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Wagga: Where is the Patch to Download for Backup the Patches?
Thank you.
GOG Being GOG, You can get it on Galaxy now, but for a backup patch you'll have to wait longer. ( is avaliable as a full game backup though).
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Changelog for version (5th October 2017):

Today, we're bringing you a one-liner - hovercrafts!
They come with two modes.
This is where you choose:
This is one possible alternative use of the hover-pads:
That's because they run even without you controlling them from a cockpit. Oh, and the wider round cockpit we forgot to add to survival, that's fixed too. (Thanks OG!) So officially speaking, here are the patch notes:

-Fixed the missing new cockpit in Survival

Read Changelog on Steam
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The Unsuccessful Update to Unity 2017 (12th October 2017)

Hello Nomads,

In order to not let you wondering clueless when's today's update is coming, we're having this small update. Unlike other Thursdays, we won't have an update this week, as we have the project locked in at this moment.

We thought we would be able to update to Unity 2017 this week (we started the work last week already), but the performance of the game built in the 2017 version of Unity is about 10 FPS slower in general. That's something we don't want, do we?

For more details, check today's blog post.
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Changelog for version (19th October 2017):

- Fixed the bug shutting down hover-pads after splitting them from the grid they were on
- Added French localization - thanks to Eric Rosson
- Switch between hover mode and OFF mode is now more gradual
- All function blocks can now be renamed on the last position in Radial Menu (important for the upcoming updates)
- Hazard fungus lowered to closer to the ground
- Slightly increased world reflectivity for better visual experience
- Wheels no longer have speed setting in Radial Menu - all wheels are set to highest speed by default
- Basic tutorial simplified to not overwhelm new players with information
- Swarms of fireflies around bushes and trees with fruits and herbs now bigger to make them more visible in the world
- Added swarm of flies around hazardous bushes to warn players
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Changelog for version (26th October 2017):

-Added Floating Foundation block
-Hover pads hover height has been increased from 2 meters to 2.5 meters (highest setting)
-Aggressive flies from hazard world objects now cause less damage
-Aggressive flies are now bigger and more distinct with colors
-Changed Graphic Presets in Graphics Settings to a more balanced out performance - this should help FPS go up for less powerful rigs
-Decreased jetpack sound volume
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Changelog for version (2nd November 2017):

-Biomes become livelier with environment sounds
-Reworked icons for all Component items to make them more distinct from each other
-In Creative mode it is now possible to delete blocks with just the right mouse button - no need to have any block selected
-Fixed a bug connected with entering the drop pod with Multitool equipped
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Changelog for version (9th November 2017):

-Choose from three preset difficulties to match your play-style
-Create your own difficulty mix by setting the length of the night, weather, attributes regeneration and more
-Create the world of your desire - set the planet size, water level, animal density, terrain roughness, dangers and more
-Character attributes are now more responsive to the flow of the game (you get cold much faster after exposed to rain, and regenerate faster when you hide from it)
-Attributes are now invisible in Character Screen - you only see the applied Conditions now to make things more straightforward
-Other major changes made to Survival mechanics, find out
-Extreme biomes are more deadly and require you to have a better equipment to survive in them
-Hoverpads fixed to hover on their own in the hover mode (without the need for a cockpit)
-Costs of some components lowered
-Wind volume decreased to match the sound of rain
-Wheels now a lot less effective under water
-Player spawner reworked to not spawn you above the atmosphere
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Changelog for version (16th November 2017):

-Terminal - block for central setting of all functional blocks on a grid
-Spanish (Mexican) - big thanks to Jecsham Castillo
-Removed special filters from a few sounds
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Changelog for version 'Monumental Travels' (23rd November 2017):

-Air blade blocks for flying
-Monuments and story unfolds
-Reworked electricity with rechargeable batteries
-Planetary map and radar

See more
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Changelog for version (30th November 2017):

-Fixed automatic door opening and decreased energy consumption
-Added thumbnails for saved games
-Monument achievements
-Enlarged the active area of radial menu
-Close radial menu by pressing the "C" key again
-Dismiss inventory window when far away from block
-Multiple bug fixes and optimizations
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Mr. T.Hodd seems to be late today, I think I'll post this update in his place.

Changelog for version (7th December 2017)

- Added hover mode to jetpack
- Allowed radar to be built on buildings and vehicles (scan has to be activated manually when outside a scanned area)
- Batteries recharge automatically in Creative mode when depleted
- Disable suit voice in the options
- Added weight info to block tooltips
- Fixed menu layout on 16:10 wide screens
- Added datapad and map keys into tutorial sheet
- Autosaves are now specifically marked in the list of saves
- Minor bugfixes (light sensor, generator, electricity vision, player animation, block deconstruction,...)
huan: Mr. T.Hodd seems to be late today, I think I'll post this update in his place.
You beat me to it. When I checked earlier today, it hadn't been updated. :D
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Changelog for version (14th December 2017):

- The initial crash-site now contains wreckage with loot
- Massive Mining Machine rework - select the resources you want to mine and disable overfilling of connected containers
- Filter connected blocks by name and type in Terminal
- Bind Radial Menu buttons to keyboard
- Enable/Disable Switchboard by a single press of a button (default E)
- Fixed the long troubles with some keyboards and controllers! (no more crashes and frozen keyboards)
- Minor bugfixes
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Changelog for version (21st December 2017):

-Christmas gifts (only in new survival games)
-Longer conveyor blocks (4 and 8 units long)
-Surround sound - if you have more than 2 speakers, visit options
-Fixed mining machine stopped working without a reason
-Fixed buggy wheel material
-Fixed rename in radial menu
-German localization nearly finished, all thanks to Justin Heuer