Overseer, Bandit Sniper, Medi-Ray Generator, Neutralizer
* Work-in-progress sprites for Floramancer and Sword Dancer top/side positions

* Effects that heal you to full, such as using a Tent, getting healed by Percy in town, or resting at a campfire, will now heal all your summons/pets to full as well.
* Effect of Monster Chow on monster beauty has been reduced a bit
* Friendly Thunder Spirits' attack has been weakened (was using the wrong power value)
* Objects on tiles will now trigger when you move to them via abilities. For example, you will now pick up powerups / fountains after using abilities like Wild Horse or Shadowstep. This means abilities will also trigger Phoenix Wing!
* Gambler’s second innate ability works a bit differently. Instead of removing suits from the deck, you can still draw any suit. After the first card drawn however, your next draws are ‘luckier’ and will draw from only one of three suits.
* Really, actually, seriously fixed bug where adding a weapon to the hotbar in the dungeon was NOT passing a turn as intended. This now happens whether you are using drag+drop, hotkeys 1-4, or the dropdown sub menu.
* Added extra checks to ensure player does not fast travel into solid rock when going to safe side areas
* Fixed bug with selling certain paired items that could result in infinite gold being generated
* Fixed bug with item pairs not always being saved or loaded properly from save
* Food dropped from trees should no longer spawn IN the trees
* You can no longer cook with Monster Chow
* Fixed map generation error related to the new 'final hub' region
* Fixed bug related to Power Kick ability
* Fixed block chance bonus not working with Big Giant Circlet, Vortex Epaulets, Crystal Ring
* Fixed effect of Kadino's Remorse not working
* Fixed bugs related to the branching map terrain (i.e. stone pillar blocking cave in the post boss 2 branch)
* Fixed bugs that were causing a number of magic mods to not spawn on items
* Possible fix where dialog windows were sometimes not sized properly
* Fixed bug where certain spreading ground effects would get 'stuck' and stay on the battlefield forever
* Fixed bug where ground effects summoned by monsters, after saving and loading the game, would sometimes lose their faction / originating actor info
* Fixed bug where HuSyn's Static Field was not emanating from the Runic Crystal
* Rumors will no longer appear for endgame areas
* Various buggy logic with Gambler’s Wild Cards fixed (Kings were not being drawn!)
* Fixed bugs with Deadly Void overlapping Conduit terrain in Item Dreams, and “Deadly Void” appearing as terrain name where no Void exists

The monster corral has been massively improved for more FUN with MONSTERS! You can now hold up to TWELVE monsters in the corral. You can view each monster's stats anytime including their weapon power, abilities/skills, and
relationships (see below).Monsters who have reached the Content level of happiness or higher can now be brought into the dungeon as permanent pets, by using the BUDDY UP button! However, be careful, as if your pet falls in
Tangledeep, it's gone for good. To compensate, these monster pets will receive 25% of your healing effects. You can also put them back in the corral anytime.As monster pets can be very powerful indeed, the passive combat bonuses from the corral have been removed.Monsters now have relationships with one another. These relationships develop as days pass in the game world (exploring new floors, completing Item Dreams.) There are many factors which
can influence relationships... Happiness, Beauty, being in the same family or of the same species...There is a new spice that can be found in the world, as well as from certain merchants: Rose Petals. Use these to cook a special Romantic meal. Bring this to the corral, and who knows what could happen?! If two monsters that are fond of each other share a meal, you might end up with an egg and a brand-new monster that shares traits from both! Monsters will no longer lay eggs by themselves. However, all monsters have a chance at fetching/digging up random items. New high level champion mod: Steeltoe (immune to ground-based effects)

* Line of sight has been made more lenient across the board; situations where you could not see enemies (and vice versa) should be less common
* Added support for custom/unique monsters created in-game and on-the-fly
* Added support for dialog system to trigger custom functions from data
* Massive amounts of code cleanup, refactoring, and preparation for porting to new platforms
* Corral monsters now save both their combat and non-combat corral data
* Numerous performance optimizations

* When harvesting food from your trees, the log will now say what food was harvested
* You can now name monsters when you bring them to the corral
* A new “Auto Equip Best Offhand” option has been created. When selected, the game will attempt to equip the most appropriate offhand for your current mainhand weapon, unless you have explicitly paired an offhand to that weapon.
* When LEFT CLICKING on a monster that is outside of range, if you have a ranged weapon equipped, you will no longer move. If you RIGHT CLICK on that monster you will start moving toward it.

* Medi-Ray Executor is now Medi-Ray Generator

Changelog for build b076 (added 18 September 2017):

IMPORTANT! As monster corral data structures have changed as of b075, old captured monsters may not behave 100% as intended (i.e. missing powers or traits). We recommend releasing your existing monsters and capturing new ones if you want to appreciate all benefits of the new system.

