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Changelog for Update 0.93.20 (added 29 August 2016):


- Fixed characters not getting up off the ground

Main features added since 0.93.4:

- Characters get wet, ragdolls now float in water
- Added a dialogue log window
- You can now pickup and carry animals
- Added the functionality to allow game translations
- Resource storages are no longer infinite
- Starvation balancing and difficulty options
- You can now buy and repair ruined buildings that you find
- Added 2 Shek towns and a new zone in the SW of the active map area
- Heat haze effect
- Looting law changes
- Thievery rebalance


Changelog for Patch 0.93.21 (added 05 September 2016):

- The last update nerfed the stolen goods sell values too strongly (15%), they've been increased to 50%. I wanted to fix this before the weekend, because it ruined thievery.


Changelog for Update 0.93.21 (added 06 September 2016) [Experimental Branch - Galaxy Only]:

- Stealth sound overhaul. When sneaking, targets will sometimes hear you. The chance depends on distance and skill. A zero-skill character will be lucky if he can sneak around a shop without being detected. This gives more XP to compensate.
- Stealing chances rebalanced
- Town guards will investigate buildings that have their doors left open at night. They can recognise intruders.
- You can no longer steal from your hired bodyguards if they get knocked out, they will now see it as a betrayal. IF they see it happen, that is.


- Dogs shouldn't go to sleep right next to your body after knocking you out anymore
- Fixed hired bodyguards not healing your guys
- Fixed an AI bug with crafting bench hauling
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Changelog for Update 0.93.28 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 10th October 2016):

More Thievery Rebalance:

- Stealth sound overhaul. When sneaking, targets will sometimes hear you. The chance depends on distance and skill. A zero-skill character will be lucky if he can sneak around a shop without being detected. This gives more XP to compensate.
- Stealing chances rebalanced
- Town guards will investigate buildings that have their doors left open at night. They can recognise intruders.
- You can no longer steal from your hired bodyguards if they get knocked out, they will now see it as a betrayal. IF they see it happen, that is.

Food Overhaul:

This is the result of some extensive testing, to further balance the hunger system in the way originally intended
- hunger time is doubled again. It takes almost twice as long to get hungry.
- food nutritional quality is halved, but also food cost is halved too. Remember the yellow and red states are supposed to be starvation, your ribs are showing, you shouldn't be able to fully recover from malnutrition with just 1 meal.
- So, technically speaking, those 2 above result in the same amount of eating and costs, its just stretched over a slower timeframe now.
- Food is no longer a trade good, so you only get 50% of its value when you sell it. Bread won't make you rich anymore. This will double-up as a plot point with the Trader's Guild later on. The cash crop will be drugs and alcohol.

Economic Balancing:

Over the last few years the economy of Kenshi has seen some inflation so I've re-balanced it a little
- Recruits cost a lot more to hire, it's not so easy to rapidly get a bigger squad early on.
- Cost of books is doubled
- Bounty amounts for crimes are roughly doubled
- You can no longer sell armour that is part of another factions uniform
- Cooking food speed is x3, but ingredient cost is x8. Now the focus is less on waiting around for cooking, and more on running farms and protecting your crops until harvest time.
- Properly added the research and crafting for the 3 main alcoholic drinks. These are the new cash crop as food was made less profitable in the last update.
- Chainmail is 50% heavier


- Tons of new weapons! The number has doubled. More interesting blunt and hacking weapons, polearms added, blunt skill unlocked, old ones overhauled visually. Rare and unusual weapons to find.
- Weapon types have more characteristics and stats have been rebalanced. Weapons can have advantages or penalies when used indoors, and bonus damage against certain opponents or animals.
- Characters will automatically switch to their side-arm weapon when indoors, if it has less of an indoors penalty than their main weapon.

