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Lokuas: ...snip...
PMed offer
Geneforge Saga for Steam
HIB6 for Steam (Torchlight, Rochard, SPAZ, Vessel, Shatter)

Any of the Following

Shogo (GOG)
Fallout (GOG)
Fallout 2 (GOG)
Zombie Shooter (Steam)
DraculaMarth: [Have]
Geneforge Saga for Steam
HIB6 for Steam (Torchlight, Rochard, SPAZ, Vessel, Shatter)

Any of the Following

Shogo (GOG)
Fallout (GOG)
Fallout 2 (GOG)
Zombie Shooter (Steam)
PM sent....
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[url= ]late night bump... [/url]
[H] Postal 2 (steam)
[W] offers
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Straitforward, easy trade with DraculaMarth.

Thank you.
Current Haves:

- Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (Origin Product Code)
- AI War complete (Mac version/GG)
- Settlers 7 Gold Edition (GG)
- Prototype 2 + DLC (Steam)
- Prototype (Steam)

Want: (Interest)

- From GG : Disciples : Reincarnation
- X-Com Enemy Unknown
- Kerbal Space Program
- Any Wolverine Studios Sport Simulations
- Tropico IV and all expansions/DLC
- King's Bounty : Warriors of the North
- Men of War : Condemned Heroes
- Will consider any and all offers from GOG, GG, Origin, Desura or Steam

As usual I will send first to those users older or with higher rep than myself. Thank you.

Completed Trades : Heretic777 (3 trades now), Shure, danteveli, Alfie3000, lan, and now iainmet. Thank you all immensely..
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Gazoinks, lowyhong, ne_zavarj, summitus, gyokzoli, Cassidy, carnival73, metalkidz, K_1269, didamangi, WhiteWolf, Foxhack.
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grynn: Looking for Shadow Warrior.

Also, does anyone have unused gift url's of these Indie Royale bundles? I can offer Steam, GOG and GamersGate games of your choice, or pay through paypal.

- Back to School
- Getaway
- Gone Fishin'
- July Jubilee
- Summer
- Junebug
- All Charity
- Spring
- April Fools
- May Hurrah
- Ninja
- Alpha Collection #1
- Serious Sam indie series

Also have these,

- Gift URL of Indie Gala X FULL
- Gift URL of Indie Gala 9 FULL
- DC Universe Online Legendary Membership code (NA only)
- SpaceChem (Steam)
- New Star Soccer 5 (Steam)
- Frozen Synapse + Trauma (Steam)
- Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam)
- DOTA 2 (Steam)
- Cortex Command (Steam)
- To The Moon (Steam)
- Oil Rush (Steam)
- Flatout (Steam)
- Humble Indie Bundle 3
- GTA San Andreas (GamersGate)
- King's Bounty Games (GamersGate)
- Legendary (GamersGate)
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nvm, thanks to retsuseiba for his generosity. I still have some spare coupons for discounts in Legend of Grimrock and Rochard (Steam), PM if you need one.
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traded away
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jigrou: have
Killing floor bundle (December 2011) (steam gift)

(any one of)
FTL Faster Than light
Defenders of Ardania
Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines
Frozen Synapse Red DLC
Avernum escape fron the pit
gatling gears
batman arkham city harley quinn
Eshalon Book 1
Mark of the ninja
king's bounty crossworlds

(or any two of)
the Basenemt Collection
Goblin Menace DLC
Dungeons of dreemor conquest of the wizardlands dlc
Orc must die 2 Are we there yeti
Orc must die 2 family ties booster pack
Avadon the black Fortress
I sent you a PM. Thanks.
Just linking back to my list.

Willing to consider any offer.
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