* Floramancer’s Compost ability should work more reliably
* The “Sealed” status no longer prevents you from using your Flask
* Corral pets now receive 50% of your healing (up from 25%)
* Newly-bred monsters will now gain more health (as well as core stats) if one of their parents has a rarity above Common

* Fixed various bugs related to pre-b075 monsters captured in the corral
* Fixed bug where you could sometimes attack your corral pets
* Added protections and error checking to prevent duplicate items from being added to inventories on load for any reason
* Adjusted “fetched item” magic chance (was 100% every time)
* Fixed minor bug that caused corral monsters to appear to be “Jaw-Dropping” when they were, in fact, Ugly
* Fixed minor bug where pressing UP at the top of the corral food list would drop you down to the lowest visible item on the list, as opposed to the actual bottom of the list
* Fixed bug related to hovering over objects sometimes not showing info due to new line-of-sight algorithm
* Jesse will now give your un-named monsters names
* Fixed bugs when selecting STATS for a monster in the corral and then clicking buttons to interact with that monster
* Fixed bug where flask infusions would sometimes stop working after save/load
* Fixed game error with Hunter’s Shadow Stalk ability
* Fixed visual error with the corral monster list at resolutions lower than 1080p
* If a Harmless Frog dies as your dungeon pet, it will no longer trigger a quest failure dialog
* Fixed some buggy logic that occurred if your corral pet died while using an ability
* Fixed bug with corral when restarting as the same character immediately after dying
* Possible fix for some left-click-to-fire LOS issues
* Fixed game load bug with Plunderers in the corral
* Likely fixed bugs with some monsters’ player-created names not consistently showing up in the corral
* Fixed error related to Brigand’s Find Weakness ability

* Mega refactor of how spellshapes work under-the-hood

* A new pet/summon tab has been added to the player HUD in the lower right corner, replacing the old/ugly white text display. This is a ‘drawer’ style UI that you can expand / collapse to view all your active pet/summons’ health and summon duration (if any).
* Spellshaper’s Evocation ability tooltips now display descriptive text for any spellshapes active, as well as modified costs due to spellshapes
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Changelog for build b.077b (added 18 September 2017):

* Top/side idle and run animations for Floramancer, Sword Dancer, Paladin

* Weapon mastery JP costs adjusted: Tier 1 = 400jp, Tier 2 = 500jp, Tier 3 = 600jp
* Base chance of items dropping from Magic Trees has been reduced slightly (but rare seeds/trees have a higher chance)
* The “double healing effect” dream crystal aura now applies to Stamina/Energy restoring effects as well
* Max healing flask charges has been capped at 255
* “Basil” flask infusion has been rebalanced: Now restores an additional 6% of MAX HP over 5 turns (versus an instant 3% of max HP from the other infusion option)
* Goldfrogs now _actually_ explode into a shower of coins.
* The reward dropoff for fighting lower-level monsters has been softened; now, it _generally_ takes one more XP level than previously for monsters to become Worthless
* To compensate for the above change, XP curves have also been adjusted slightly; total amount of XP to reach higher levels has been increased a bit, mostly weighted toward lower levels
* Very slightly reduced the base XP and JP rewards from all enemies (almost entirely affects only the early game)
* Slightly reduced the stats of the first boss and his minions
* Decreased mob density in the Fungal Caverns
* Brigand’s Cloak & Dagger and Shadowstep abilities now deal extra damage to enemies in a Smoke Cloud
* Sword Dancer’s Unconscious Riposte also increases counterattack damage by 30%
* Floramancer’s Thorned Skin now applies to summoned Spitting Plants
* Paladin’s Divine Fury damage decreased to 35% Weapon + Spirit Power per bolt (down from 40%), cooldown increased from 7 -> 8 turns
* Paladin’s Radiant Aura now costs 7 Energy per block and no longer generates Wrath charges when you block. Instead, it will now empower your Blessed Hammers to USE a wrath charge when they are cast to deal +25% more damage.

* Monster health bars should correctly update when toggled on
* The merchant in Bottles & Brews should show up again (in new games)
* The Dreamcaster will now accurately list guaranteed upgrades for Quivers
* Fixed some bugs with text not appearing in the banker’s money deposit/withdrawal UI
* Fixed bug with wandering merchants appearing while using a tent
* Fixed game soft crash when fast traveling to certain locations
* Flagged several maps as having unbreakable walls that were unintentionally breakable (i.e. branching path areas)
* Fixed more LOS logic. Now, if you can see and attack a monster, it will always be able to attack you as well (unless it has been blinded…)
* The info bar should appear when using an ability, indicating what you are using and what the ability does
* Fixed bug where you could sometimes trigger the Flask when pressing “enter” in dialog/shop UI
* Fixed bug where you could select a slot to load and then, during the fade out, click another slot

* The magic tree grove has been improved! Now, the different types of seeds you find in Tangledeep each result in a meaningfully different species of tree. Not only do these species look different, but the items they produce are different as well. There are four species, each of which produces totally unique items.
* Magic seeds can now drop in rarities other than COMMON, resulting in even better trees! Uncommon and Magical seeds result in trees that produce more and better items, and yield more XP/JP when they are chopped down.
* New Fist Mastery (3rd tier) - Fighting Spirit. Attacking with your fists adds a stacking Confidence buff that increases all of your damage and defense by 3%. The buff duration is short, but is refreshed with each attack.
* New legendary consumable that permanently buffs your flask!