Smithing Overhaul:

- Crafted weapon quality is limited by character skill
- Crafted armour quality is entirely dictated by character skill (no need for further research)
- Crafting has a critical success chance, if character is skillful there is a chance the final item will be one grade higher.
- material costs and craft time vary by weapon type
- Crafted gear is now "imprinted" with the name of the smith
- Scattered appropriate weapon blueprints around the world

Misc Features:

- Performance boost! I measured an average 5-10 fps increase. This is not the main Ogre 2.0 performance update, that comes later.
- Added a simple thieves/assassins guild
- You can now stealth-knockout sleeping NPCs
- Bounties are now assigned by factions. Committing a crime in the Holy Nation won't make you a criminal in the Empire or Shek Kingdom.
- Tuned the "spawn" distributions. Should reduce the situations where you defeated a bandit or animal squad and then more and more kept coming to fill the population vacuum.
- Also implemented a mild co-existence system, so small time villages don't get instantly wiped out by their dangerous evironment eg the BeakThing-Hiver wars
- When your character gets sucked dry by a vampiric creature and dies, it leaves behind all his gear and clothes, just sitting there empty where once was your beloved character.
- You can no longer sell a fence back their own items that you stole from them
- Athletics XP rate reduced by 25%
- Labouring skill XP rate increased 50%
- Inventory interface subtly tuned to be a little nicer to use
- Weapon prices doubled to match up with the armour prices
- Added more treasure 'n stuff
- Using equipment/ dummies in npc owned buildings is now illegal. You need to join the thieves guild if you want to use training equipment.
- Some small tweaks to Scorchlanders
- Added low-tiers to higher level weapon benches, just so its less confusing when you don't have any high level options available to craft there
- Tiny additional map content update. Added some simple tips to the mechanical shop keepers dialog.
- The AI now knows when it is in a chase, and should give up properly when they lose sight of you.
- Food ingredients are now shown in the item tooltip and crafting window
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Changelog for update 0.95.10 (added 12 January 2017):


- Unlocked southern map section. New content and factions!
- General performance improvement with Ogre 2.0
- Smuggling is now a career option. Buy narcotics or illegal goods and sell them wherever they are illegal to make huge profits. (You'll have to find where to buy/sell them yourself).
- Added narcotics production to the tech tree
- Tweaked the camera limit so you can look upwards a little more
- A messagebox now tells you what item caused you to get arrested for smuggling
- Added some feedback arrows to stealth mode
- Added options setting for displaying the floating damage numbers


- Unarmed combat added.
- Added a block for "thrust" direction, so you can now block unarmed and animal attacks
- Added dodging to the combat system. You dodge when unarmed, and it can also be used to break out of stun-lock states
- Characters now have rear-direction block animations
- Made block animation blending look a little nicer
- Added a few more combat stance animations for different weapons
- Armour can now have skill bonuses for unarmed, dodge, and fist damage.
- Backpacks now negatively impact dodging
- Characters can no longer attack with their broken arms, they have to resort to kicks or whatever they can do
- Likewise if your sword arm is broken you can't block, so you'll have to resort to dodging
- Defensive combat mode now applies the +20 bonus to dodging if you are unarmed


- Tweaked the formula for character muscle visibility. Its no longer affected by strength (which now only affects bulk) or toughness. The idea is to make characters end up looking a bit different to each other based on their skills (as opposed to everyone just ending up big and muscular)
- --the new formula is: max(dexterity, martialArts) * 3.f + (athletics + swimming) - (cooking + science);
- It now gets wet when it rains.
- Added sound effect for barefoot characters


- Increased amount of food sold in bars
- Added more slaves to the slave towns
- Added the plastic surgeon to empire towns
- Low-level slaves are a bit more likely to join you, others like captured bandits now a little less likely.
- Encumbrance and other penalties have a slightly lower effect on move speed
- Dismantling buildings now gives back some of the materials
- Increased the amount of fog men, there's also a rare fog man swarm
- Animals can now bash down your gates, no more raptors hanging around outside
- Slaves are now valued by skills


- Characters now feel the weather.
- Duststorms strongly affect visibility and hearing range, and prevent tracking by smell
- Rain affects visibility and hearing range a small amount
- Certain clothing can protect you from the elements. Goggles are good in dust storms.

Some fine-tuning for stealthy raids:

- NPC hear range is halved when you are indoors and they are not (or vise-versa). Range is halved again if the door is closed
- alarm range is halved, and gets halved again if you are indoors, and then halved again if the buildings door is closed
- stealth knockouts take into account your visibility more, and you can't knockout someone if they are in combat unless they are totally unaware of you
- Tweaked the follow AI for escaping slaves/prisoners so if you make a run for it they will keep up rather than stay behind trying to fight everyone
- guards standing outside of a building will no longer keep the door open
- shopkeepers won't talk to you if you are an enemy


