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Get a free game with your premium membership!

[url=" target="_blank][/url]What a great day to have a curse! [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium membership, that is. We've partnered up with the fast-growing gaming network to make their sleek paid accounts offer even more awesome than before. Each premium user--whether they're upgrading their account or already have premium subscription--now gets to pick one of ten games redeemable on That's our way of putting a cherry on top of the already extensive offer, that includes--but is not limited to--unlimited access to a feature-full online gaming client, beta-keys giveaways, and various discounts with selected partners. Here's the list of games that [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium members can pick from:

Sacred Gold
Gothic 2 Gold Edition
Empire Earth: Gold Edition
Divine Divinity
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
Defender's Quest
Megabyte Punch

As you can see, whether you are a role-player, a strategist, a puzzle-solver, or even a keen tower defender, you'll get something extra for yourself with your current or new premium [url=" target="_blank][/url] membership. More info on obtaining the free game can be found in [url=" target="_blank]this news article[/url]. This partnership offer remains valid at least until December 31, 2014. We highly recommend [url=" target="_blank][/url] services, and hope you'll enjoy your free title!
Desura? :p
BillyMaysFan59: Well, it's not like GOG is *forcing* Curse memberships down our throats or anything
WereCatf: And? I don't see most people complaining about that. When I read the comments I see them being confused by this announcement and that's what they're complaining about. Trying to claim the complaints are about the partnership when they're in fact about the announcement's text is dishonest at best.
Okay, let's not start an argument or anything, I'm not trying to cause trouble, I was only making a small point....
Pemptus: Oh no, a business arrangement that benefits GOG and doesn't affect us in any way! Quick, we must complain!
Vestin: I just love how one guy was all "How does this benefit ME? If it doesn't - why the hell are you even telling ME about it?" xD.
This is clearly nothing to get in a flap over, but I would have preferred a new release or two today...
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Wellp! the sky most certainly is not falling!

Although, some sketchy people and their huge family have just moved into our quaint neighborhood. It's nice that they will be bringing many additional dishes to our future potlucks but, I can't say that I'm terribly excited about living next door to their meth-den.

I'm glad i saw this on the frontpage. It is something that I'd certainly prefer to hear straight from the horse's mouth - rather than happenstance and hearsay. Let's hope the MMO'ers, LOLer's and Mincrafters are also fans of good, old games.
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Confused -> *reads thread* -> ignores and goes back to gaming
Inmpressive. while Steam eats up market, independent store shoul cooperate with each other. Good work!
JKHSawyer: Looks pretty good for a lemon with fangs.
I'm pretty sure it is a lime. Sabre-toothed lime to be exact.
(former KOL-geek here :P)
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Just an announcement of partnership with a subscription-based gaming site. Business entity do this all the time. It's not like GOG are partnering with Maybe since it's not typical GOG free hand-outs, people overreact.
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Bloodygoodgames: Curse has a lot more money - they're HUGE. 30 million unique visitors a month, offices in a handful of countries, and part of a network of very very successful websites. One of the world's largest gaming networks, with gamers playing some of the most popular games in the last 10 years.
jamotide: So what, that does not mean they have more money than gog, or even "a lot" more. gog has millions net profit per quarter, the numbers are public. I could not find anything for this curse.
I own websites and I do this for a living, so I'm pretty well-versed in how much websites make on average depending on number of visitors, services they offer, Google Advertising etc. Trust me - they are a MUCH bigger company than GOG.

Curse is part of a network that owns some of the MOST successful websites in the world. They also run YouTube channels with a fair number of successful gamers, who all give Curse a cut of the money they make from Google Advertising every month.

Here is what Bloomberg says about them:

Curse, Inc. operates as an online game portal. It provides editorials, videos, wikis, databases, forums, add-ons, blogs, and guild Website hosting for MMO gamers. The company was formerly known as Curse, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Ernst and Young named their CEO Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, they were named one of the fastest growing companies in the US around the same time,

Here's Curse's latest info - btw, they own FIFTY websites, along with everything else they do.

Compared to GOG who, yes, is successful, Curse is just more so.
P1na: Confused -> *reads thread* -> ignores and goes back to gaming
(does the same thing)

EDIT: This article may be worded like an advertisement, but if you think about it, you'd consider GOG's marketing stunt back in 2010 to be worse. I mean, all they're doing this time is promoting another site, and nothing else. I see nothing wrong with that. Even if it IS worded like an advertisement. Oh sure, GOG doesn't give detail about the site's services, but, uh, can't you just GO to the site and figure it out?!? If it's something you like, you might actually WANT to sign up, and you'll get a free GOG game in the process! That's the whole point. (I acknowledge you'll be paying for a membership, but still, the free game's a bonus)
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Dear GOG,

This displeases me and my overinflated sense of self-importance. In the future, please recognize my place in the
Universe, and restrict all deals, decisions, and front-page announcements to things that affect -and indeed are directed towards- me, and stop wasting time on unimportant triviality such as people who are not me. Surely you must agree that this is the only way to go, as anyone with more than two functioning neurons KNOWS that I, and I alone, am the only thing that really matters in the whole of creation.
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When I saw the thread title I thought: "Hey, a new publisher partnership? Great. I have never heard of but more games on GOG can never hurt". Then I actually opened the thread and saw that GOG had entered in to some kind of one sided partnership with some noname useless website. What a disappointment.
P1na: Confused -> *reads thread* -> ignores and goes back to gaming
Best comment I've seen! I'm with you!
I have a huge backlog sitting right on my desktop.
So, considering this page - one can technically just get 5$ 1 month subscription, pay for it, and get 1 redeem code for free?

Its looks like most of games offered is 10$ naturally, except Divine Divinity and Dungeon Keeper Gold™ for 6$ and Megabyte Punch is even 15$.
Nice discount.
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