* Significant optimizations to level generation time
* Reduced XML save file size by ~10%

* The new “Pet Party” HUD UI can be toggled on/off via shortcut (check the Key Binding window to map this to your desired button)
* Item rarity is now displayed next to item rank (thanks for the suggestion, colorblind players!)
* Targeting of Hunter’s Grappling Hook makes more sense now: instead of targeting a wall directly, you target any empty tile NEXT to a wall
* When the Knight’s Shovel is used in an area where walls are indestructible, you will get an error message in the log - but your shovel will no longer be consumed
* The list of monster food in the corral now shows the quantity of each available item in your inventory
* After feeding a monster in the corral and seeing the monster’s reaction to the food, the food list will open back up
* In Heroic mode, if a healing effect no longer works due to monsters being Worthless, you will get a tutorial popup (once)
* Page Up and Page Down shortcuts have been added. These should default map to the Page Up/Down keys on keyboard, as well as L1/R1 on controller. When pressing these buttons, you will scroll through single-column lists like merchant item lists or the Dreamcaster, one page at a time.
* Pressing the “Confirm” button now auto-completes any ‘typewriter’ style text if the text speed is set to anything slower than Instant
* Pressing “Right” in the cooking UI will take you to the Ready? Cook button
* The combat log now indicates when time has passed in the game world.
* When sorting by Value in any item list, the value used will now be the value of an individual item rather than the stack of items
* When using ranged abilities or weapons, the cursor’s default target should now be ‘smarter’, focusing on the last enemy that attacked you or other hostile combat targets. It should no longer target neutral enemies such as Fungal Columns at all
* Monster corral pets are now immune to lava
Holy cow, I thought this game was almost done, but there's always more...
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Changelog for build b078 (02 October 2017):

IMPORTANT! As monster corral data structures have changed as of b075, old captured monsters may not behave 100% as intended (i.e. missing powers or traits). We recommend releasing your existing monsters and capturing new ones if you want to appreciate all benefits of the new system.

* Cute lil’ running animation during game load, plus more accurate world generation load bar
* New artwork for Uncommon and Magical trees!
* New side/top running and idle animations for Spellshaper and Budoka
* New art for valuables dropped by trees
* New art for Floramancer’s Spitting Plant
* New icons for Summon Spirit Wolf and Summon Spitting Plant

* “Vanishing” reactive effect on player and monsters is now more erratic as opposed to always going max range in one direction
* Second boss fight has been altered! Should be more challenging, probably.
* Sludge Spirits now take minimal damage from poison and shadow
* For many summon effects that previously didn’t stack, you will now create a new summon on top of an existing one (destroying the old one) rather than your new summon not working at all. For example, casting a Bed of Thorns on an almost-expired existing Bed of Thorns will essentially refresh the duration of the bed.
* Changed how ability targeting works under-the-hood, which should allow you to summon things like Bed of Thorns or Creeping Death under your allies. However this may have inadvertently caused some abilities to hurt your allies, so please report these cases if they occur!
* Rumors with a requirement that limits your max # of steps have been relaxed further
* In New Game+, champions may spawn with up to 5 mods
* Daggers now calculate damage from Strength and Guile instead of just Strength
* Two-handed weapons can now support up to 8 magic mods, instead of just 5

* Fixed game load bug related to Radiant Aura in pre-b077 saves
* Fixed flask sprite not working on click sometimes
* Fixed bug with unresponsive dialog options
* Fixed bug where Goldfrog coins could be picked up infinitely
* Monsters knocked out by a Monster Mallet will eventually lose their ‘costume party’ and ‘big mode’ attributes
* Fixed bug with pet party UI behavior when collapsed (it would sometimes pop open)
* Item Dream Crystals should no longer ever be in “big mode”
* Fixed Sword Dancer sprite flickering
* Various keyboard shortcuts should no longer interfere with typing monster names at the corral
* Gems dropped from trees will now be sold when you select “Sell All…” items at merchants
* Fixed bug where “food loving” monsters would not save/load their behavior correctly
* Fixed bug where planting trees would not use the most rare seed (or any seed at all, sometimes?)
* Newly-hatched monsters should correctly inherit the average of their parents’ levels
* Fixed data corruption error that could occur with captured monsters sometimes
* Fixed bug with keyboard/controller cursor not appearing in the Dreamcaster interface
* Painter quest should no longer send you to the Casino
* Looting consumables of different rarity should no longer convert an entire stack to that rarity
* Fixed bug that sometimes made it impossible to start a New Game+
* Fixed bug where “ghost pets” could sometimes stick around on maps
* Fixed game error that could occur if the game was exited while a champion monster was using a champion-specific charge attack
* The Bed of Thorns summoned by your Floraconda now fills 8 tiles, instead of just 1
* Fixed UI bug with the “Pet Party” UI on resolutions lower than 1080p
* Fixed bug where multiple captured monsters of the same species would show the same name in the corral UI
* Fixed error with releasing monsters from the corral
* Fixed bug where auto-learning mastery abilities for certain jobs did not work
* Fixed weapon comparisons not working for Budoka’s fists