- The construction set now has a "translation mode" for using to translate the dialogue
- Automatically fills out duplicated translation lines (eg if there are 30 different lines that say "ok" then you only need to translate it once instead of 30 times)
- Added translation stats to the construction set
- added back the dialog export function for translations to use poedit


- Overhaul of the the animation blending system, combat animations should blend more smoothly now
- Fixed the holy nation bounty collection
- Fixed a common situation where NPCs wouldn't help defend their teammates if they weren't looking
- Fixed vanishing furniture on import game
- Fixed the main GUI displaying the wrong values for attack and defence skills
- Removed a few things from the Stenn Desert to speed up performance
- Fixed bar characters not spawning
- Fixed some destroyed buildings not appearing in towns
- Fixed randomly black buildings
- Broken turrets fix (couldn't reload)
- Some memory optimisations
- Some small AI tweaks, including a max range to AI weapon looting
- Fix for invisible harpoons
- Fixed turrets to save how many harpoons they have loaded
- Fixed interior not shown when inside a building and paused
- Fixed random black inventory icons
- Fixed characters in character editor showing on top of each other at start.
- Fixed the incorrect damage resistAnce number in the damage floating text when in simple mode
- Fixed stealth arrow markers not turning off
- Stopped player from re-claiming bounties by releasing prisoners
- Fixed a bug that was messing up the combat movement and making everybody bunch up too close
- Fixed some flickery animations and some animation bugs
- Fixed bounties getting deducted instead of awarded
- Fixed a bug with populating towns (mongrel was a victim)
- Fixed AI cores not getting spawned (needs import)
- Fixed NPCs coming into your base to work at your farms
- Fixed the bar squads duplicating when loading a game or returning to an area
- Fixed a particular AI hauling bug
- Fixed the trade window when you talk to a sleeping trader
- Fixed non-player faction relations all being 0 on import
- Tweaked weapon animation selection, mainly to fix the mismatching polearms stance, but also to add variety for specific weapons to use unique stances
- Fixed a bug with some slaves not reacting when you free them
- Reduced xp rate for toughness
- Small bugfix for difficulty of clicking on characters while paused
- a certain fix for AI/pathfinding with walls
- Fixed a problem with npcs sometimes teleporting back on screen after walking off
- Fixed the clouds
- Fix for doors being un-clickable if you jump back and forth between zones
- A fix for NPCs being unable to hurt you when you are disguised as an ally
- Fixed duplicated clothing appearing on hive characters
- Emissive disabled when there's no power to the light
- Added the missing bar to Last Stand
- Stopped battery charge changing when paused
- Fixed a bug when loading a carried character and they drop in a random world position
- Stopped random doors appearing when unloading
- Farm fertility display popup fixed for fertility effect multiplier
- Fixed custom column sorting for filenames
- Fixed up the fogmen AI, some weren't bringing victims back to the nests, and they weren't always doing the worship thing
- Fixed the missing "tied to a pole" animation
- Fixed an important missing dialog option for the construction trader
- Fixed the rain not affecting farm water amount
- Reduced the "too close to town" build limit
- Fixed a bug with the AI sometimes not acknowledging mines as a resource source

Changelog for update 0.95.11 / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 12 January 2017):

- Martial arts damage amount reduced, so that it doesn't skyrocket so early (It was getting powerful too quickly).Also sliiightly higher damage at low levels.
- You can no longer bail out & recruit prisoners that hate you, or ones that are super strong.
- Scorchlander strength changed to 0.9x, accounting for their slightly smaller build
- Added more information to the farm placement tooltip to reduce confusion
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Changelog for 0.95.15 (added 08 March 2017):

- Added an info panel in the FACTIONS screen that shows any contracts with NPCs you have, like for mercenary bodyguards
- Added repeat option to the crafting queue
- Added sleeping bags. You need to buy some of these, they can be used to create camp beds and are re-usable.
- Camp beds now have half the healing rate bonus of normal beds. Healing rate now displayed in the GUI
- Wandering squads should now go shopping and relax at the bar for a while when they arrive in a new town, they also prefer to wait until morning to head out again.
- Number of materials returned when dismantling something now clamped to at least 1, so camp beds are now re-usable
- Added a move speed option to match the speed of your slowest character
- Characters now suffer a skill penalty when working in the darkness, now you actually need lights in your base
- Stolen items can now stack if they are stolen from the same source
- Sometimes abandoned buildings and ruins can have locked doors
- Added tooltip in new game advanced options window and options windows, to explain some of the settings.
- Added a physical item for money


