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I have been trying to install this mod, http : // www. shsforums . net / files / file / 961-iispellsystemadjustments /
which i have been led to believe is compatible with icewind dale enhanced edition, in order to reduce tedious resting in the early game. I am encountering an error: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in dialog.tlk. I am on windows 10 and installed the game using GOG Galaxy if those things are factors.

I assume the game directory i am supposed to run the file in is C : \ Program Files (x86) \ GOG Galaxy \ Games \ Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, though if this is incorrect I would be glad to be told in order to fix the problem. Likewise, if there is some unlisted prerequisite I am missing that would be useful information.
Looks like SHSForums is dead. All links in the OP are gone.


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