* There are now uncommon Orbs of Reverie that have magic mods already attached! These are called “Lucid Orbs”. In the Dreamcaster, you can now select the specific Orb you’d like to use when you enter a Dream. As long as you’ve put enough gold in with the Orb, you will be guaranteed to receive that Orb’s specific magic mod when you defeat the Memory King.
* It is now possible to get Lucid Orbs as a reward for Rumors.
* Added three new higher-ranked Crossbows!

* Added even more functionality to the data-driven dialog / conversation system
* Refactored resource loading further

* You can now actually choose which seed to plant in the Magic Grove!
* Clicking on an enemy will automatically switch to firing a ranged weapon, if your ranged weapon is not equipped (but on your hotbar). Pressing “F” if you have a melee weapon equipped will switch you to a ranged weapon.
* Added error sound, log text and character jitter in some situations where an action is not possible (better visual/audio feedback)
* Cursor Repeat Delay option “feels” a lot better now. It now sets the delay after holding a directional button before that button repeats at a faster rate.
* Pressing “Cancel” on the inventory or equipment screen when a submenu is open will now close the submenu but not the main UI
* Healing AND damaging items now properly show the healing/damage range instead of a random value
* If you are wearing Vanishing gear, a combat log message will appear when you warp
* A new visual effect has been added to indicate when your HP is dangerously low (<25%)
* You can now instantly warp back to town (or to the side area entrance) from “safe” areas in the dungeon, such as merchant zones
* Improvements to item comparisons, written by a player! (Thanks Zhentar!)
* The Equipment Bonuses readout now “stacks” identical effects and displays how many of those effects you have, such as: “Pet health up (x3)”
* The Equipment Bonuses readout now adds a scrollbar if the text exceeds the window size

Changelog for build b078e (02 October 2017):

Normally I don't post notes for hotfix / intermediate builds, but I've published so many bug fixes and tweaks that I wanted to list everything that has been done since the b078 main release.

* Hunter side/top walk and idle animations
* New art for the carrot patch!

* Lucid Orbs no longer drop at a high frequency, or from early champions/bosses

* Fixed bug with Righteous Charge and a number of other skills caused by a change in b078
* Fixed bug with Spellshift: Materialize applying double cooldowns to non-Spellshaper abilities
* Fixed bug with controller input when selecting skills on the hotbar
* Fixed bug with many items not being enterable/modifiable via the Dreamcaster (items were reporting the opposite ‘valid’ state as intended). Also fixed bug where some items WERE valid for Dreamcaster (even in previous build) that shouldn’t have been
* Fixed bug with many damaging abilities on non-English systems due to how decimals are parsed from datafiles
* Fixed some incorrect item sprites
* Fixed rare game load bug related to badly-written XML data
* Disabled special ability modifiers from spawning on gear (still an in-development feature)
* Fixed game load bug when incorrect / bad monster target aggro data was written to save
* Fixed bug where knocked-out monsters would sometimes not follow the player around
* Hot Streak now correctly picks a random direction to dash in
* Fixes to the wavy “Now Loading” text glitching every so often
* Fixed bug that occurred if a Charm effect was reflected back to the hero
* Fixed bug that prevented the player from planting trees
* Spitting Plants should no longer move around
* Fixed corral monster display sometimes rendering off-center
* Fixed bug where some menu shortcuts would not work after bringing a new monster to the corral
* Goldfrogs should more reliably explode into coins, even if killed by pets or other effects
* Fixed bug with Jumping Shot not firing off reliably
* Fixed bug that occurred when quitting to title and attempting to continue a save slot
* Fixed background display errors in some zones
* Fixed bug where canceling your escape portal sometimes did not work
* Fixed bug related to the ‘info bar’ UI not behaving consistently
* Smoothed over directional casting of abilities like “Fan of Knives” when using the mouse
* Special weapon shop should no longer spawn items with multiple copies of the same magic mod
* Flask infusions and data about what masteries you’ve learned from Jorito should no longer be cleared in NG+

* Added 5th tier shield
* Added a new side quest and mini-side area related to rose petals

* Further improved smoothness of game load
* Reduction of core game save size by another 14%

* Cleaned up and clarified the tree info display in the magic grove
* Lucid orbs now display the required equipment slot (if any)
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Changelog for build b080c (02 October 2017):

** This build will RESET your current progress in the dungeon, but you will keep all your character data: level, JP, skills, equipment collected, etc. Your progress in Riverstone Camp and Riverstone Grove will also be preserved.

