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Geometric Nirvana

Super Hexagon, a highly addictive, trance-inducing zen exercise in channeling your brain into your fingertips is available for $2.99.

Geometric shapes in neon-like colors. Six one-minute stages. Only two control inputs. One tiny arrow. All adds up to one of the most infectious, rewarding, and challenging gaming experiences you will ever know. Don't get me wrong - you will get frustrated, you will lose, time and time again your tiny cursor will get crushed by the glowing barrier. And somehow you will keep playing, hammering away at the keyboard with reckless abandon, all in hope for your nirvana, exhilarated with every additional second by which you have beaten previous personal best. Welcome to the brutal world of Super Hexagon.

The game is a masterful, minimalist blend of fast-paced action, pulsating geometric visuals, and chiptune bliss courtesy of Chipzel. The elegant, simplistic design allows the gamer to merge mind with muscle, and get to the bottom of the incredible relationship between a nerve impulse and physical reaction. Ultimately it's you against your reflexes, striving to overcome the lag between a twitch in your brain and a twitch in your trigger finger.
Train your brain, perfect your reflexes, never blink. Experience Terry Cavanagh's sublime masterpiece Super Hexagon for only $2.99, DRM-free on
Post edited November 14, 2013 by TheEnigmaticT
Slow but AWESOME