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Sword of The Stars: Complete Collection
Victoria 2
Dungeon Siege 3
Half Minute Hero
Universe Sandbox


Stranger's Wrath HD on GOG
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on GOG
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Indiana Jones® and the Last Crusade™ (Steam) gifted from Ian :D THANK YOU very much for this gift and also thanks a lot to everybody else who offered to help me out, I was blown away by all the generosity and willingness to help me out :)
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Still looking for this, but I can now add the current HiB new extras in there (Steam keys, naturally)
+Basement Collection
+Offspring Fling

So in all, six items for 1.79€.
Want (both 50% off on Steam):

- Call of Duty: Black Ops 1
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1


- GOG games of your choice of equal value +1 extra 2,99$ game
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I give up . :(

(All on GOG):

Duke Nukem 3D

Tales of Monkey Island


Crusaders of Might and Magic
Heroes of Might and Magic
Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Heroes of Might and Magic 4
Heroes of Might and Magic 5
Might and Magic 6 Pack: Limited Edition
Might and Magic 8
Might and Magic 9
Caesar 3
Eador Genesis
Gothic 3
Disciples 2 Gold
Dungeon Keeper 2
Pinball Gold pack
Raptor: Call of the Shadows 2010
Syberia 2
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I have a £15 UK iTunes voucher (unwanted xmas present) that I would like to trade with someone for some games on GOG or Steam. Not sure if anyone is really looking for these but PM if you are interested -namely if you were going to buy something on iTunes anyway and could save some money by doing a trade.

Edit: decided to sell on ebay.
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I'm looking for GOG Interplay Promo keys that feature the games other than the first tier (the first 8 games) and these ones: Fallout, Sacrifice, Descent 3 & Freespace. I can buy GOG game(s) for available games.

Traded with: Heretic777 (x2), tjc1074, koima57, SpiderFromMars, CyberStroobs, P1na & Physicser.
Dawn of War II: Retribution - Complete DLC Bundle [Steam Gift]
Fantasy Wars [Steam Key] From INDIEGALA
Titan Quest [Steam Key] From HIBTHQ
Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown [Steam Key] From HIB6