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Just as the thread title explains, toss, throw, heave, sling, or loft something at the user above you.

^ *Throws a brick at myself for starting this thread*
*Throws you your staff to help deflect any other objects that may be thrown your way.*
*throws a metal detector at you*

Now find me the other half of my metal bracelet!
Throws a necklace at you.

"Use this for now!"
^ *throws the missing half of Vingry's bracelet*
Throws payment for the half of the bracelet.
Throws the third half of Vingrys missing bracelet.
*throws the only remaining half of my former bracelet*

Would you kindly throw it back to me please?
"Here you go. You may now have it back."

Throws remaining half of my bracelet.
Throws a few cow pads at the lot of you so you can forget about the bloody bracelet and try and come up with something original.
I throw Donald Trump at you!
I throw a bucket of mayonnaise at you.
low rated
*Throws a pokeball at Lone_Scout*

I choose you!
^ throws a meringue pie
*throws a quarterstaff at you*