- Fixed a bug where your buildings could get tagged with the wrong town, causing the AI to refuse to work/eat/use things
- Fixed some situations where towns clash, eg if a player builds a huge town, or builds too close to other towns/nests and building ownership can come into conflict
- Fixed map stacking
- Fixed repeated knock-out animation loops when attempting to stealth-KO someone
- Fixed building swaps for buildings in other faction's town.
- Fixed crash dismantling building with mounted buildings. Also added some behavior.
- Fixed dialogue log missing lines sometimes
- Fixed an exploit where you could learn blueprints without buying them


Changelog for 0.95.16 (added 08 March 2017):


- Fixed a major crash
- Actually added some money items to loot to some of the shops and buildings


Changelog for 0.95.17 (added 08 March 2017):

- Couple of stability patches


Changelog for 0.95.18 / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 08 March 2017):

- More stability fixes and small performance improvement
- Fixed global fog blending between biomes
- Reset global weather values (clouds, wetness, dust) when jumping long distances
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Changelog for 0.95.25 / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 04 April 2017):

- Fixed cannibals never eating their captives, now they will eat one periodically, even if the cages aren't all full
- Fixed some missing squads + interiors in cannibal villages
- New map town icons
- Added SFX for picking up and dropping things
- Fixed the weird spark particle effect in combat
- Fixed apostrophes in text randomly appearing as big spaces
- Fixed right click combat sometimes not working
- Fixed crash creating navmesh for unloaded zone
- Fixed crash when dismantling
- Fixed dialogue system "give item" function
- Fixed characters not moving if loaded in group movement mode
- Fixed speedOverride causing npcs to run everywhere
- Overhauled the buy-back function when trading, fixes a few bugs
- Character appearance randomised on new game
- Enabled walking on top of furniture
- Improvements to the tutorials
- Fixed the black sky bug on horrible old graphics cards
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Changelog for 0.95.25 / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 04 April 2017):

- Fixed cannibals never eating their captives, now they will eat one periodically, even if the cages aren't all full
- Fixed some missing squads + interiors in cannibal villages
- New map town icons
- Added SFX for picking up and dropping things
- Fixed the weird spark particle effect in combat
- Fixed apostrophes in text randomly appearing as big spaces
- Fixed right click combat sometimes not working
- Fixed crash creating navmesh for unloaded zone
- Fixed crash when dismantling
- Fixed dialogue system "give item" function
- Fixed characters not moving if loaded in group movement mode
- Fixed speedOverride causing npcs to run everywhere
- Overhauled the buy-back function when trading, fixes a few bugs
- Character appearance randomised on new game
- Enabled walking on top of furniture
- Improvements to the tutorials
- Fixed the black sky bug on horrible old graphics cards
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Changelog for patch 0.95.27 / (Windows) (added 12 April 2017):

- Player town now gets classified based on it's size and significance, which is reflected by the towns map icon and will later affect AI actions
- Slightly improved the weapons and armour for sale in Mongrel, added 2 new recruits there
- Created the foundation systems of world state queries, which will be explained later in a blog post


- Fixed a crash in one of the southern waystations
- Fixed weird case of buildings at outposts/ruins being assigned to nests and not populating the interiors
- Though I couldn't confirm it, I had reports of Stealth skill acting weak when it goes above 100, so I clamped the internal calculations to 100 just to be sure
- Fixed the AI bar squads again
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Changelog for Updates (added 29 May 2017):

- Fix for anyone with fullscreen mode set in their cfg getting broken screen resolution
- gorillos are a bit stronger
- Fixed a case where animals could freeze in combat against someone in defensive mode
- Fixed the inability to path inside the metal warehouse building

- Temporarily disabled true fullscreen mode 'cus it's broken and I don't want new players getting confused

- Borderless window option added to the launcher. True fullscreen mode re-enabled.
- Fixed monitor selection sometimes not working
- Sped up the speed of sawing through shackles (and fixed a crash)
- River raptors in Okrans Pride mainly only spawn from nests now
- Fixed the goat ragdoll
- Removed a debug cheat game-start that was left in by accident

- Fixed the acidentally recruitable ninjas everywhere.  If you got any then you should free them back into the wild.
- Fixed the Y-house roof
- NPCs should now react properly when you free them from a prison
- Fixed the missing Megaraptor
- Fixed prisoners being immediately freed by law enforcers
- Added Shek guards to collect bounties from

