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flanner: bad luck that gaming is kind of introvertive amusement for me, so i play only singles and am not interested in network gaming

CarrionCrow: Don't sweat it. Lots of people suck, and being around a person who sucks when you just want to play a video game is never a fun situation. It may very well be bad luck if they were to show up, rather than the opposite.
i meant just the fact that the offer has no value for me. im in "good old games" just for gold old games. modern phonomenon of internet gaming and me, miss each other..
and that i would appreciate normal not commercially motived offers better.
Doesn't the Curse client require an always on (DRM) connection in order to play the games you bought?
I don't understand.

First, let me admit - I know nothing whatsoever about But posts I've read here led me to believe that many other users know next to nothing about it as well. And yet most of them complain or at the very least are concerned about this. It seems that the very idea of partnership is something bad for them. That's something I can never understand, even though such an attitude it's very popular. Call me idealist or even naive anytime you want but I still think that a default reaction for partnership (as an idea!) should be positive. Obviously there are bad partnerships, a lot of them actually, but that's because of other factors (I've seen several reasonable arguments against here and I appreciate them) not prejudice.

So I still don't understand... Partnership is not a dirty word, you know ;)
morhlis: Hey, discontented conspiracy nuts who think every cross-over business deal is a plot to ruin your lives! Stop wasting your time on GOG announcements when you could be devoting your unbridled paranoia to such sites as


You will be embraced with open arms there @u@
There's only one site you should be concerned with when it comes to truth:
Well, not really interesting to someone like me who has most of these games anyways ^.^
morhlis: Hey, discontented conspiracy nuts who think every cross-over business deal is a plot to ruin your lives! Stop wasting your time on GOG announcements when you could be devoting your unbridled paranoia to such sites as


You will be embraced with open arms there @u@
tomimt: There's only one site you should be concerned with when it comes to truth:
Also recommended:

Edit: Or if you're feeling really brave, there's always The Fishman Deposition
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Reptilian Aliens... now where have I heard this before...
Not a fan of Curse. Pay for access to free mods? Umm no thanks Mr. Snake-Oil salesman! Perhaps Jimmy who's balls have yet to drop will be taken in by your scam and slick marketing gimmicks!
low rated
Wow, what a bunch of... of... old people!! Stop waving your walkers around yelling at Curse to get off your lawn. I don't know a damn thing about them either, but the first two pages of this thread were all about people grumping and groaning about this partnership from people apparently scared of nothing more than change. Change happens people, and it isn't a sign of the Apocalypse.

People complain when GOG does things and doesn't tell us, and now they tell us and people complain about why is GOG telling us! Where are the happy, smiley friendly gogites I know and love? Where are the open arms for FELLOW gamers from some other website who might stop in and read this thread? A quick glance at Curse showed a notice that they closed their forums in September, so there might be Curse folks posting more here. People need to start making some casseroles to give to our new neighbors.

Listen to Mr. Roark...
Krum369: Hope GOG can see the risks in this sort of partnerships,.
Luc2k: The risks are clear: GOG has a decent chunk of users in the tinfoil hat club and ANYTHING can set them off.*

*I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now considering what is lurking behind!!!
Easy there fella, just because I'm cautious of these types of things doesn't mean I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist. You should be worried too considering the recent increases in DRM.
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RoseLegion: snip my two cents,
Thanks for making me feel a lot better about my own paranoia.
morhlis: I kinda wish GOG had a voluntary client I could launch all my games from and chat with like minded classic gamers. Its farrrr too much of a hassle to get games to launch through steam. I know that's what all the hubbub is about: no one likes the idea of a mandatory client they have to launch their games through. Ruins the idea of DRM. But an optional program would be kickass.
An optional program would be amazing. Could be something like Playfire that keeps track of your playing time in the games and gives you a place to hook up with like-minded gamers to talk about each game like steam forums for each game and perhaps find coop partners for some of them.

Please make it happen, gog! 2.0?

If was what I remember it to be, then this
program sounds like third party that
handles the online game sessions...and like, it cost money...

As long as it's optional, and not hard wired into
the game as the ONLY option, then I'm okay with
LOL I just had a look at their Terrania maps and the section of maps that involve lots of pixel-perfect jumping on ledges is called the 'Parkour' section! Apparently Mario, Sonic and co. have been hardcore Parkourists all this time and we never knew!

In general this 'partnership' probably means nothing and you should all calm down
Lodium: Ok, thats fine and well.
But how can you make a typical MMO DRM free, is that even possible?
Even free MMo,s can be taken down by devs for various reasons making all your work go to waste.

If we are not talking Lan or private servers its pretty much impossible i belive.
Actually even Private servers coud be said to have some form of DRM since you have no promises that a private server
you are on regulary will stay up for years unless you host it yourself.
nijuu: What would you say if GOG setup its own game server farm? *hypothetical*
It woud still be kinda DRM woudnt it?
I mean its GOG that are hosting the server so even if GOG are DRM free, there are no guarantee that they will keep up the servers forever.

Thats the difrence between single player games and online games such as WoW, rift and others.
One you can make a backup and play it years after even if the said company goes down.
The others you cant really do that unless we are talking about Private servers and Lan.
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