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Wagga: Where is the new folder, in the Gamefolder or where?
The Folder to moved out from %appdata% was a great idea.
Sorry, I'm just a GOG user who posts changelogs as they become available, and don't own the game, so can't answer that.

Perhaps user DOWL can help you out; if not, I suggest you ping a GOG staffer, JudasIscariot seems to keep an eye on the game fora, or contact GOG Support.
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Wagga: Where is the new folder, in the Gamefolder or where?
The Folder to moved out from %appdata% was a great idea.
They're still appear in %appdata\localow\craneballs\PlanetNomads\Saves for me. The devs will know where they should be saving to.

Changelog for Patch (31st August 2018):

Today we have just a tiny update with some minor bugfixes for you.
-Fixed missing blueprint thumbnails on Linux
-Fixed inaccurate solar panel power calculation
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Changelog for Patch (12th September 2018):

Hello Nomads,

New update is here and we have some blocks for you. Especially new Cockpits. In addition to speedometer, all Cockpits now have an alitmeter.

We have also added new shapes of Stairs and Railings and a special block - Plant Pot - you can use it as a decoration or as a source of some food.

-New blocks:
••Plant Pot
••Stairs One Step, Half Stairs, Stairs Joint
••Railing Corner
••Interior Cockpit, Standing Cockpit
••Pylon with Light
-Added alitmeter to cockpit GUI
-No electricity consumption of Wheels, Hover Pads and Hover Blades when idle
-Added author name into blueprint metadata
-Optimized electricity circuits recalculation
-Some minor bug fixes (building locked blocks, calculation of welding resources)
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14. September - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

Some of you have experienced issues trying to build a blueprints containing Interior Cockpit. We've found the cause and released a hotfix now.

List of changes:
- fixed building blueprints with Interior Cockpit
- modified weights of new cockpits
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18. September - 501idni

Hello Nomads,

We have just released an update that allows you to comfortably use a terminal directly from a cockpit. No more exiting the cockpit and searching for a terminal. To do it, you need to build a terminal on your vehicle, and connect it to electricity. Then you can press "T" key (or whatever key you bind it in options) and voila - terminal appears.

Also we have added functionality to update your blueprints in workshop and also blueprint tagging. And last but not least, we have fixed some issues, mainly with uploading blueprints functionality.

Here is the full list of changes:
- access to terminal from cockpit
- blueprint tagging and editing
- fixed bug that broke blueprint upload/download functionality
- fixed jammed trigger on tools and weapons
- fixed options tabs rendering in pause menu
- hidden distant electricity connections
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1. Oktober - 501idni

Here is the complete list of changes:

- added emissive effects on Wheels when powered
- adjustable ghost block / ghost blueprint distance - hold shift and scroll mouse button to change the distance
- new Bug Reporting Tool (in main menu and in-game pause menu)
- fixed low FPS in intro cinematics
- blocks in terminal are ordered alphabetically
- auto-generated block names (with numbers) are saved now
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Changelog for version (10th October 2018)

Hello Nomads,

We are here today with one little update. We have reduced the emission of wheels, updated the Unity engine and added some other minor tweaks.

-Updated Unity engine to 2018.2.7f1
-Reduced light emission of wheels
-Pre-loading of assets to eliminate some lags
-Fixed slow menu response before loading a game
-Fixed slow UI response before displaying Block Catalog
-Pointer in tutorial moved to center of the screen
-Delayed destruction made by Tool to eliminate mis-clicking
-Not displaying center of mass in Build Vision by default
high rated Bug Fixes (31. Oktober - 501idni)

Hello Nomads,
The new release of Planet Nomads is here! This time we have added just some longly awaited bugfixes and optimizations. So without further delay, here is the full list:

Bug fixes
- SandyEngine: fixed holes in generated terrain meshes on chunk boundaries
- Terminal: fixed unintended closing (by pressing "T" during block rename)
- Generator: fixed misbehavior after load, connecting Containers, welding and other events
- Interior Cockpit: fixed Center of mass
- Railing: fixed texture wrapping
- Hover Pad: fixed ground detection
- Character: fixed unnatural neck positions in animations
- Jetpack: fixed wrong behavior when running out of suit energy
- Multitool: action delay kept only on destructive actions
- UI: fixed "saving game" info box obstructed by blur effect
- Bug Reporter: fixed log file retrieval
- Bug Reporter: fixed endless freeze while sending report
- Linux: removed unreliable batch processing in SQLite
- Linux: fixed water shader depth calculation (added foam on shallow water)
- Linux: fixed fog shader depth calculation (to exclude sky from being fogged)

- Terrain Shader: reduced number of texture fetches if not all voxel slots are used
- Containers, Printers: changed recalculation logic to eliminate lags during container content modification
- Quality settings: disabled anisotropic texture filtering in default quality settings (except for Ultra)
- Quality settings: disabled grass on Low setting
- Quality settings: Sky, Clouds and Water meshes replaced by dynamically generated low poly ones with adjustable quality
- Bug Reporter: sending screenshots as JPG
- Bug Reporter: compression of log and text files

- Bug Reporter: added whisperer (searching for similar bugs before entering a new one)
- Splash Screen: updated Craneballs logo
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Changelog for version (1st November 2018)

Hello Nomads,

There was very annoying bugs in yesterday's update, so we are bringing this hotfix.