- Can loot backpacks on the ground
- Acid damage changed to stun damage to prevent constant AI healing attempts
- Can only put empty backpacks inside other backpacks
- Fixed un-enterable armory in Mongrel
- Fixed placing characters in unbuilt beds and cages
- Fixed Task_UnlockDoor doing nothing for cages
- Fixed characters building nearby stuff without geting out of bed
- Fixed infinite nest population bug
- Player characters only get food from player owned containers
- Fixed dropped items appearing on the floor above in buildings with low ceilings
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Changelogs for updates (added 09 July 2017):

Changelog for 0.96.0
- Added character mouse movement and camera rotation markers (designed to help beginners, disable them in the options if you don’t need them)
- Halved the athletics penalty of samurai armour
- The bread oven is now automated, but cooks at half the speed
- AI must get up before applying first aid
- Fixed arm ragdoll with damage from blocked punches
- Paried punch sound no longer metalic with sparks
- Added loading progress bar
- Fixed a potential rare AI bug with certain gates built on slopes


Changelog for 0.96.1

- Fixed the “show markers” option not being saved properly
- Made the new hideous green markers a little more subtle. Our artist is on holiday, he will fix them up nice when he gets back.


Changelog for 0.96.2

- Construction shops now have blueprints for most of the decorative furniture like tables and carpets
- You can now build a lot closer to ruins
- Placing buildings now has an adjustable slope-matching setting, so you can make more upright buildings
- The disable jobs button now doesn’t disable medical type jobsFIXES
- Fixed a bug that was preventing victims from screaming when they were being eaten alive.
- Fixed furniture sometimes not being buildable above floor 0
- Fixed some talking animals
- Possible fix for escaping fog men tagging you as a criminal


Changelog for 0.96.3

- Animal backpacks now have way more space, making them useful for setting up bases
- Beak things now have meat
- Made cannibals slightly weaker again, added more Beakthings to the Cannibal Plains
- Reduced the penalty for tresspassing
- Crime “Assault” doesn’t override other crimes any more, so its easier to see what you did
- [Jobs] button also no longer skips follow and bodyguard jobs


- EDITOR: Fixed crash opening translations
- Unbuilt (ie still passable) walls no longer make characters bounce over the top, and can be clicked through to select characters etc
- Fixed map items pointing to the wrong towns after import
- Fixed crash on dismantling buildings
- Fixed building audio “cavernous” setting not working right
- Fixed cannibals not properly capturing people if they were drawn out of their home town
- Fixed “He’s in the water” bug when loading a game with ragdolled characters
- Fixed deadcat bar having no inventory
- Fixed the Empire taxman assault triggering when it wasn’t supposed to
- Flipped the default setting for “Invert mouse Y”, because people start the game without checking through the options first and then freak out because the camera is the wrong way around
- Fixed map item inventory sounds


Changelog for 0.96.4

- Hotfix! .3 had a crash
- Added 2 new cannibal raid types
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Changelog for 0.96.5 (added 11 July 2017):

- Characters automatically go to bed if they are wounded and have nothing else to do
- Characters automatically ditch any spare resource items in containers if they have nothing else to do or are stuck with their current job, this should free up some of the jams
- Player characters no longer automatically heal or help allies from other factions

- Fixed some items not spawning in nests
- Fixed some loot items not spawning in nests
- Jobs mode now saves and loads properly
- You no longer get XP for stealing from prisoners
- Turret/light attachment nodes more visible
- Reduced max sloping value of all buildings
- The game now only autosaves once if you leave the game paused for ages
- Fixed AI tolerance for accessing a turret built with the wrong floor ID
- Fixed characters incorrectly falling over on load due to injury
- Fixed a possible startup crash
- Fixed null pointer crash with faction discovery
- Fixed some characters appearing on the floors above
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Changelog for 0.96.26 (added 19 September 2017):

Main features:

- GUI updated if window size changes
- Added font size option slider
- Squad panel drop target hidden to make reordering squads easier

- Added some race-specific foods. Hivers can eat raw and foul meat.
- Animals need to eat now.  You'll need a backpack with food in for them.  You can stop them eating via the AI options.
- Animals will eat food dropped on the ground
- Animals will eat food out of the storages at your home base, if "feed animals" is enabled in the AI options
- Added a special animal feeding barrel.