* Gambler and Hunter top/side animations
* New artwork for Friendship Forest

* Multiple critical damage mods should no longer spawn on one item
* Newly-hatched monsters now always gain one level compared to the average of their parents’ level
* It is no longer possible to counter-attack/riposte ranged attacks (you can still PARRY them, or use Two-Finger Catch)
* Feeding monsters “OK” food now has a comparatively lower benefit than feeding them food they love (but the game now tracks love/hated foods, see Quality of Life section)

* Fixed lighting/fog of war render issues
* Fixed boss health bar overlap issues / staying on screen after boss death
* Fixed Item Dream charmed monsters not working correctly
* Fixed dagger damage display
* Restored a number of missing effects and stat bonuses due to b079’s changes to some data structures. This also fixes a number of magic mods not working on loaded items
* Fixed error where creating new characters in an existing save slot would not port over items from the Bank
* The low health indicator will now appear if you load a game and your character is at low health
* Probably fixed issue with Gambler hand that summons mini-Panthox
* Fixed some logic issues with Foraging magic mod (previously Scavenging) and the Scavenger magic mod…
* “Fighting Spirit” weapon mastery for Fists should no longer trigger unless you are actually using your fists
* Fixed damage of Dust in the Wind
* Changes to the challenge value (rank) of an item when upgraded or modified should now be properly saved/loaded
* Hopefully, really, actually fixed the bug with the off-center corral monster view
* When starting New Game+ or rebuilding maps due to save data change, various bugs have been fixed such as your hotbars being cleared
* Fixed bug with aggro logic that was causing enemies to aggro over and over without attacking
* Fixed MAJOR line of sight calculation error
* It is no longer possible to hit Sentry Bots from the 3rd boss fight with the monster mallet
* “Longshot” and “Deadeye” magic mods now ONLY work with bows
* Fixed bug with a number of ‘empower attack’ effects, whose damage was sometimes not calculated properly due to multiple attacks overwriting each other’s damage

* Refactored how maps are stored, which should give more flexibility for future changes in map design/layouts. This also reduces the total map size by ~50%
* Wrote code that determines if map save data structure is mismatched; if so, the game will preserve the hero and meta progress while rebuilding the dungeon.
* More optimizations to core data file size (~30% savings)

* As you feed monsters in the corral, Jesse will now track which monsters enjoy which foods
* The traps in the second boss fight now disappear when the boss(es) are defeated

* “Scavenging” magic mod renamed to “Foraging”, to avoid confusion with the character creation perk “Scavenger”
* “Frozen” champion mod is now “Frostspike”
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Changelog for b081c (added 09 October 2017):


- New animations that play before the 1st and 2nd boss fights
- Numerous updates to the dungeon tilesets
- New debuff visual FX
- Several new status effect icons
- Converted all on-screen text to text meshes for maximum clarity and sharpness at all resolutions (this will also allow us to fully support localization)


- New dungeon music!


- If you counter-attack an enemy, your counter-attack will no longer trigger enemy reaction effects such as reactive regen, thorns, or Frostspike Armor.
- Dungeon Maps now reveal the CURRENT floor of the dungeon
- Immunology no longer affects the duration of stun/freeze effects
- The stun from Escape Artist now lasts 4 turns (up from 3)
- Frostbite weapon mod now has a proc chance of 12% (down from 20%)


- In this build, we fixed an enormous bug with damage multiplying effects. Things ranging from special items to monster states (champion/bosses) to pet damage scaling, certain food buffs, and status effects, were simply not working as intended. Fixing this will have major repercussions throughout the entire game as virtually every effect that "increased damage", "lowered damage" (etc) was not working at all.

- Now that these effects are working, many skills and items will be stronger. HOWEVER, the impact on game balance goes the other way as well. Champions were intended to have a damage bonus scaling with number of mods, and ‘enrage’ state. Likewise, NG+ monsters, bosses, and player summoned pets all should have received a damage bonus depending on level.


- You will no longer receive XP rewards for completing rumors at max level
- Fixed bug with Ice Tortoise acting wonky
- Fixed a number of ability effects not quite working properly due to some under-the-hood name changes
- Fixed display issue with the Strength tooltip on the character sheet
- Sharing Romantic meals with monsters no longer consumes the entire stack
- Added code that detects corrupted player preferences and resets them when this occurs, rather than screwing up the entire game load
- Fixed bug with the Muguzmo encounter at the campfire site
- Stairs should no longer appear in boss fights until you defeat the boss
- Fixed equipment comparisons not displaying in the shop
- Fixed bug that was evaluating Dust in the Wind damage wrong (very wrong)
- Battle data (i.e. parry/crit chance) is now instantly recalculated when learning a skill
- After a Romantic Meal, the grove music should return
- Fixed line of sight bug: Monsters would sometimes be able to get an attack in on the player on the turn the player moved out of the sight
- Fixed occasional bug where the cost to remove a mod from an item via Dreamcaster was hidden
- Fixed visual bug with Gambler hand sometimes appearing too large
- Fixed wonky behavior of champion Ice Daggers
- Fixed rare error related to corral trees sharing IDs with actors in the same save slot, causing game soft locks
- Possibly fixed bug with music slider not working properly
- Possibly fixed bug where Treasure Hunters would sometimes target themselves with their own abilities (??)
- Possibly fixed odd behavior with champion Ice Prisons
- Fixed bug where Hunter’s Eagle Eye would allow you to shoot through walls (and enemies would be able to shoot you back)
- Antipode Blade’s elemental damage bonus no longer disappears after one turn


