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Get Legend of Grimrock, Wizardry 6+7 and 8, System Shock 2, Arcanum, and many other brilliant RPGs 60% off!
There's no other gaming genre like role-playing to keep you entertained during the long, rainy September days. By the click of a button you can transfer yourself far away from the mundane world filled with dark clouds, mud, and people coughing on you in the streets. Fall can be a marvelous season, sure, but without the Sun, it's pretty horrid. We want to offer you a way out, that's why we've prepared a [url=]September RPG Special, an offer that lets you pick a new RPG obsession 60% off. Let's take a look at the goods, shall we?
Let's start with the one that is most likely to keep you up long in the night. Legend of Grimrock reaches to the roots of the dungeon crawler genre to deliver an experience that you longed for all these years after finishing Eye of The Beholder and Dungeon Master games. Create a party of unfortunate souls tossed into the grim depths of the Grimrock dungeon, and find out just how much truth is there in the legends saying that one simply cannot escape from it. In this classic, first person perspective RPG, drawing a well-documented map on a pad of paper is just as essential for your survival as swords, sorcery, and a keen eye to spot secret buttons. Now, only $5.99!
<iframe width="590" height="332" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge came in 1990 setting some standards for what we call a challenging and complex dungeon crawler. Then, in 1992, it was followed by Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant which brought in even more depth and diversity into the already epic setting. Nine years later, the story was concluded with Wizardry 8, that successfully bridged the gap between what we call old-time and modern RPG gameplay. The trilogy as a whole, takes 500 hours to beat at the average and remains a shiny example of how epic a computer game can get. Be warned: this isn't your casual role-playing. If you think you're prepared for a real hardcore challenge, you're only $6.38 away from the complete Dark Savant saga!
That's only a small sample of the RPG goodness we've prepared for you today. Head out to the September RPG Special promo page, and browse all 18 fantastic titles you can spirit away 60% off. The promo lasts until Tuesday, September 24, at 3:59AM GMT, so don't miss out!
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ktchong: What was the last game given out by GOG?
ktchong: What was the last game given out by GOG?
Stargunner, last week I believe.
Andanzas: Why don't you mention the name of those games? Is it a secret? :p
joppo: Well, it's a bit embarrassing to admit I'm going to play Baldur's Gate for the first time...

Actually, I didn't state them just because the facts would still be the same regardless of which games I was talking about. But if you insist, I finished Grimrock (plus one somewhat decent mod), got bored grinding on Septerra Core and my computer screwed me out of Gothic. (Luckily I wasn't very far into the game. Still gotta start that again now that I have a new HD, tho.) Also I wasn't eager to tell that I do not own SS2.

And as shocking as it is, that line about BG is true. Is that enough?
I have never beaten BG (got bored before reaching the end). I didn't finish PS:T either (because of a hardware problem when I was very close to the end). I don'w own SS2. I haven't played Gothic (and I don't plan to, although I love RPGs). And I have never owned a console, so I haven't played most of Nintendo games or other console exclusives.

And I don't feel embarrassed at all. So, no, it's not enough. Keep going. :D
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How does Two Worlds 1 compare to Gothic 2? The art design in Two Worlds looks more appealing to me than Gothic 2.

...and even though I have a huge backlog I'm considering impulsively purchasing either Two Worlds or Gothic 2.

I understanding Beyond Divinity is widely considered inferior and probably not worth grabbing when there are so many alternatives.

So far I nabbed:
Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption
Divine Divinity
Arcanum (to "replace" my physical box from initial release)
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Damn, this pack only reminds me I never got Divine Divinity with my preorder of Dragon Commander.
Gonna grab System Shock 2, though.
mistermumbles: *stares at Wizardry* ... *Wizardry stares back* ... I still don't have the time, damn you! =P

carnival73: Just asking - there's been a few GOG games that went immediately in the dumper because you could not enlarge the window more than size of a Nintendo DS screen Wiz 6 & 7 were two of them.
mistermumbles: Well, that's not true. It's just that DOSBox just doesn't want to let you scale the window via your cursor. You still can change the window size though by manually editing a games DB config file. Usually it'll say 'windowresolution=original'. All you have to do is plug in your desired resolution in the 'original' slot and voila! No more teeny, tiny window! Though it might take a little experimentation on what works best for you.

