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Diablo (with disc Label) -
Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition (with disc Label) -
Flashback -
Post edited March 11, 2019 by Mobeeuz
I know I'm Early on this request but Trüberbrook - A Nerd Saves the World come out on Tuesday March 12th and would love a cover for this soon to be classic! Thank you for your efforts and time you put into your art!
Hi Stuff! i can't believe that there is no cover yet for GRIS,maybe when you have some time,could you make something special for that great game? thanks!
WOW Stuff your amazing! Thank you so much for the Trubrobrook: A Nerd Saves The World cover!!
Stuff: GRIS - Please DON'T post a thank you
Great work in this cover!
Mobeeuz, I have just thrown together this Dungeons Kingdom cover that not available on GOG but maybe you could use it with your game launcher some day.

I have no Idea why the following games are unavailable on GOG ,but you can get it from Steam. I am currenlty working on covers for:

On steam:

Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar (V2)
The Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of Andokost
Realms of Arkania - Star Trail - The Remake version.

Unreleased Steam games::

Fallen Dungeons

Basically these are tile based Legend of Grimrock clones. Beck in the day of the original Dungeon Master from FTL they would be considered Dungeon Master clones


The Keep
Realms Of Arcania Sart Trail - the new remake version.
the_keep.jpg (112 Kb)
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Nice stuff, thanks! I agree with your wonderment on those titles, especially Grimoire. I was waiting for that to come here so I could add it to my classics, but it seems that GOG has passed on it. I surmise this is more to do with the authors, shall we say, ebullient reactions and comments than to the game itself. A shame I had to get it on Steam, but I can say the same for Dungeon Lords.

Keep up the great work!
Post edited March 17, 2019 by Mobeeuz
I got Grimoire done and a Game launcher version (not DVD cover) of Bards Tale 2, so you can start Bards Tale 2 without some menu or whatever pops up when you want to run just the single game. I have Bards Tale 3 to do and to be honest I had no good idea or resource images to do a trilogy.

I did another version of Dungeon Kingdom as well.
grimoire.jpg (397 Kb)