- New job - the EDGE THANE! This powerful warrior combines mastery of two-handed weapons with magical songs that increase in intensity as she fights. The Edge Thane’s abilities are based around being in the thick of combat, and are most powerful when fighting challenging foes or groups of monsters. Charge headlong into battle and tales will be sung of your glorious achievements!

- Multiple non-legendary two-handed swords have been added to the game. These are very powerful weapons in terms of raw damage, but of course… they take up two hands. (Note: Sprites for these new items are placeholder and will be replaced.)


- Tons of ongoing code cleanup and refactoring for easier maintenance and addition.
- Engine code setting the stage for faster loading of abilities, statuses, and effects


- The hotbar hover text on the main HUD now scales the box up instead of shrinking the text
- Seasoned meals now display the seasoning used in the meal name
- The player’s Flame Serpents are now colored blue to contrast with enemy fire effects
- Loot dropped by monsters and chests is now less likely to end up in lava
- Adjusted the info box position on the Skill sheet so it doesn’t overlap with other things
- On the Character screen, identical status effects will be combined and displayed with a count of the stacks of that status
- The Character screen now shows your overall bonuses to damage and defense (i.e. ALL damage increased/decreased, ALL defense increased/decreased)
- Added clear log messages for when monsters resist fear
- Character sheet will now show your elemental damage bonuses
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Changelog for b082a (added 16 October 2017):


- New HuSyn top/side idle and run animations!
- New SNOW tileset!


- Clones created by Shadow Stalk will now summon toward the direction that you attacked in
- Line of sight has been simplified for monsters that want to attack the player. If YOU can see THEM, they can see you - unless they have been blinded in some way. Otherwise, if you CAN’T see them, they CAN’T see you.
- Damage from Sludge Spirits’ on-death effect reduced by about 27%
- Player pets now take only 1/4 damage from any ground-based effects (acid/sludge clouds, fires, poison, shadow traps etc)
- Stamina/Energy costs adjusted for Edge Thane. Now, Verses and Highland Charge cost Stamina, while Songs and Furious Crescendo cost Energy.
- Increased drop chance of uncommon and magical seeds
- Edge Thane’s 2nd innate ability now also reduces the number of actions needed to increase song intensity. (The base actions has now increased a bit.)
- Paladin max Wrath Charges increased from 3 to 5. However, base power of Divine Fury (per bolt) and Shield Slam’s 'Divine Defense' has been decreased a bit.
- The stacking 'Shadow Vulnerable' effect now refreshes duration when the target is hit with the debuff again. However, the debuff amount is reduced from 20% to 15% per stack, and the debuff duration is much lower.
- Newly created monsters in the Corral previously inherited weapon power equal to the average of their parents’ weapons. Now, they will do this and also gain a modest increase on top.


- Fixed major bug with items gaining challenge value each time the game is saved and loaded.
- You should no longer get 'appease monster' rumors for Beastlake Park
- Spice names should no longer double up ('Cilantro Cilantro')
- Fixed soft lock that would sometimes occur at start of the 2nd boss fight
- Fixed various LOS bugs and edge cases.
- Possible fix at issue where screen would stay black after switching areas
- Fixed visual offset in the second boss fight
- Fixed bug with Edge Thane’s mastery ability
- Potential fix for rare issue where, if monsters broke a destructible and scooped up coins, they would sometimes drop empty stacks of coins.
- Fixed game error that occurred when dragging inventory items FROM your hotbar IN to your inventory on the Consumables page
- Fixed potential infinite money exploit with gem leaves
- Fixed prices of starter weapons when sold to the shop
- When toggling the player hud on/off, the low health screen border will also be toggled
- Fixed bug that allowed for using Tycho’s Thunder with an offhand item
- Fixed bug where the second Edge Thane innate bonus was not increasing the base duration of Songs
- Fixed bug where sometimes your corral pets would end up in the bottom-left corner of the screen, when creating new characters in the same slot.
- Fixed bug where monsters hit with a Monster Mallet would permanently lose their powers in some cases.
- Fixed bug where some monster passives were not displayed in the corral stats view


- There is now a Wardrobe in town. Interact with it to change your outfit (character sprite) to any job you’ve been. NOTE: This is only operational on NEW characters as of this build.


- Yet more work on the field of view / line of sight algorithm, fine tuning and tweaking.


