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Get Legend of Grimrock, Wizardry 6+7 and 8, System Shock 2, Arcanum, and many other brilliant RPGs 60% off!
There's no other gaming genre like role-playing to keep you entertained during the long, rainy September days. By the click of a button you can transfer yourself far away from the mundane world filled with dark clouds, mud, and people coughing on you in the streets. Fall can be a marvelous season, sure, but without the Sun, it's pretty horrid. We want to offer you a way out, that's why we've prepared a [url=]September RPG Special, an offer that lets you pick a new RPG obsession 60% off. Let's take a look at the goods, shall we?
Let's start with the one that is most likely to keep you up long in the night. Legend of Grimrock reaches to the roots of the dungeon crawler genre to deliver an experience that you longed for all these years after finishing Eye of The Beholder and Dungeon Master games. Create a party of unfortunate souls tossed into the grim depths of the Grimrock dungeon, and find out just how much truth is there in the legends saying that one simply cannot escape from it. In this classic, first person perspective RPG, drawing a well-documented map on a pad of paper is just as essential for your survival as swords, sorcery, and a keen eye to spot secret buttons. Now, only $5.99!
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Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge came in 1990 setting some standards for what we call a challenging and complex dungeon crawler. Then, in 1992, it was followed by Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant which brought in even more depth and diversity into the already epic setting. Nine years later, the story was concluded with Wizardry 8, that successfully bridged the gap between what we call old-time and modern RPG gameplay. The trilogy as a whole, takes 500 hours to beat at the average and remains a shiny example of how epic a computer game can get. Be warned: this isn't your casual role-playing. If you think you're prepared for a real hardcore challenge, you're only $6.38 away from the complete Dark Savant saga!
That's only a small sample of the RPG goodness we've prepared for you today. Head out to the September RPG Special promo page, and browse all 18 fantastic titles you can spirit away 60% off. The promo lasts until Tuesday, September 24, at 3:59AM GMT, so don't miss out!
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Huh. Just as I was starting a playthrough of Baldur's Gate. Fortunately I'm still just within my month's quarantine against buying any new games after getting Expeditions: Conquistador, so don't feel the need to buy anything.
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Nice, I own all the titles in this promo. Which is a great one by the way. RPGs for everyone.
XYCat: How's the divinity series? It looks a lot like diablo and i'm not much of a fan of this kind of games.
Divine Divinity looks an action-RPG but isn't, is more like Baldur's Gate or other classic isometric RPGs
gandalf.nho: Divine Divinity looks an action-RPG but isn't, is more like Baldur's Gate or other classic isometric RPGs
Ehhh, DD is a pretty good game, but it's undoubtedly an an action-RPG. You control a single-character with no party, and and you must repeatedly click to attack (no auto-attack), the actual combat is pure Diablo 2. The difference is that Divine Divinity has proper dialogue and quest system, and it has larger "hub" maps for quests.
Andanzas: If you don't have the time to play them, then you can safely skip the first one. :p
Too bad GOG doesn't sell free time to go with their games ;-) Although, I think it's on the community wishlist. They've marked it as In Progress, as I recall. More Time - A Wish In Progress
Walen: It depends. If you want to get all the plot references you should probably start with Gothic1. They are not crucial to understand later installments but RPGs for me are about immersion and such details make quite a big part of it. If you care about a more polished gameplay I'd recommend starting with Gothic2. After all I played G1 till the end only once but finished G2 a few and replayed it multiple times. One of the best series ever, sadly not very widely known.
Ah, a dedicated fan, hmm? Always nice to see! I'm still sort of on the fence about this series, though. I love RPGs with a passion, I'm sure I'd come to love Gothic as well, but I might just hold out and see if the entire series gets a promo this winter. So many games are waiting in my backlog queue, it will be at least that long before I'd be able to play them anyway. ;-) And thanks for your help!
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Great promo. Two games are on my wishlist but I have to skip buying them (for te second time). Next time..
These RPG should have been in this special:

- The Bard's Tale (already own it at Steam, so I would not buy it again on GOG unless it's dirt cheap)

- Expeditions: Conquistador

- Jade Empire (already own it as well, on Steam as well as the physical boxed version)

And then I could have checked off all the RPG on my wishlist.
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Greta promo :)
Luckily for me, though, I already have all the RPG I wanted.

And thank you for the Flight of the Amazon Queen!
Well, I own them all, except for Vampire...and it doesn't interest me. Guess I get to save some money this weekend.
So, why is the first Gothic not in this promo and would I be missing anything if I started on the second one having never played the series?
Nvm read up thread and see someone already answered my question. Will start with G2.
Buenro-games: Edit: I do own G3: Forsaken Gods and haven't even installed it yet but that is why I prefer the escalating promotions. I think it was the entire Gothic series at 85%, so the game was a buck fifty. Just shrugged it off and completed the series.
If it ever gets that cheap again maybe I'll buy it. Maybe.

darkplanetar: G3: Forsaken Gods is made by some Indian company when the francize was still with joewood - not worth playing

Thank you gog for the promotion:
I got Gothic 2 + Gothic 3 and finally Legend of Grimrock :happy:
As I said, I know that, but I just thought maybe there's someone out there with tastes so obscure they might've liked the game and would recommend it :D
joppo: I have 8 games from this promo, but I only finished one and started (and had to abandon) another two. Not to mention all the several other RPGs I have untouched.

On a happy note I just dl'd one RPG that I'll play from tomorrow onwards.
Andanzas: Why don't you mention the name of those games? Is it a secret? :p
Well, it's a bit embarrassing to admit I'm going to play Baldur's Gate for the first time...

Actually, I didn't state them just because the facts would still be the same regardless of which games I was talking about. But if you insist, I finished Grimrock (plus one somewhat decent mod), got bored grinding on Septerra Core and my computer screwed me out of Gothic. (Luckily I wasn't very far into the game. Still gotta start that again now that I have a new HD, tho.) Also I wasn't eager to tell that I do not own SS2.

And as shocking as it is, that line about BG is true. Is that enough?
SpiderFighter: Just in case it's a deal breaker for some, I just want to point out that you don't need to draw your own map in Legend of Grimrock. There is an automap mode (old school mode, without the automap, is completely optional).
Indeed, there is the automap. I wonder what G-Doc was thinking when he wrote that?

Bolded that part for you, just to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed.
What was the last game given out by GOG?