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A4 is more common then letter.
I would hate to have letter only covers as I don't have any letter paper at all.
I did say "in the US". Just like weights and measures, for some reason we have to do paper sizes different than everyone else in the world. A4 size paper is available here, but the standard size most people still use is letter. It doesn't mean changing the images at all, it just means adding extra info to the printing instructions to adjust the print margins for letter sized paper.
cogadh: Great work, but a slight problem with the instructions. A4 is not a standard paper size in the US. The most common paper size is "letter" (8.5X11 inches, 216X279 mm). An adjustment of the margins should correct the issue. I think you need to make the side margins 16mm and the top/bottom margins 4mm. Unfortunately I am not able to test these adjustments, my printer is out of ink ATM.

Sorry, I forgot about that. Tutorial is now updated.
This is really cool. Going to have to print out the Fallout cover sometime.
These are absolutely awesome.
I want GOG to make them official.Like, now.
Looks great, cheers mate!
Great Job thanks!
We should place a jar somewhere that everybody who wants to use these dvd covers can put 10 cents into it so you can buy more games on gog :).
Total awesome! :) I will buy some from this games just to print one of this great covers! :)
Thank you for your positive feedback :)
I've redesigned the covers slightly to make them more readable when printed on normal paper.
Nice job, good quality covers too :)
I said I wasn't going to relay this joke here, but I can't help but do it.
"printers are for old people, who hate trees! and need paper copies.."
Printers are still trendy!
Anyway, what I wouldn't give to buy GOG-made DVD boxes :)
List updated with four new covers.
Bumping :P
Are you still working on covers for other games?
Fallout 1 link is broken by the way.