- When hovering over / examining monsters that have multiple status effects, effects of the same name will be combined into stacks
- When hovering / examining over any tile, actors of the same name will also be combined into stacks (i.e., Mud x8, Blazing Fire x3, etc)
- Added new callout from Jorito when you are capable of learning Weapon Masteries.
- The visual 'Item Rank' of an item now changes when it is upgraded in Item Dreams


Changelog for b083c (added 16 October 2017):


- Improved the tooltips for hovering over equipment and inventory items
- Top / side walk and idle sprites for Soulkeeper!


- Paladin’s Sanctuary: Base duration 8 -> 7 turns, cooldown 15 -> 20 turns
- Soulkeeper’s Spiritwalk cooldown 10 -> 12 turns
- When rolling a total of '6', Gamblers now use a curse attack that inflicts fear, sleep, or confuse
- The base effect of HuSyn’s Runic Crystal now increases your damage & defense by 15% overall when standing next to it (up from 10%)
- Champion ice shards and spinning blades are now considered ‘ground effects’ for various purposes, e.g. pet damage reduction
- Monster pets will no longer use HP healing abilities on the player. This was potentially a balance nightmare as monsters have infinite resources. Healer monsters will still heal fellow monsters and themselves.
- Monster pet HP is now capped at 9999
- Monster pets should no longer inherit self-destruct abilities
- Monster pets now use half of the player’s resistances and dodge % when they are attacked.


- Shield Slam now gives up to 5 stacks of Divine Block, as intended
- Fixed bug where 4 and 5-mod equipment ('Artifact' rarity) were not being filtered properly in the Equipment view
- Fixed bug where, by removing mods from items via Dreamcaster, you could potentially increase certain properties infinitely
- Fixed some issues with equipment screen tooltips going off screen
- Added error checking to ensure that corrupted save slot data does not prevent _good_ data from being loaded
- _Actually_ fixed challenge values increasing on save/load with some items
- Fixed mouse UI misbehavior on the corral monster stats detail view
- Fixed bug with Ancient Cube quest
- Fixed another cooking logic bug that cropped up in some weird places
- Fixed display bug with Gambler’s 'Sharp Eyes' not showing up on the character sheet
- Fixed bug with the legendary apple-themed consumable
- Fixed bug where monsters in New Game+ would sometimes drop their monster-only weapons
- Fixed infinite crit but with Gambler’s 'Sharp Eyes' wild card hand
- Fixed bug where Spellshaper evocations would change mid-cast sometimes
- If Erin has available rumors, you should ALWAYS be able to talk to her and get one. Previously, rumors would fail to generate sometimes.
- Fixed several UI bugs with the corral interface
- It should no longer be possible to remove the 'perma charm' from Item Dream monsters


- A new type of Orb has been added to the game that add SKILL MODS to whatever equipment you want! These modifiers will change and upgrade existing abilities in unique ways. These Skill Orbs are used in the Dreamcaster just like other types, BUT they cost JP instead of Gold if you want to guarantee that the mod will be added upon completion of the Item Dream.

- Thirty three (33) new Skill Orbs have been added to the game, representing 33 different skill upgrades/transformations - 3 per job. More will be coming! These Skill Orbs begin dropping later in the game, around the second boss and onward. By using these new Skill Orbs, you can greatly change your character’s build and gameplay style!

- At higher levels, you can now find rumors to defeat Boss Gangs. These rumors involve defeating a trio of challenging champions on any existing map in the game. The reward is guaranteed to be some kind of Lucid or Skill Orb.


- Added dynamic font support (needed for some UI things, and definitely for localization!). Non-English fonts are now possible, even non-Western!
- More code cleanup and refactoring for special effects and statuses that were previously hardcoded in a bad way


- Abilities that do not take a turn to use will now say 'Free Turn!' in the description, instead of 'CT Bonus: 200'
- The effect of the legendary consumable is now displayed in your flask infusion list
- The job change UI now notes learned abilities when you hover over them
- The job change UI also shows unspent JP in a given job
- Adjusted equipment defense comparisons to be more accurate (thanks Zhentar!)
- The floor name (upper left of the UI) now displays if the current level is easier or harder than average


- Adjusted equipment rarities slightly. All non-legendary/set gear now follows this pattern: Common (no mods), Uncommon (one mod), Magical (two), Rare (three), Artifact (four or more). LEGENDARY gear now has a Rarity of Legendary instead of Artifact.
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Changelog for build b084f (added 23 October 2017):

* For a limited time, Halloween has arrived in the world of Tangledeep! Enjoy some seasonal visuals, as well as tasty and unique treats!

* Tileset touchups
* New top/side idle + run animations for Edge Thane
* Top/side attack animations for Sword Dancer and Floramancer
* New 2H sword art!