- Some of the katana attacks now have reduced max-hits per attack, meaning they are less effective against groups. (Mainly the downward combo, but I also increased the power a little, this makes katanas more of a duelists weapon.)
- Hive traders will sometimes visit your base
- Doubled cost of animals
- Shek slaves get their horns cut off
- Lowered the price mark-up on illegal goods in the SW empire towns, the idea is that you only get the huge markups when you travel far east to the new empire regions
- Fixed up the slave shipment chain- slaver caravans gather up slaves and deliver to work camps.  "Freelance" hunters deliver them to the nearest slave shop.
- Mounted turrets and lights repositioned when parent building is upgraded
- Splinting now splints over blunt damage as well
- Splinting can also apply to non-limbs, to help counter work quality penalties when crafting etc.
- You now get back slightly more materials when you dismantle buildings, and the number has been added to the FCS global settings
- Bodies don't disappear so fast when being eaten by spiders
- Corpse flies sound integrated
- Wind generator sound intensity based on rotation speed
- Altered the player AI to choose nicer beds to sleep in
- Unique NPCs that escape captivity can now travel all the way back home to resume their lives
- Artifact distribution has been tweaked, there should be less of a shortage of AI cores and science books
- Updated translation base data
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Changelog for update 0.96.27 (added 10 October 2017):

- Slightly reduced upper tier heavy armour resistance, to make the top tiers less overpowered
- Regenerated world navmesh to speed up zone loading times
- Improved navmesh splicing (whatever that means)
- Changed physics xml and bin files to use Ogre resource manager
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Changelog for Update 0.98.23 (added 07 May 2018):

- Portugese translation added
- Japanese translation added

- when a limb goes below -100 damage, that limb gets amputated
- lost legs means you have to crawl on the floor
- Legs damaged past your KO point also makes you crawl on the floor, until they are bandaged.
- robot limbs can be added or removed at a Skeleton Bed
- robot limbs will affect your stats in various ways
- If you are crawling around on the floor you can still fight really badly as long as you have at least 1 arm.
- Your amputated limb goes flying through the air. Dogs will run off with it.
- If your pet dog finds a limb he'll get all defensive and keep running away with it until he finally eats it. Only happens with young dogs, so don't worry he will grow out of it eventually.
- Limb loss can be reduced or disabled in the options

- Crossbow shops dotted around the world
- You need ammo too
- Crossbows and ammo can be crafted in your base
- Storages for crossbow parts and ammo

- Blooooood!
- Blood gets sprayed on the ground
- People get covered in blood
- Blood pools grow around people who are bleeding out
- Crawling and bleeding people leave a bloody slug trail behind them. So fun.

- Added various Hive world state reactions throughout the map if anything happens to the Hive queens
- 18 new beards and 17 new hairs added to the game. Credit goes to Arkhiel for generously donating them.
- 1 new male & 1 new female face
- New hand-painted inventory item icons. Credit goes to Diogo Santos for making them.
- Some roaming bandit squads will assault your base and attempt to capture it. If they win they will throw you out and live there themselves, use your stuff, eat all your food. You will have to remove them by force to get your base back.
- HOLD button replaces the PASSIVE button. This puts characters into "hold position" mode. Stops your characters running off to fight, but now they still fight anything that comes in range. You can use this to position melee guys tactically, to protect your bow units for example, or guard a doorway. Also still serves its original purpose of keeping your weak workers away from combat.
- When playing dead, you can switch to stealth mode and crawl around on the ground giving your buddies first aid or trying to escape without getting noticed
- The travel shops now sell tent blueprints. These can protect you from acid rain when you are camping.
- Slavers and Traders guilds have near 0 relations multiplier, so fighting them causes less relations loss but they assign bounties to you instead
- Swearing filter is now removed from the game, but is still available in the options
- Hivers now have proper face morphs for the character editor, they can have more variety now, go and give all your hivers plastic surgery cus they're funny
- When placing buildings, ramps can automatically change to the correct building for the snap target
- Bandits now loot more food and take meat from downed animals, meaning they will eat your dog.
- Idle characters now sit around on chairs in your home base. Looks nice, and is a handy way to keep track of who's idle.
- Using training equipment can now be set as a perma-job
- Confirmation message added for when selling stolen items, to prevent accidents
- New keybinds added for stuff in the "orders" panel
- "Perception" stat added, affects accuracy with shooting in general
- "Precision shooting" stat added, affects friendly fire chance
- "Lockpicking" stat added, separated now from the "Thievery" stat, which now just covers stealing. This means that all your characters don't end up inadvertently becoming specialised thieves as a result of escaping cages.
- Thievery stat XP rate is doubled to compensate for the stat division. Lockpicking rate is the same.
- "Crossbow smithing" stat added for crafting bows and ammo

