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Get a free game with your premium membership!

[url=" target="_blank][/url]What a great day to have a curse! [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium membership, that is. We've partnered up with the fast-growing gaming network to make their sleek paid accounts offer even more awesome than before. Each premium user--whether they're upgrading their account or already have premium subscription--now gets to pick one of ten games redeemable on That's our way of putting a cherry on top of the already extensive offer, that includes--but is not limited to--unlimited access to a feature-full online gaming client, beta-keys giveaways, and various discounts with selected partners. Here's the list of games that [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium members can pick from:

Sacred Gold
Gothic 2 Gold Edition
Empire Earth: Gold Edition
Divine Divinity
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
Defender's Quest
Megabyte Punch

As you can see, whether you are a role-player, a strategist, a puzzle-solver, or even a keen tower defender, you'll get something extra for yourself with your current or new premium [url=" target="_blank][/url] membership. More info on obtaining the free game can be found in [url=" target="_blank]this news article[/url]. This partnership offer remains valid at least until December 31, 2014. We highly recommend [url=" target="_blank][/url] services, and hope you'll enjoy your free title!
This does seem a bit out of the blue. Curse and GOG are both fall broadly under 'gaming' sites, but that's all they have in common. It's kind of funny that Curse doesn't even provide content on any of GOG's games, although the nearly empty "Downloads" section hints at intentions to seriously expand. But hey, marketing and exposure!

I'm not judging the partnership one way or the other, I'm just not interested. I just bought every game I'd want from the promo, and imo curse doesn't offer a compelling paid service even if I still used them.
I remember curse from my wow days. It was blatantly the best mod site out there back in Vanilla wow imho, but I haven't gone to it since.
I checked it out just now, and had trouble seeing anything had changed. It's a whole community now I guess?

Not sure why it was posted as GREAT NEWS EVERYONE on this site though. Doesn't seem to be anything in it for us. I get that gog gets some exposure from potential future customers in return for handing over $$$ to curse, but what that matters to already customers at gog I have no idea.

Anyway, hope it works out for you, gog!

All the best <3
johnnygoging: It might even be laying the groundwork for some kind of community platform integration or something. A lot of the games on have excellent mods. Seems a good fit for it in that sense.
Maybe this was mentioned earlier in the thread. Dunno. But there's a point in what you say. Folks have complained recently that gOg's patching and update process doesn't suit them very well (in harsher language, of course XD ). Maybe the two companies are working together to come up with an optional patching client or manager for gOg titles.
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Curse hosts The Vault.

That's one natural connection with gog. I'm sure there are others which make both gog and curse think this is a good marketing boost for both.

Seriously, guys, y'all are making gog forumites look like raving paranoid conspiracy theory lunatics.

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I've read the announcement and visited their site.
A service i am not interested in.
So nothing to fear?
Well in their announcement GOG used the term *partnered / partnership*.
Something not used if this was only a deal between Curse Inc. and GOG to promote their premium service.
Now i can only wait for the next step to see what this partnership actually includes.
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G-Doc: We're giving away free games. Many 12 years old Minecraft users are already premium subscribers.
Fixed for you . :p

( sorry )

Also : I don't want to download my GOG games via their client software .
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Bloodygoodgames: I own websites and I do this for a living, so I'm pretty well-versed in how much websites make on average depending on number of visitors, services they offer, Google Advertising etc. Trust me - they are a MUCH bigger company than GOG.

Compared to GOG who, yes, is successful, Curse is just more so.
Doubt it. As it happens I do this for a living,too, and I'd take gogs millions of NET PROFIT per quarter over millions of visitors to low revenue reviews and what not anyday.
Show me some financial numbers, otherwise gog has more money, we can see what they make, they are a public company.
mkell_226: Dear GOG,

This displeases me and my overinflated sense of self-importance. In the future, please recognize my place in the
Universe, and restrict all deals, decisions, and front-page announcements to things that affect -and indeed are directed towards- me, and stop wasting time on unimportant triviality such as people who are not me. Surely you must agree that this is the only way to go, as anyone with more than two functioning neurons KNOWS that I, and I alone, am the only thing that really matters in the whole of creation.
You're the only one who matters in the whole of creation? I think not... That would be me! :)
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But have curse fixed their security yet? Every email address I give to them gets harvested by phishing-schemers. Strangely this never happens for the email addresses I give to almost every other site!

To be clear, I put things like 'cursenetwork' 'curseaccount' 'wowpedia' and so forth in the email addresses I've given to curse to store and manage. Like clockwork, I start getting phishing spam to these addresses within a month or two.

I set up blacklist rules to delete all mails to them, and only turn them off if i need to 'confirm' an account at some point in the future.
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Subscribe now and find out what it does later. Or never?
Seriously, "Enjoy the game"? Isn't that what I do when I play?

What is that thing? Looks like a scam. Or are they so important they don't need to explain what they do?
I kinda wish GOG had a voluntary client I could launch all my games from and chat with like minded classic gamers. Its farrrr too much of a hassle to get games to launch through steam. I know that's what all the hubbub is about: no one likes the idea of a mandatory client they have to launch their games through. Ruins the idea of DRM. But an optional program would be kickass.

And no, none of what I said just now has a thing to do with curse.

If gog makes money and brings in new users via an advertising partnership that's a very good thing. More money in gog's coffers to scarf up new titles.
Oh noes, GOG is lost! Run for your life (but first download all games you already have)!

But seriously, why do you complain? Who are you, men or mice?
realkman666: Subscribe now and find out what it does later. Or never?
Seriously, "Enjoy the game"? Isn't that what I do when I play?

What is that thing? Looks like a scam. Or are they so important they don't need to explain what they do?
I think this announcement kind of assumes you already know what Curse does. I agree this is a mistake.

Curse is a content network for gaming stuff, so they host stuff like gaming addons, wikis and content about games, forums about games, etc etc. Their initial profit-making activity (as far as I know) beyond selling web advertising for games on their pages was offering a download client to manage addons to the (mostly online) games. I *think* they got their start in the early MMO era when MMOs tended to need a lot of out-of-game supplementary information, but I didn't look into the history.

I expect by now they have a lot of content around a lot of different areas of gaming, but I don't know what a premium account is good for other than the convenient downloader for their files.
Didn't this happen like a week or two ago? Yeah, wait a sec here's the article from Dec 20th:

So... belated greetings to anyone joining us from Curse? Welcome to the forums?
vojtasass: But seriously, why do you complain? Who are you, men or mice?
I'm a doctor \ o /