* Bows can no longer have 8 mods. Instead they are limited to 5 mods, as a Quiver can have mods as well.
* Resonance effect of the second Staff Mastery now increases Spirit Power by 8% instead of 10%, and base duration is lowered. However, it now refreshes duration on cast as well (max of 5 stacks)
* Spellshaper’s second Innate bonus now grants +1 range to Evocations regardless of whether a Spellshape is active or not.
* If you die with a corral pet still alive, the pet will return to your corral. This will happen even in Heroic mode.
* Reduced monster density in Fungal Caverns.
* Pandora’s Boxes no longer increase mob density on the current floor.
* Pandora’s Boxes now have a chance at dropping Orbs of Reverie, Lucid Orbs, and Skill Orbs.
* Abilities modified through Skill Orbs should now maintain the same cooldown as the unmodified abilities. (Previously, the unmodified versions would not “tick down” if you unequipped the gear.)
* In the Casino, the dealer will no longer hit at 17.
* NOTE - Item changes below apply to NEW DROPS
* Blizzard Tiara: Now grants +6 all stats, +10 Guile, +10 Spirit (previously, had +15 Guile/Spirit but no core stat bonus).
* Band of Wild Nature: Now grants +6 all stats
* Ruby Moon: Now grants +10 all stats
* Crest of the Draik: Now grants +10 all stats
* Cat Ear Headband: Now grants +4 all stats
* Big Giant Circlet: Now grants +8 all stats

* Fixed display bug where items would not reach rarities above Rare sometimes
* Fixed (again) issue with rumors not spawning; also, fixed Boss Gangs spawning at low levels
* Possible fix for a bug where you could fast travel to floors beyond bosses you’ve beaten
* Attempted fix at issue where the monster corral list view could get cut off
* Possible fix for bug that put monsters into odd states when being hit by Fungal Column's Self Destruct
* Fixed game error that happened occasionally with Gambler's Roll the Bones
* Fixed alignment issue in the corral... again!
* Fixed bug with abilities (mainly modified toggles/status effects) that were not removing alternate versions (i.e. you could have two versions of Spellshape: Materalize on at the same time)
* Fixed bug with Force Resonance (second staff mastery) where switching weapons to a non-staff would leave the buff intact, sometimes
* Monsters will no longer use healing abilities when they are not in combat states. (This does not affect hybrid pets…)
* Fixed tooltip bounding issue on the Skill screen at very high resolutions
* Fixed bug where you could not add magic mods to certain items, even though more mods should have been possible
* Fixed bug where save slots in “Heroic” or “Hardcore” mode would sometimes show up as Adventure mode (despite definitely not being Adventure mode)
* Fixed various bugs with resolution behavior
* Cleaned up the “HID” device error that sometimes appeared in the dev console on launch
* Attempted fix for a bug where you would sometimes not be prompted to harvest items from trees after returning from an Item Dream
* Added extra sanity check to prevent staircases from spawning surrounded by wall tiles
* Conduits / electric tiles should no longer overlap stairs in tem Dreams
* Cleaned up some janky movement that could happen while rapidly moving and passing turns
* Fixed janky behavior with scrolling a long list of inventory items via mousewheel
* Switched default controller mapping so that L2/R2 are now used to page up/down through various UI lists, rather than R1/L1, as R1/L1 are reserved for switching UI tabs. You may need to reset your bindings for this to take effect.
* Fixed “overpowered select” sound from playing constantly.
* Fixed bug with removing certain magic mods; some mods showed up as “Test123”
* Potentially fixed bug where a game error could occur if you entered the character creation (job select) screen before job/ability data was finished loading
* Another attempt at fixing error where Erin would have NEW rumors, but not actually give you one

* Beware... every so often, you will now find a NIGHTMARE PRINCE in an Item Dream! These extra-powerful bosses can be found on their own floor, the Nightmare Prince’s Lair, beyond the floor where the Memory King resides. If you defeat the Nightmare Prince, you may earn unique treasure not available anywhere else in Tangledeep, but your item will not be upgraded and the Memory King will disappear. (Any Lucid orb used will be returned to you.)
* New champion mod: Cheerleader! Champion will rally all monsters nearby, boosting their attack and defense.
* Dead end corridors should now be generated in a variety of level types
* There are now two additional tiers of difficulty possible with Item Dreams (accessible only when you enter very high-rank items)
* Added two more Dream Crystal auras; one that clears negative statuses from monsters each turn, and another that seals the player as long as you are in the aura.
* The third boss fight has been revised!

* Added support for various seasonal images and items, enabled with a single click on the backend
* Extensive engine optimizations (this is putting it mildly)

* Cleaned up item names that have lots of suffixes.
* Boss Gang rumors now only appear in the main dungeon, not side areas
* Keen Eyes now displays monster % health as well as precise numbers
* Improved item comparison tooltips
* Tutorial data is no longer tied to the same file as controller settings, and is instead stored on a per-save slot basis.
* Upon clearing a side area, you will now be able to switch gear freely
* Gambler and Soulkeeper now have passive abilities - “Poker Player” and “Spirit Collector” - that are automatically learned while learning certain other abilities. These passives do not take up a passive slot and can be toggled on and off anytime.

* Nightmare champion mod has been renamed to Shadowgrasp