- A new AI sensory system change means that your squad now has to rely on line of sight, which should hopefully stop them running off over the hills to fight enemies
- The Fog Islands have better natural resources, so it's now a nice place to build. It's lovely, you should move there.
- You now get a combat XP bonus when a character fights outnumbered
- Disguises don't count as disguises unless they reach over 40%
- Skimmers are less edible
- The "strong" new recruits are now weaker, because thats the spirit of the game.
- Chance of death default increased 20%. You guys aren't dying enough.
- You can now camp indoors in old buildings and ruins
- Overall toughness XP rate reduced by 28%
- Campfire is now automatic cooking
- Animals age 2x slower
- Robots and robotic limb damage is now healed instantly, but wear damage rate has been doubled, and first aid speed is 0.33x slower
- Added Thievery Training box and a tier 3 lockpick training box. You need awkward materials to build them though
- Animals stats are now reduced to 25% when you buy one. This is because animals grew into high stats by default, so they were overpowered because those high stats weren't earned through combat, just time. Now they have to be trained up like everybody else. This doesn't apply to strength and dex, so they still get big and strong naturally without training, just the skills need to be trained.SMALL THINGS
- Added some improvements to prevent campaigns blaming you when they are defeated by a 3rd party on the way to your base
- Made some adjustments to prevent passing bandit squads from constantly assaulting your town, though it still should happen often, it shouldn't be so relentless now. Need your feedback for further adjustments.
- Added a rain collector building
- You can no longer attempt to pick locks that are beyond your skill level (if it's less than 5% success chance
- Lowered the lock lvl of ancient safes to compensate for the lockpick limits. Regular safes are still the same though
- Attack can now be shift-clicked to make a permanent-job, which basically puts the character into an "attack enemies on sight" mode
- Characters will now pickup items they need from the floor eg to find building materials or to fill a storage box
- Wall termites- A check to see if you've sealed up your town with walls and no gates, it will destroy some of your walls (to prevent a lot of bugs that would happen, and because it's cheating)
- Added extra attack slots to large creatures so they can be hit by more attackers at once
- Tweaked the AI senses, you should be able to fight large outpost towers 1 floor at a time, more or less, instead of being mobbed by the whole tower
- NPCs relying on dialog events to attack you are now more alert because they can be triggered by sound
- Rebalanced AI vision ranges. If the NPC is in the light and you are standing in darkness, he can't see you. If he's in the darkness and you're in the light, you can be seen a mile away. If you are both in the darkness you can be seen, but only if you are kind of close.
- You can now use the beds in ruins and bandit hideouts

- Weapons and armour are now almost quarter of the price. I think they were so expensive I never bought anything, just looted and stole, missing out on the joys of shopping.
- Beefed up Armour King's security, because you guys shouldn't steal from him, the best armourer in the world, you should experience the joys of shopping.
- Gear loot sell price penalty reduced a little to compensate for the cheaper prices
- As a result of all the above, crafting gear is not so insanely profitable and riches are generally harder to come by
- Animal skin is worth 8x more money, and makes 4x more leather. Hemp worth 2x more.
- The prices of food have gone up 10% (because of Brexit)
- Shops close 2hrs later
- Stopped nearby towns having vastly different trade markups, trade profit margins are more distance based
- Improved the shops available in the great desert area
- Armour blueprints 50% more expensive
- Chainmail sheets are less profitable
- Beak Thing nests have more eggs, raiding them should be a profitable adventure
high rated
Changelog for Update 0.98.24 (added 15 May 2018):