The same holds true for all the other DOSBox games available here.
Yeah, apparently the fix was discovered awhile after I first started bitching about it on release. Search for me in the Wizardy forum and you should see an old thread I posted in there about 6 & 7 (not to be confused with the one I made recently for 8) - the thread may still have no replies.
So, you likes RPGs, kids? Here's a shameless plug for a very good old Rogue-like that deserves WAAAAAY more attention than its gotten over the years!
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ktchong: What was the last game given out by GOG?
Shaolin_sKunk: Stargunner, last week I believe.
No, thats actually just a normal free game, not a free gog giveaway (like torchlight)
Shameless System Shock 2 Video Review plug:

Seriously, if you haven't played System Shock 2, buy it now! Like RIGHT NOW! It's great, I love it.
undeadcow: How does Two Worlds 1 compare to Gothic 2? The art design in Two Worlds looks more appealing to me than Gothic 2.
They're quite different.

Two Worlds is easier to pick up and play. The controls are conventional, and melee fighting boils down to pressing the attack button until your enemy looks like he might hit back, then press the jump-out-of-the-way button. The only time things get tricky, I find, if when there are archers nearby to harass you as you fight others.

The world is vast and quite pretty. The creature population is fairly varied, but you won't feel that way after fighting your 500th wolf. The human population is fairly large, but most of these are filler characters that don't do anything interesting. They are named carelessly. I found a man named Poz Heim dead to boars outside a village. I them found two other Poz Heims alive and well in other cities. There are many, many, merchants and items, but none are particularly special as all are randomly placed and one is incrementally different from the next. After playing Two Worlds most of the way through, I can remember very few NPCs, as they typically offer bland singular quests with little backstory. There are a few notable exceptions: The members of one faction tend to trick you into doing surprisingly horrible things, which I found unique and interesting. The game is a romp, and quite fun to bash through, but I never felt involved. The voice acting is roundly criticized, but I it made me happy. I grin like an idiot every time I level up and my character blurts out, "I am the best."

Gothic II requires effort to master the quirky keyboard controls. Melee fighting is initially fairly difficult, but soon becomes satisfying. You can train up your melee level with noticeable effects in how you handle a weapon. Attacks become faster, less clunky, and easier to chain. Expect many duels with NPCs. They are a pleasure to beat as they are convincingly obnoxious. Different weapons really affect how you battle, I find. A slightly longer weapon can make short work of enemies that once gave you trouble.

The world is large and carefully crafted. One significant quest made the world feel truly enormous, and then I discovered that I walked the periphery of much of the map, and wound up near where I'd started. Items and enemies are well-placed. If you find a rotting chest behind a gravestone in the depths of some spooky and almost inaccessible woodland, it will contain something of interest, not randomly-generated bullshit. You won't come by excellent weapons easily, so when you find something as mundane as a longsword you'll be excited. (In Two Worlds you'll find at least 100 swords in the first 2 hours, and you won't give a damn about any of 'em.) New armor is very significant and only happens a few times during the game.

The characters are gritty and interesting. I can remember most of them. Even the mindless gossip overheard in town is very fitting. The game begins with a lecture by a wizard, and this is quite campy. The rest is great, however. Quests vary in difficulty and don't hold your hand. There are three factions to choose between, and the quests and story vary for each.

I loved Gothic I and II, and I've been looking for the like ever since. From what I've read, people (understandably) sometimes grow frustrated by the controls, so perhaps try a demo if you can find one. Though dated, I'd play Gothic I first, and ideally, play II without the Night of the Raven expansion. It's an enjoyable expansion and fairly-well integrated, but I think the original Gothic II stands better as a cohesive and convincing story/world, at least on the first playthrough.
Good package. Divinity and Eschalon recommended.
grimwerk: They are named carelessly. I found a man named Poz Heim dead to boars outside a village. I them found two other Poz Heims alive and well in other cities.
You know, this is one of the things I do not mind, and I never understood why NPC in games have to have original names. To me a world is more believable if this is not the case. Just imagine how many John Smith's or Kate Tailor's are running around out there, and I see no reason why this should also not apply to a game world.
So I've been contemplating which game I should get as System Shock 2 is the only game I own on this sale, I'm really thinking about getting Gothic 2 as I've never played it before and after watching some gameplay I really want to try it out. I'm only getting one game in this sale and while the Divinity games and Vampire are on my wishlist as well Gothic 2 seems to be the one to get!

I only started buying GOG games last week (unless having the disc based Witcher and free games given in the past count) and I already feel like I've gotten so much! These sales are great!
Haven't played any of the Gothic games myself, but I AM currently playing Divine Divinity and enjoying it a great deal - but go with your gut.

...and welcome to GOG!
Sachys: Haven't played any of the Gothic games myself, but I AM currently playing Divine Divinity and enjoying it a great deal - but go with your gut.

...and welcome to GOG!
I definitely plan on getting to the Divinity games eventually! I'm sure they will be another great sale with them. :)

Thanks for the welcome! I've lurked somewhat every once and a while but I didn't want to post until I bought some actual games and not freebies lol, thats when I figured I could "officially" be part of the community. ;)