Here is the list of fixes:

-Emergency Printer: fixed "no electricity" bug
-Emergency Printer: fixed error when loading saves with deleted printer
-3D printers: fixed printers not able to use containers connected by conveyors
DOWL: Changelog for version (1st November 2018)

Hello Nomads,

There was very annoying bugs in yesterday's update, so we are bringing this hotfix.

Here is the list of fixes:

-Emergency Printer: fixed "no electricity" bug
-Emergency Printer: fixed error when loading saves with deleted printer
-3D printers: fixed printers not able to use containers connected by conveyors
Hi. In the past, updates available on Steam seemed to come to GOG at or near the same time. However, none of the updates in December, culminating in a release today, are on GOG yet. I'm considering buying the game, but would like updates to be pushed at comparable times. Is there an experimental or beta option for GOG? When will the most recent update be released on this platform? How about the future? Thank you.
vespa35: When will the most recent update be released on this platform? How about the future? Thank you. is in the download page
Thanks soooooo much for improving (building-) performance!

Now it makes fun again :)
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Changelog for Update (added 19 December 2018):

- reduced the impact of weather to hot/cold survival attributes
- linux: built Sandy Engine against older libraries to support not so recent distributions

Changelog for Update (added 19 December 2018):

- finished new weather types (finally)
- different Suit appearance for each armor tier
- modified Suit survival attributes
- special Kickstarter-exclusive Suit for our Unique Nomad backers (those who are concerned will be informed when this release become public)
- some main character animations changes
- increased maximum Air Blade altitude
- increased brake efficiency of small vehicles
- added immediate reversal of wheels after braking
- survival screen effects tuning
- fixed bug that caused empty Block Catalog
- fixed bugs in notifications display and logging
- fixed errors from Steam Workshop

Changelog for Update (added 19 December 2018):

- fixed bugs in collider optimization
- fixed missing container connections after building a blueprint
- fixed shader in Planet Map
- fixed sun making flares through ship walls in the tutorial
- better quality of sun textures
- modified vignette textures gradation
- suppressed an error during downloading blueprints
- tuned shadow quality for better shadows in middle distance

Changelog for Update (added 19 December 2018):

New Game Mode: Free Roam - you can play with your inventories without worrying about thirst, hunger, radiation etc.

User Experience & Survival Tweaks:
- added new weather types and improved look of old ones
- color visualisation and new screen effects for survival attributes
- directional indicator of damage source
- "take it all" button in Containers and Automatic Miners
- allowed direct using/equipping of items from black box Container
- improved weapon beam, new weapon batteries
- "bees" - improved attack behaviour and nest appearance
- enabled animal aggressivity on Medium difficulty
- changed appearance of toggles (aka "check boxes") in UI
- grouping Joy notifications by type
- logging Joy notifications in the Journal
- added descriptions to block / item radial menus

Other changes:
- hidden unavailable blocks in Block Catalog
- improved brakes and added parking brake to wheeled vehicles

Bugs and optimizations:
- fixed game freeze / crash on finishing blueprint during sleeping
- optimized merge of box colliders for better performance and less physical glitches
- fixed non-working automatic switch on Solar Beacon
- fixed corrupted water surface on higher quality settings
- narrowed camera near plane (reduced weapon/wall see throughs)
- fixed Craneballs logo quality on splash screen
- improved Sandy Engine compatibility with legacy Linux distributions
- fixed water and fog graphical glitches on MacOS
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Changelog for Updates - (added 14 January 2019):
- added thermometer to HUD
- fine tuning of some weather aspects (temperature values, rain sound volume)
- fixed black screen when using non-native resolution rendering
- dehydration no longer affects your temperature shield
- changed frozen and heated vignette effect progression
- fixed intro with dynamic resolution enabled
- updated Unity engine to 2018.2.20
- fixed typing of weird characters with function keys on Linux
- decreased weather change frequency
- fixed bugs with FOV in vehicles
- fixed invisible UI parts with non-native rendering
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Changelog for Updates 09.8.0 - (added 18 February 2019):
Tool changes:
- change in tool usage - now you can have multiple different Tools in the Hot Bar
- added Mover Tool for moving blocks
- split Emergency Tool and classic Multitool functionality - the first uses only Suit power, the latter only Batteries
- enlarged default player inventory by 2 slots

Other Changes:
- updated Unity engine to 2018.3.5f1
- added Thermoregulator block and fixed thermal regeneration in different occasions
- added slight boost to player movement while accelerating from standing to motion
- faster mining with mining machines, but mining is now limited - you can harvest only certain amount of resouces on one place
- custom POIs in map - you can mark a point by mouse click in map, compass will show you the way there
- save files are now compressed - warning! if you plan to play older version of the game, backup ALL your save files before launching, as compression occurs after the first lauch, and compressed saves are incompatible with older releases of the game
- fixed error while switching from Mover Tool to other tool or block
- fixed loss of Weapons and Tools during update to (however, you need to open your original save - saves with items already missing will not recover it)
- fixed remembering of disabled resources in Miner settings
- fixed Solar Panels working at night
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