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Dark mysteries of the Irish shores.
Montague's Mount, a chilling trip to a dark Irish coastal island in search of your memories, sanity, and meaning, is available for pre-order 10% off on That's only $8.99, until the game is released on Wednesday, October 9.
[url=][/url]Montague's Mount is an atmospheric first-person perspective horror game, that draws its thrills not from cheap tricks but ambiance and narrative. If you played Dear Esther and thought it could use some traditional narrative and more interactivity, here's what you bargained for. The game presents an intriguing and haunting narrative through the protagonist's comments (voiced by Derek Riddell), notes, and pieces of text. It's worth noting, that Montague's Mount might be the first game to extensively use the Gaeilge language, native to Ireland. With lots of intriguing puzzles, immersive gameplay, and chilling atmosphere, this title is a must have for all mystery and horror fans. The game supports English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese, and runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.
Let the dark and damp atmosphere of the Irish coastal countryside overwhelm and mystify you in Montague's Mount. Preorder the game now, for only $8.99. The 10% off discount offer lasts until the game is released, on Wednesday, October 8.
Psyringe: The developer has responded to my mini-review on Greenlight, and has also introduced himself on GOG. He clarifies that the game has been split in two parts, of which the currently released product is the first. The product description will be fixed to reflect the actual product better. It seems that the somewhat silly stance of "This is a complete product containing all previously planned episodes" has been dropped, which makes me hopeful that an honest effort will be made to fix this.
Intentional or not, we still received incorrect information about the game and purchased it under that circumstance.
Unless I've missed a thread, it looks like GOG's response is this addendum to the game card:

Montague's Mount is an exploration game with a story that leaves questions unanswered and open to interpretation. The developers have announced that they will return to Montague's Mount in one art form or another.

The first sentence brings back unfortunate flashbacks to the TV series Lost. The second seems rather unsatisfactory, since it could range from "second game" to "toothpick sculpture".

This is not a good resolution in my book, as it seems to paper over concerns that I believe would have prevented GOG from ever listing the game in the first case were they known. I doubt many people who have bought this game knowing that it only raises questions without the intention of answering them, and I suspect GOG as well would have given it a miss were this made clear from the start.

It's a shame to give this game a miss, since I was attracted to the setting and language aspects. But until such time as it is complete it will have to remain unbought.
IAmSinistar: Unless I've missed a thread, it looks like GOG's response is this addendum to the game card
You can also get a refund from Support:
Thanks, I forgot to check the forum for the game itself. That is excellent news, and a good response from GOG. Thanks for posting it here!