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I hope this patch is ready before the long weekend. Looking forward to taking my squads out to run frightened from Beak creatures.

Update: patch 25 went live shortly after my post.

Thanks, GOG!

There is a problem with the latest patch: it only patches 1.0.22 - 1.0.25. But there was no patch to go from 1.0.21 - 1.0.22. Guess I have to do a full download and uninstall/re-install.
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high rated
-Fixed crash if combat is cleared in an EV_I_DEFEATED_SQUAD dialogue event
-Fixed characters having incorrect voice after changing race/gender in the character editor
-Fixed kidnap order on wild animals
-Added a new save logging system to help debug any save/load related problems
-Finally fixed the blood spider attack range
-Existing translations can be exported as gamedata.po
-Fixed exporting multi-line translated strings when exporting gamedata.po
-Added 'no longer used' description for deprecated values
high rated
-Japanese language update
high rated
-Japanese translation rollback to v1.0.22, last known best version. There is currently a mix-up with the japanese translation that we are working to fix, but we're not doing well because we don't understand japanese.
high rated
-Fixed a random crash
-Fix for some situations where a carried person would never get put down if they died
-Passive characters wont fire turrets unless attacked
-Fixed dropping items onto portraits when view is scrolled
high rated
-Fixed robot limbs spawned on characters not behaving as robot limbs
-Fixed removing an arm of carried characters causing them to be dropped
-Fixed crash in the FCS when creating new items
high rated
-Chinese language option added
-Fixed problem with the FCS def files if system decimal separator is a comma
-Kral's chosen and Band of Bones no longer go to the Border Zone
high rated
-Fixed clothing being chosen for characters before race limiter is set up
-Fixed boots spawning on characters with no legs
-Fixed boot slot not being disabled for characters spawned with no legs
-Fixed crash when making savegame names ending in ...
-Fixed getting stealth xp when in a cage
-Random crash fix
-French and chinese update
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.0.33 (added 07 August 2019):

- French translation updated to correct some errors
- Chinese translation updated to correct some errors
- Changed Chinese Language font - Following community feedback we have reviewed the Chinese language font with our translation partners and changed the font to one which is more legible.

Bug Fixes:
- Random crash fix
- Fixed dismantle button missing from turret info data panel if upgradeable
- Fixed crash in Escape Cannibal Cage tutorial
- Fixed clothing being chosen for characters before race limiter is set up
- Fixed boots spawning on characters with no legs
- Fixed boot slot not being disabled for characters spawned with no legs
- Fixed crash when making savegame names ending in '...'
- Fixed getting stealth XP when in a cage
high rated
-Fixed game freeze when changing font size in certain languages
-Fixed chinese character names and tips display, changed to clearer font
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.0.34 (added 19 August 2019): (in addition to the above)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a crash related to adjusting the font size.
- Fixed an issue with loading screen tips displaying incorrectly for some users.
- Fixed an issue with character and NPC names displaying incorrectly.
high rated
-Stopped NPCs thinking animals are weak because they don't have weapons
-Fixed a crash if loading an invalid item in a character inventory (eg from a missing mod)
-Fixed particle effects of buildings on roofs
-Fixed crash if character dies while rearranging squads
-Fixed missing temples in Holy Nation towns
-Fixed DC_IS_NEARLY_KO being unhandled (it is a duplicate of DC_NEARLY_KO)
-Fixed some dialog not triggering as DC_IS_ENEMY always returned true
-Some minor fixes to the navigation mesh
-Chinese and german updated
HaTsUnE_NeKo: 1.0.35
Kenshi v1.0.35 (Experimental Branch)
Fr., 4. Oktober 2019
high rated
-Fixes for a few building interior visibility bugs
-A fix for NPCs sometimes dying if you knocked them out and then left the area, now it takes their health into account.
-Fixed bounty dialog not triggering if you hand in Eyegor
-A crash fix
high rated
Kenshi v1.0.37 (Experimental Branch)

Gameplay changes:

Slaves are now only fed up to 100 if not in a cage, instead of 115.
Pet animals now heal 2x speed when KO'd, as they have no other means of healing and spend too much of their lives in comas.
Holy farm storage is no longer full of ration packs.
The GUI tooltip now also shows your bounty even if you are a slave.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed AI bug where a guard captures someone out of the boundaries of the town, and keeps picking them up and putting them down again.
Slave status is no longer reset when you are arrested by police. Slaver caravans should come by and collect slaves, but mods could prevent this, meaning that a slave could get arrested and trapped in a police station forever. Now its possible to wait-out a sentence.
Fixed AI stalling when crafting items when different input items are needed.
Fixed inventory item limit being ignored when AI moves large item stacks.
Reduced characters running through the air or underground when zones are loading in the background.