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My weight still exceeds the goal. I will resume efforts to correct this.
As motivation, there will be a giveaway to celebrate week-on-week progress!

At the end of every week, I will average my weight for that week.
If it is new best value, a post author in this topic (excluding myself) will be selected at random and they will get to pick $12 worth of GOGs.
Winnings (or the remainders thereof) may be redeemed at any time/kicked forward/spared etc.

Feel free to post questions, suggestions, words of encouragement, "here" or whatever else you like in this topic, for the chance of winning when I am winning!


Week #0: 0.0% (No prize, in progress to set starting value)

1) Wait, what? What happened to the first one?
Falling out of habits is extremely easy! One week of missed measurements became two weeks, two became four, four became eight..

2) What about unclaimed winnings from the previous one?
The usual rules apply. They are valid until I am not capable of fulfilling them.

3) Prices may be different/GOG wallet earnings/etc. How are you dealing with those?
Winnings will be based on the price I pay. GOG wallet earnings will be "spare" and used to cover differences, if possible.
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Welcome back!
xyem: My weight still exceeds the goal.
Don't worry about forcing weight-loss deadlines too fast. If it falls off too quickly, for a lot of people it'll just get put on again. Slow but steady should be the goal. Best of luck!
Just remember a one-hour workout is only 4% of your day, so no excuses! Good luck!
Got to work hard on that weight. <opens another bottle of beer> A pair of trousers ripped due to me being overweight the other day. Do not be like me. Good luck this time too.
Hey Xyem! Glad to see you around again. Back with the training?
Glad to know you're alive and hopefully well, xyem!

Best of luck in your exercising endeavours!
Good luck.
I wish I could loose a few stone, but due to genetics and medical problems I am slow to gain weight but once gained it takes millennia to get just one pound off.
Not in mate. Good to see thee about.

...hopefully we'll see less of you as we see more of you?!

- Does that work?
I'm 254 lbs about 18.4 stone or 116kgs

weird thing is I'm only picking at 1 meal a day I'm not really hungry much.
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Good luck with your mass removal, mate!
Whats your natural body composition ?
If being fat is in your genetics, its next to impossible to loose weight.
Try HIIT workout. Its the fastest fat burning workout ever.
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Nice to see this back, good luck in your ambition :)
Remember, to quickly and easily remove calories from any meal, replace one or more ingredients with air.