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Raiders of the Lost Ark. :)
I think The Goonies would be a close second place.

kharille: Love 1982 Conan the Barbarian. Some of the music tracks were amazing.
Love the movie too and that soundtrack is awesome! :)
I'm at work so my audio is off, but its the first track after the credits at the beginning....

Goes great with the early part of the movie. Better than the 201?3 remake...
Bram Stocker's Dracula (Gary Oldman)

Old, correctly aged, all times classic. Recently, Gary Oldman was awarded the Golden Globe award, too.
Fight Club. My favorite part about movies is unpredictability. In most movies, the good guy wins against the bad guys, but in Fight Club, it's way more complicated. It was original, unlike anything I have seen before, and it changed my view on life forever. That may make it easier to enjoy
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For a long long time it was Blade Runner.

Now it's Ex Machina.
Hard to say what my favorite movie is, but this one holds a special place in my heart. Watched it on VHS as a child, still brings a tear to the eye. :)

The Adventures of Milo and Otis:[/url]
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After watching Red Sparrow yesterday,it has become a favorite but my question is with all her money why did she down grade herself in that movie?
HereForTheBeer: I thoroughly enjoy The Fifth Element. One of few movies for which I'll likely never say, "Nah, let's watch something else."
I like the opera singing scene ^_^
Aliens for sure!
Is it ok if I have an unbreakable tie?

The original Robocop and the original Ghostbusters are both equal at the top of my list.
How there could be only one? :D

OK ok ... thinking... if I really need to choose only one to bring with me on a desert islland it'd be:

Back to the Future part 1
I'd probably say Demolition Man. "You are fined 1 credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute" always cracks me up. But I barely watch movies these days....
SkullCowboy: You gotta pick just one.
And for those who may wonder about this question on a game site, I personally think that one influences the other.

I'll start.

The Crow.
Even after they changed it around from the graphic novel.
It's really difficult to choose let it be "Interview with the Vampire"
The Shining
It's tough to only select one but I think I would choose Event Horizon. It has a good mix between sci-fi and horror. Even my cousin liked it so much he used many of the screams and sounds and put them into an "odd" animation he and his buddy made in a school project!
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