- Cost to buy buildings in towns has doubled
- Characters with damaged robot limbs won't keep trying to sleep it off
- Enabled stealing from prisoners, no thievery XP gains
- Fixed an AI bug preventing the Medic job from automatically healing NPC allies (eg hired mercs, fellow escapees)
- Import now has the option to import the unique NPC states, eg if you've killed phoenix, he will still be dead when you import your game
- Fixed characters getting Toughness XP when getting picked up
- Fixed Toughness damage resistance not being applied to armour's "cut to stun" damage
- Toughness damage resistance is now also applied to pierce damage
- Disabled putting items in dead animals
- Fixed raid announcement dialogs repeating
- Additional power requirement added to building upgrade tooltip
- A rare crashfix and some minor AI fixes

Changelog for Update 0.98.25 (added 15 May 2018):

- Hunger rate now varies with activity:
- Running around while encumbered or fighting with very heavy weapons will make you get hungry faster
- Working at mines will make you get hungry faster
- Sitting around will make you use less enery and get hungry slower
- Added options sliders to adjust frequency and size of base attacks and AI campaigns
- Toughness XP gain rate reduced by a third, setting added in FCS
- You now get some toughness XP when you lose a limb
- Fixed dead people screaming
- Fixed a bug where an NPC you did a crime to could magically see you afterwards even if you hid
- Fixed animals not eating foul meat from animal feeder
- Fixed NPCs getting stuck confiscating weapons if nothing to take
- Fixed slavers re-capturing slaves after you buy them
- Stopped mouse buttons 4 and 5 acting as left mouse button
- Fixed AI getting food from storage in NPC towns
- Fixed a crash

Changelog for Update 0.98.26 (added 15 May 2018):

- Added a target distance influence to the "protect allies" AI
- Police no longer take your weapons when you are arrested (unless they were stolen)
- Police only confiscate stolen items if they are recently stolen, and not stolen from a bandit
- Fixed another AI problem where escaped slaves and prisoners could be "magically" spotted by police
- Fixed hostile campaigns not looting food
- Fixed AI stealing building materials from towns
- Fixed player AI not auto-using beds
- Fixed player idle AI all trying to sit in the same chair
- Fixed player characters trying to sleep in NPC beds
- Fixed characters attacking police when released from prison if in HOLD mode
- Fixed items disappearing from animal inventory if right clicked when your inventory is full
- Fixed characters not attacking when ordered
- Fixed another termites bug
- Character sleeping position not affected by character height
- Fixed shackles display bug on single robot legs
- Fixed crossbow range, dodge, and hunger rate tooltips
- Stopped animals patrolling towns from going indoors
- German translation updated

Changelog for Update 0.98.27 (added 15 May 2018):

- Crossbow damage increased by around 20%
- Crossbows now affected by the global combat damage multiplier
- Crossbow global damage multipliers added to FCS
- When you select a character who is being carried by another player character, you will give orders to the carrier instead
- Shop guards don't track your position when they can't see or hear you, they go by your last known position
- Fixed a freeze when you press CONFIRM in the character editor that increases in size based on how long you spent on your character, if blood was enabled
- Severed limbs on the ground disappear after 24 hours
- Fixed ally campaigns, where allied factions came to support you against a common enemy campaign but left too soon
- Fixed the import with "NPC states" causing previously encountered living NPCs to be missing (requires re-import to fix)
high rated
Changelog for Update 0.98.28 (added 06 June 2018):

- Tuned some of the stat penalties, ranged stats should get less severe penalties for injuries and hunger, friendly fire should be less of a problem
- Added a crossbow storage locker
- Fixed an AI bug with engineers collecting resources from the ground
- Fixed the "forage animals" AI job
- Fixed the AI bug with the crossbow parts storage box
- Rebalanced ore mines (drill was slower than the manual rocks)
- Fixed characters dropping their carried allies/prisoners to go and have a sit down
- Characters in offscreen update mode stop and switch modes at screen edges (fixes suddenly appearing onscreen, which looks like teleporting/spawning)
- Fixed patrolling characters going into some buildings when they shouldn't
- A few rare pathing fixes
- A rare crash fix
- Spanish translation updated (65% complete)

Changelog for Update 0.98.29 (added 06 June 2018):

- Crossbow crafting playtested and fine tuned
- Moved crossbow parts and spring stell crafting to the arrow bench
- Fixed more the AI for crossbow crafting
- Fixed the predicted quality GUI for crossbow crafting
- Fixed crossbow crafting using wrong ingredients and wrong rates
- Added some acid resistance to the chain hoods
- Fixed mouseover in character stats panel
- Fixed characters teleporting to different floors when exiting beds and cages
- Player cage default action is no longer PICK_LOCK