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Get Legend of Grimrock, Wizardry 6+7 and 8, System Shock 2, Arcanum, and many other brilliant RPGs 60% off!
There's no other gaming genre like role-playing to keep you entertained during the long, rainy September days. By the click of a button you can transfer yourself far away from the mundane world filled with dark clouds, mud, and people coughing on you in the streets. Fall can be a marvelous season, sure, but without the Sun, it's pretty horrid. We want to offer you a way out, that's why we've prepared a [url=]September RPG Special, an offer that lets you pick a new RPG obsession 60% off. Let's take a look at the goods, shall we?
Let's start with the one that is most likely to keep you up long in the night. Legend of Grimrock reaches to the roots of the dungeon crawler genre to deliver an experience that you longed for all these years after finishing Eye of The Beholder and Dungeon Master games. Create a party of unfortunate souls tossed into the grim depths of the Grimrock dungeon, and find out just how much truth is there in the legends saying that one simply cannot escape from it. In this classic, first person perspective RPG, drawing a well-documented map on a pad of paper is just as essential for your survival as swords, sorcery, and a keen eye to spot secret buttons. Now, only $5.99!
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Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge came in 1990 setting some standards for what we call a challenging and complex dungeon crawler. Then, in 1992, it was followed by Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant which brought in even more depth and diversity into the already epic setting. Nine years later, the story was concluded with Wizardry 8, that successfully bridged the gap between what we call old-time and modern RPG gameplay. The trilogy as a whole, takes 500 hours to beat at the average and remains a shiny example of how epic a computer game can get. Be warned: this isn't your casual role-playing. If you think you're prepared for a real hardcore challenge, you're only $6.38 away from the complete Dark Savant saga!
That's only a small sample of the RPG goodness we've prepared for you today. Head out to the September RPG Special promo page, and browse all 18 fantastic titles you can spirit away 60% off. The promo lasts until Tuesday, September 24, at 3:59AM GMT, so don't miss out!
Post edited September 20, 2013 by G-Doc
"you already have most of these games; now it's time to play them, so do it already!" :D
OOh if only i'd could get wizardry 8. to finish up after 6+7. Then again so should 1/5 be here.
Kunovski: "you already have most of these games; now it's time to play them, so do it already!" :D
Lucky you! :p
Great, only 4 games left and those i have on disc :p
Ahh I see, this is a plot to make me buy Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods

You won't trick me that easily
And it's no, nay, never,
No nay never no more,
Will I buy RPG game
No never no more!

Ok, just kidding, I will buy some RPGs anyway, but not before finishing at least 10 RPGs from my backlog ;)
I'm willing to trade one of: Outcast, Master of Magic or Master of Orion 1+2.
for Arcanum.

And I think I should probably buy those Gothic games :).
A promo where almost everything is a must-buy. Nice :D
Nice little promo GOG. Finally grabbed Divine Divinity & Beyond Divinity (already own them on disk.)
Great selection

Great promo
oh nooes or is that oh yessses, I own all here already.

Now all I need is a clone or two. Someone to partake in those essential life things giving me time to game.
I have 8 games from this promo, but I only finished one and started (and had to abandon) another two. Not to mention all the several other RPGs I have untouched.

I don't think I need this promo.. unless there was a prize for indiscriminate growth of my backlog. :)

On a happy note I just dl'd one RPG that I'll play from tomorrow onwards.

Edit: but those who can should take advantage of the promo. There are great games there after all.
Post edited September 20, 2013 by joppo
Hello, wholesome RPG goodness.
Only ones I'm missing I have elsewhere (humble, steam) or on disc (beyond divinity). Might go for Beyond Divinity anyway...