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Spec Ops: The Line
While a bit on the short side, and with gameplay mechanics that did not always mesh well with the tone that the story & setting tried to set, I still "enjoyed" this game. It was an interesting take on the genre, one that dared to show the horrors of war, instead of trying to glorify it.
It's a while since I posted here, so it's two games this time:

Dear Esther: short, but fantastic. The way the story is told is great, and makes sure there's a lot of interpretation possible. An absolute must-play.

Mass Effect 3: Great game. The people you know who sacrifice themselves, the big battles, the cool space combat scenes... I only bought it after the Extended Cut DLC, so I can't comment on the changes, but with it, it's awesome. It's one of those few games I can start playing and complete without much intervention from other games.

Completed so far:

Half-Life: Blue Shift
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The Shivah
Gemini Rue
Half-Life 2
Metro 2033
Dear Esther
Mass Effect 3
Just finished Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. It's a great game with pretty good combat mechanics, too bad it's a buggy one.
I feel compelled to mention that I just finished Oniken. Fuck, that was hard D:

Full list.
I just finished Bastion.

What a great game!

Added it to my list for 2012:
Kevv90: Does it count if you finished Diablo 3 on Normal, Nightmare and Hell? xD
Only if you finish it on Hardcore ;)
ooh, forgot to update this :D

Finished so far:
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
The First Templar
Sniper V2
Diablo 3
Warcraft 3
Finished this a couple of days ago: Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues: Loved this one. The wacky, slightly crude humor was a welcome change from the crushing darkness of Dead Money and I absolutely love some of the equipment you get from it. Elijah's Advanced LAER is ridiculously powerful (especially since I use Weapon Mods Expanded, which lets you mod unique weapons). I also like the way it's handled: The main story is really short, even if you do the necessary sidequests to get the best ending, but then there's a really long chain of fetch quests to upgrade the player home you get. But, thankfully, you get a handheld transporter that transports you back to the area whenever you want (it only works when you could fast travel, but you can be over encumbrance). This is a great one for explorers, too, as the Big MT is full of... stuff. Only real problem with it is that many of the enemies are bullet sponges.

Now I'm doing story quests and stuff. I'll probably do Lonesome Road around lv. 35-40 (I'm 33 right now).

Master Games Completed in 2012 List (I think this is all of them): Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, Arcanum, Honest Hearts, Dead Money, Old World Blues, Stacking, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition aaand... I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something.
I have just finished Might&Magic : Clash of Heroes on PC, in a little more than 23h.

I know some people discarded that game as a "treason" to a somewhat "true" Might&Magic lore, one dating back before Ubisoft put its "dirty" hands on it. I can't disagree more. So far, Ubisoft's reboot of Might&Magic gave me nothing but excellent games: Dark Messiah of Might&Magic, Heroes of Might&Magic V and its add-ons, Might&Magic Heroes VI and this Might&Magic : Clash of Heroes.

Clash of Heroes is a puzzle game, but it doesn't lack in strategy, especially since the different campaigns will make you command to very different kind of units. You don't play the same way undeads and elves, demons or knights. Exactly like a "normal" Heroes of Might&Magic, in fact!

Okay, the character and units design is way more cartoonish than usually, but once again that's not a problem at all. In fact, it suits that kind of game very well! Characters are interesting and the lore is truly connected to the rest of Ubi's Might&Magic universe.

So, yes, Might&Magic Clash of Heroes is definitely an excellent game!

My 2012 list, so far:
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Full list:

12. Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) (PC, 3.8.2012, 8/10)

This was my second playthrough of this game. I had a "meh"-feeling in my mind from the first playthrough a long time ago. so I didn't think I would ever replay this game. But since I'm currently having some difficulty problems with Halo 2 on XBox, I just wanted to replay the first one on PC to remind myself if it felt any easier, and why.

I just found myself having so much fun this second time that I ended up playing it to the end (Legendary difficulty). Yes it is still super-linear FPS and yes there are those boring copy-paste levels/rooms, but for some reason I enjoyed it more this time, I think. It could be that just before the first playthrough I had played some better PC FPS games (FarCry, Half-life 2, Doom 3...), which dampened the Halo experience then.

Now I can't make up my mind whether I should still try to play the XBox version of Halo 2, or buy the PC version in case it has better controls, making it more manageable for me. I see some online shops still selling it.
08-03-12 Legend of Grimrock (GOG)

Games finished in 2012
Dungeon Siege 3. After a failed attempt of playing with KB+M I tried with my controlpad. Much much more enjoyable. 4.5/5 stars. Some of the best voice acting I've heard in a while.
Finished Dragon Age: Origins a few days ago. Not my first play through.

I enjoyed the game a lot. This game definitely benefits from voice acting. I am pretty sure I wouldn't bother to play the game past a couple locations if it had text-based dialogue.

There is a lot of quality in the game but not a lot of quantity for replaying if that makes sense. The game is completely linear and forces you to see most of the content on every playthrough. And the quests play out exactly the same way for the most part except the decision you get make in the end or beginning. However that decision really has no value since it just affects what kind of reinforcements you get to call on in the final battle.

Being a party game also hurts the replayability. There is just not enough skills. On every playthrough, you will have access to all the abilities in the game no matter what class you pick for your character.

If Bioware wasn't so focused on making sure that people get to see most of the best content on their first playthrough, this game could have been something special. The game on average lasts about 70 hours for me. I think they could have made the game force you to pick only two locations to visit in order to build an army. The game would still have been large enough and would be more interesting to replay.

Overall, this is an amazing game to play the first time, very polished, but offers little reason to comeback.
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Just finished Super Space Rubbish.

What a hard game - had to use the "quit / restart level" trick a lot to not lose any lives so that I'd have enough to be able to beat the final boss.... And some of those levels are VERY hard to do on 1 life.

Still, fun even if frustrating.
I FINALLY finished ME2(A full paragon playthrough with default male Shepard imported from ME1[Where I also did a full paragon playthrough.].). Time to celebrate! XD