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A true role-playing platformer experience that will unleash your inner munchkin.

Unepic, an awesome RPG/platformer full of loot, monsters, dungeons, and lots of nerd culture-based humor showing just how fun tabletop role-playing might get, is available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for the first week.

Daniel was one of those guys, who will argue with everyone for a chance to re-roll their character's stats. He would secretly add "+1"s to his equipment sheet when nobody was looking. Sometimes, he would "accidentally" knock down a cup of Slurpee on the table just to rearrange the characters setting on the map. And, boy, was he good at it! Maybe he had superior stealth stats and no one ever noticed his meddling, or maybe everyone thought that arguing with "that guy" was pointless. The important thing was: Daniel rocked tabletop role-playing. At least in his own opinion. But then, one dark night, as he left the table only for a moment, he was transported into a dark and ominous castle taken straight from a Game Master's most sadistic dream. Daniel would have to muster all of his skills and tricks to handle this ordeal. But, after all, he WAS the ultimate munchkin!

Unepic is a exploration and loot-based fantasy platformer that in its core is the ultimate tribute to pen-and-paper role-playing and nerdom. The number of times the game winks at fantasy gaming fans, TV show followers, bookworms, and gamers is simply uncountable. You will explore a huge set of dangerous stages with varied environments, vast selection of monsters, and even more incredible equipment to find and utilize against your foes. The version even comes with some exclusive items, unavailable anywhere else!

If the way of the munchkin is your preferred approach to tabletop RPGs, if you appreciate nerd-culture references, if you love loot above everything else, it's time for you to start exploring the realm of Unepic, for only $4.99 on! The launch offer lasts until Tuesday, May 28, at 9:59AM GMT.
lugum: but thats 1.44, not 1.45 ;)
Yes, but that's the latest version we have at the moment :) Once we get the latest version we'll update it :)
Hmm bit weird.
When you look at next to the download bar of the unepic site it says:
Current version: 1.43.10
When you check the log it says v 1.44.07 (latest version)
So according to jpax there is a 1.45 too? or is he mistaking with 1.44?