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Nibbling at time itself.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter, a very challenging, but nonetheless adorable puzzle-platformer with a cool telekinetic twist that lets you stop time and remotely manipulate the objects around you, is available on, for only $9.99.

[url=][/url]Do you like to take your platformers with extra challenge, crafty puzzles, sleek graphics, and adorable characters? Ethan: Meteor Hunter has you covered! Ethan is but a small mouse, but his special powers are nothing short of exceptional. The little guy can pause time and remotely manipulate the objects around him. That gives him at least some chance against all the devious traps this fantastic puzzle platformer's 50 levels are filled with. You can approach the game in many different ways, simply finding the easiest way to complete each stage, trying to collect all the pick-ups, or aiming at the smallest number of telekinetic manipulations needed to get through a level. That allows each player to find the level of challenge he feels best with, in this masterfully crafted game of reflexes and wits.

Guide one exceptional mouse through many dangerous ordeals and find out how telekinesis and time manipulation affect the gameplay of a platformer in Ethan: Meteor Hunter, for only $9.99 on
Probably a good game. Don't personally care about it.
Melhelix: That is one seriously multilingual game. 18 languages? Wow.
JudasIscariot: I love it when we have that many languages to display :)
Perhaps some day in the far future we'll be able to see most games on GOG with dozens of languages, as that would be great for many who just can't play due to language barriers.

Very few games here have Asian language support, but I notice some do have Chinese and Japanese (just not many). Here's hoping to a language filled future for people around the world! (and maybe a Linux one too for those folks who prefer it).
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Looks good, but I'm holding out until a few users have reviewed it...
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tapeworm00: If your point is that there's too many platformers, well, there's like 80 RPGs and like 100 strategy games in the catalogue, and no one complains about that.
real.geizterfahr: Well... They were released within a period of 5 years. Those indie platfomers on the other hand...

That's not only a phenomenon on GOG forums. Just type "why are all indie" into google and have a look what google suggests: "why are all indie games platformers". Some people are getting really tired of all those "unique" and "innovative" indie platformers. Because as unique and innovative every single platformer is: it is just another indie platformer.

I don't mind. We probably have the choice between more indie platformers or nothing (vote for nothing!)... I just don't get overly excited when I see the weekly platformer release (I know that I'm exaggerating) and I understand everyone who starts to hate those games.
I now understand where you're coming from, and I think I can see how these releases could be seen as tiresome. However, I still believe that some people take this, um, 'tiresomeness' to an extreme, in the sense that it doesn't take much thought to contextualize this platformer abundance as one more moment in the history of PC gaming. Like I said, there's many other games around, both new and classic, to satisfy whatever demand for non-platformers people might have while the fad or the moment runs its course.

So I wouldn't say it's "platformers or nothing", I think, if you consider GOG is a business open to the current indie scene, it's about the building of a catalog that aims to be a counterpoint to both the 'closed' nature of Steam and the 'everything goes' functioning of, for example, Desura. Since GOG is probably not going anywhere else for the foreseeable future, I like to think that we're all in for a long, long journey of releases both classic and new. Right now it's full of platformers, perhaps after all the Kickstarter old-school RPGs get released we'll get an overwhelming influx of RPGs again, perhaps all those indie devs making platformers will turn to something else after having acquired all this experience, and so on. This is why I would suggest all the people that get really infuriated by things like these to either develop their patience or just stop coming for a while, until they feel this "terrible situation" is no longer.
xxxIndyxxx: Looks interesting but to be honest i can't take another "brutal", "physics" based, "Puzzle" platformer...

What's wrong with a normal, not too hard but not easy platformer....
Buy Rayman Origins here :)
tapeworm00: ... and that's good, I suppose? If your point is that there's too many platformers, well, there's like 80 RPGs and like 100 strategy games in the catalogue, and no one complains about that. Just leave it be, man, you'll get your game someday. Let the people who enjoy these releases do so.
ne_zavarj: But why the fuck do we have to face more than one indie release per week instead of the classics ?
totally agree with you!
Zeeaire: totally agree with you!
With tapeworm00 or with me ?
Zeeaire: totally agree with you!
ne_zavarj: With tapeworm00 or with me ?
with you because I'm afraid with this focus on indie games some old gems are going to fade into the background and after all it's good OLD games and thats what I'm here for...maybe it was different back in the days because I haven't been that long registered yet...but I'm hoping daily that some games I long wish for are released ..and then you always see the indie game releases and disappointment is overwhelming.
the mascot looks like a poor man's sonic
Yeah, you can put me in the 'sick of hard for hard sake platformers' camp as well. Especially when it looks as generic as this does. The genre (on PC) is being saturated and the quality diluted with a glut of identikit indies.
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Even using default one, +1 for Turkish language ;)
The fuck ? Why does this still have no review ? :/ Has no one played it ?