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My weight has exceeeded the acceptable maximum. I will now begin efforts to correct this.
As motivation, there will be a giveaway to celebrate week-on-week progress!

At the end of every week, I will average my weight for that week. If it is new best value, a post author in this topic (excluding myself) will be selected at random and they will get to pick $12 worth of GOGs. Winnings (or the remainders thereof) may be redeemed at any time/kicked forward etc.

Feel free to post questions, suggestions, words of encouragement, "here" or whatever else you like in this topic, for the chance of winning when I am winning.


Week #0: 0.0% (No prize, initial value set)
Week #1: 4.3% +4.3% (new lowest, popcorn as snack) joppo ($12)
Week #2: 8.6% +4.3% (new lowest) ywzywz ($0.03)
Week #3: 13.4% +4.8% (new lowest) Hesusio ($0)
Week #4: 20.1% +6.7% (new lowest) Aramandur ($0)
Week #5: 22.5% +2.4% (new lowest, missed popcorn, had treats) babark (remainder redirect)
Week #6: 25.4% +2.9% (new lowest, had treats) MadalinStroe (Reroll) Hesusio ($8.85)
Week #7: 27.8% +2.4% (new lowest, had treats) Tallima (remainder redirect)
Week #8: 31.6% +3.8% (new lowest, reduced intake, no popcorn) triock (Redirect) DampSquib (remainder redirect)
Week #9: 34.0% +2.4% (new lowest) gloombandit ($7.01)
Week #10: 37.8% +3.8% (new lowest) TheGrand547 ($0)
Week #11: 40.2% +2.4% (new lowest) Azrael360 ($0.67)
Week #12: 45.9% +5.7% (new lowest) Gerin ($0.01)
Week #13: 47.4% +1.5% (new lowest) 51nikopol ($6.22)
Week #14: 51.7% +4.3% (new lowest) Vehdra ($1.82)
Week #15: 55.5% +3.8% (new lowest) GR00T ($3.01)
Week #16: 59.8% +4.3% (new lowest) Barefoot_Monkey ($12)
Week #17: 58.9% -0.9% (negative progress) no winner :(
Week #18: ??? (holiday) no winner
Week #19: 59.8% +?% (partial recording due to holiday/convention, not new lowest) no winner
Week #20: 59.8% +0.0% (no change) no winner
Week #21: 62.7% +2.9% (new lowest) winner to be announced
Week #22: 64.6% +1.9% (new lowest) winner to be announced
Week #23: ??.?% +?.?% (in progress)

Bonus Prizes

Feel free to suggest bonus prizes I can give out.

The Jovi-al Prize: MaxFulvus ($12)
The .44 Magnum Prize: Winner to be announced
The Déjà vu Prize: Pending
The Elementary, Dear Watson Prize: Pending
Post edited April 01, 2019 by xyem
Good for you xyem! You can do it!
You can do it!
I believe in you Xyem! I'm also interested in learning what works for you. I'm looking to lose a few pounds myself...
what's your intended method?
Home exercise?
Sport? (such as boxing or mma training sessions?

Good luck btw. I also wish to get rid of my dad-bod by the end of the year :)

edit: adding to the comment below - if you don't play Eye of the Tiger to motivate yourself, then I'm afraid you're not human.
Post edited March 13, 2018 by micktiegs_8
Best of luck with your journey!
One thing that may help out is setting up a nice playlist with whatever pumps you up. If you enjoy electronic music like they usually play in gyms (at least the ones I know), you might wanna check out Payday 2's soundtrack (I'm not too into that style, but even I was surprised and enjoy that soundtrack very much), but it could also be rock, 1950's stuff or whatever gets you in the mood to kick ass.
Welcome back xyem

Good luck...I will follow this thread hoping your endeavor goes well.
You will make that fat, your bitch.
Post edited March 13, 2018 by De4thstroke
Burn that fat, Xyem. You can do it! ;)

( Not in, though. But thanks for the giveaway. )
stand at the computer

eat spicy food

stop eating processed food

don't eat before sleeping (at least 2 hours)

drink lots of water
Hey, good luck! I'm horribly out of shape, though more about cardio fitness than calories. Should really get on trying to change that...

Not sure I follow exactly how this works, so at least for now I'll just sit out and watch.
Do as I say, not as I do: avoid as much sugar and sweeteners (even the zero calories ones) as possible and do not starve yourself. A seven month long total sugar block helped me lose 10% of my weight fifteen years ago. <takes another biscuit with marmelade....>
Not in!

Keep in mind that you will fail! There will be bad weeks, when life will get in the way, and it will be impossible to not get demotivated. Keep an eating journal, gamify your progress, exercise like hell, whatever you do just keep doing it. Consistency is more important than always hitting progress goals. If you have more good days/weeks, than bad ones, remind yourself that you are winning overall. And you are doing it against all odds. Good luck, xyem!
Post edited March 13, 2018 by MadalinStroe
You can do it, Xyem! And you will!

I was reading some interesting stuff about something else, but it can be applied to weight loss as well. See, the brain tends to resist abrupt changes, so when you go full-turbo charge, you tend to revert very quickly. Too many people interpret that as a moral failure, but it isn't at all! The right way to do it, is in set parcels to ignite that part of your brain.


1: A simple start. Instead of re-hauling your entire diet, start by removing the most fattening thing that you are eating. You will feel like you don't lose much, and you will get used to this baseline. Then you will gain momentum and continue on with the progress of shaping your diet.

2: Even if you don't feel like exercising, just change to gym clothing and put on an aerobics video or something. This will trick your brain to switch gears. Also, remove any food temptations around the house. You will get the hang of an exercise regime that suits you!

3: The not eating anything is a myth! The key is to eat right. For example, say your bedtime is at night. Eat a normal breakfast and a normal lunch. Insert before lunch a bunch of fruits. Fruits and vegs aid a lot in burning fat. For dinner, eat a very light set or "skip it". Substitute it (and you can do this when you feel hunger pangs) by gulping down water till you get that full and loss of appetite feeling. Plus eating apples. Apples make you feel full quickly but don't put weight on you. The key is not to snack.

4. Sleep is important. Enough sleep will burn your fat actually. Of course, if you can't do that regularly due to work/life commitments, try to do it every now and then.

5. It's actually healthy for your body to pig out once in awhile! Reward yourself to a luxurious meal like say, once every two weeks for a start.

May this help you, Xyem! (and me, if ever comes the day I need to lose any weight).
Post edited March 13, 2018 by Nicole28