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Firek: This post is now outdated and contains some broken links. Please go here for an up-to-date list of covers.:

Hello. Since users are complaining about lack of DVD covers for games bought on, I decided to create some. It takes some time to make one, so expect more later.
Hope you'll like them. Feel free to post comments and suggestions.


- 54 in total:
- Arx Fatalis
- Beneath a Steel Sky
- Beyond Divinity
- Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror
- Broken Sword III: The Sleeping Dragon
- Cannon Fodder
- Castles + Castles 2
- Conquest of the New World
- DarkStar One
- Disciples II GOLD
- Disciples: Sacred Lands GOLD
- Divine Divinity
- Empire Earth: Gold Edition
- Fallout
- Fallout 2
- Fallout Tactics
- Freespace + Expansion
- Giants: Citizen Kabuto
- Gothic
- I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike
- Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus
- Jagged Alliance
- Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games
- Jagged Alliance 2
- Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business
- Kingdom: The Far Reaches
- Lure of the Temptress
- MDK 2
- Messiah
- Mobile Forces
- Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
- Oddworld: Abe's Exodus
- Original War
- Panzer Elite Special Edition
- Port Royale
- Port Royale 2
- Redneck Rampage Collection
- Restaurant Empire
- Sacrifice
- Shattered Steel
- Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
- Simon the Sorcerer
- Simon the Sorcerer 2
- Simon the Sorcerer 3D
- Stonekeep
- Teenagent
- The Feeble Files
- The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition
- The Nations Gold Edition
- Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE
- Unreal Tournament GOTY
- Waxworks

Here you'll find out how to print these DVD covers using Microsoft Paint.

a) LETTER size paper
Open the program and load up your cover file (PNG). Go to File -> Page Setup. Make sure that the paper size is set to Letter. Change the orientation to "Landscape", change left and right margins to 4 millimeters (0,15 inches), change top and bottom margins to 17,5 millimeters (0,68 inches), change scaling to "Fix to: 1 by 1 page(s)" and press OK. You can now print the cover.

b) A4 size paper
Open the program and load up your cover file (PNG). Go to File -> Page Setup. Make sure that the paper size is set to A4. Change the orientation to "Landscape", change all margins to 13 millimeters (0,51 inches), change scaling to "Fix to: 1 by 1 page(s)" and press OK. You can now print the cover.

Remember that the best quality can only be obtained using special paper.

Fallout Tactics cover demonstration: IMAGE 1, IMAGE 2 , IMAGE 3

Legal stuff:
All logos and product names used in the above works are trademarks of their respective owners.
Not for commercial use.
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It looks excellent. Now all we need is for GOG to make them, and make it official.
If anyone wants, and if GOG aproves, I have some original cd/box art from other games, i'm not sure about this one though, that I can scan and post. But only if GOG aproves.
Anyway cd/dvd/box is a feature that is on the feature wishlist. Go by the thread and join your suggestion/request, so that they may add it soon. :)
List updated with the covers for Fallout series.
Nice! Now I just need some quality photo paper and a decent printer...
yes :D! wow nice work!.
gog need to host them!
Oh man. They are great!
I've added a short tutorial and some demonstration photos.
There is something about having something tangible on the shelf to sift through.
Great work Red_153D!
Awesome job RED!
Those are more awesome than chocolate, futurama and naked ladies combined, top job mate! I've been meaning to get some more ink for my printer, I may have just found the final catalyst that'll get me off my arse & make me do it.
More covers added as promised.
Those are pretty shweet.
Good job!
Keep up the good work, man!
I don't really have any use for them, but I'm sure there are a lot of shelf-gazers who appreciate it.
I didn't expect to see the branding, and I must admit, that's a nice touch!
Maybe someone might wanna consider doing art for the actual CDs as well, 'cause again, I'm sure there'll be people who would appreciate it.
Great work, but a slight problem with the instructions. A4 is not a standard paper size in the US. The most common paper size is "letter" (8.5X11 inches, 216X279 mm). An adjustment of the margins should correct the issue. I think you need to make the side margins 16mm and the top/bottom margins 4mm. Unfortunately I am not able to test these adjustments, my printer is out of ink ATM.