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So you added the amiga stickers manually? Do you have a set of 1 and 2 without any stickers like the 3 you attached?

I can remove the stickers if you want, and attach them here again.

I also have an individual:

Ultima: IV , V, VI , Underworld 1 and a somewhat smalll format Ultima Underworld 2 (640 x 885) I am still working on the other individual Ultima's

Might and Magic : 1 & 2- The others are already available.

Raveloft: 1 & 2

Ishar 1, 2, 3,

Realms of Arkania: 1. 2, 3, all but 3 have some stickers

Moto racer: 1 & 2 I think you may have individuals already - or were sold as individuals I don't remember.

Betrayal in Antara - simple almost square.

Dark Sun 1 & 2 stickers are easy to remove

Dungeon Rats


Lands of lore 1, 2 ,3

all 4 UFO's

Savage Frontier: 1 & 2

Two Worlds 2 Castle Defense

Two Worlds 2 Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Two Worlds 2

Thief: 1 ,2, 3

Fallout 1 & 2 and Fallout Tactic's

Drakensang all 3

Buck Rogers 1 & 2 gold box - If it comes out, I actually have physically copies both boxed versions from E-Bay

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic I am not sure if GOG has it.

I have many other single box scans for Steam, Gamer's Gate and Cd and DVD actual boxed games.
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Mobeeuz: I tried to add your design into my template, but I couldn't do it without losing important visual information. So I opted for the classic Stuff Cover™ instead. It's not the gold standard, but hopefully it's suitable...
Stuff: It looks great, thanks for using the image. I did not come up with the original design. Just for the record, that was Red_153D who started this thread and worked hard to perfect the design and create our covers until he went missing some years ago. Not many are willing to take on the task that he started. = )

sh4rp3r_gog: How do I get a account?
Stuff: I have never posted covers there but I believe there are instructions for creating an account somewhere on the site??
I'm the admin for that site, but haven't been able to keep up with it due to my personal schedule. RenKalan can also assist with creating an account, but I haven't seen him around much either. If anyone would like an account, just send me a direct message :)