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i was wondering can someone here be able to design covers for games which arent available here on gog, such games as,

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
hell a cyberpunk thriller
flashback the quest for identity, 1992 version
discworld noir
discworld 2

so if someone has original box art, i perfer original box art it looks better this way, is there a possibility to create dvd covers from them, as im been hunting custom made dvd covers for my original discs online for some time and no seems to make covers for games, a web site known as cover project has done covers for ps and 3do but not for pc, i dont have dvd cover creation software to do them my self and love to get covers for them.

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wow its so quiet here lately, i posted here like 14 days ago, thats 2 weeks with postal comments on any thing, i hope everthing ok with the site, i come here daily to see new threads, wow 14 days nothing, take care