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mrkgnao: I believe it's AF, not BE. [...]
You're right, of course, it's AF - sorry, adaliabooks!

mrkgnao: [...] Also, specifically for this game, GOG has made things a bit more complex. The GOG game page is for the current (premium) edition of the game ("Worms W.M.D (with All-Stars Pack)", ID = 1387286368), which is what AF directs to in MaGog. Unfortunately, GOG records all the downloadable installers not under this edition, but rather under the older, no longer available, basic edition ("Worms W.M.D (without All-Stars Pack) [removed on Nov 15, 2016]", ID = 1448620034), which is, accordingly, where MaGog lists the downloadable files, as well as the changelog.

To get from one edition to the other within MaGog, you can just click on the "pack" button (below the game image).
It wouldn't be GOG if they didn't complicate things, would it now?

Thanks for the tip on the "pack" button.
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Update 0.85 (30 July 2019) - Part I

- Added game controls rebinding
- Added optional new controls
- Sorting file browsing bidirectionally for both date based and alphanumeric sorting.
- Added Level Mountain Barrier
- Added Level Revolving Monolith
- Respawn Zones + Set Respawn Event added to level editor logic system.

- (This allows you to change where a player can respawn, perfect for checkpoints or random spawn positions. It works by using the event "Set Respawn" in level editor logic, selecting the build zone of the machine to respawn, and selecting the Respawn Zone object you want the player to respawn in on next Respawn event.)
- (Set Respawn does not respawn the player, it simply sets where to respawn. This allows checkpoints to be cached easily. If you want to set a new respawn point and immediately respawn the player, just use the Set Respawn event first and immediately trigger the Respawn event targeting the same machine after after.)
- (Remember setting respawn only does anything when the target machine is in simulation, with "OnLevelSimulation" trigger logic happening as levels start, and levels start before players technically are simulation yet, setting spawn instantly on a level start doesn't do anything.)
- Steering Hinge now has an auto-return toggle to make those steering creations a bit easier.
- A simple steering tutorial is now found in zone 3 and camera controls tutorial has been moved to zone 2.

- There is now a subtle sound for highlighting islands in the level select screens.
- AB now has a small "Ground" button next to position as well as the gizmo ground handle on the transform tool gizmo.
- A couple of levels were reordered in Valfross to make sure it ended with a fitting level, this means that Penitent Tower is now the last level of Valfross, and Mountain Barrier is featured earlier in the island (to be exact where Penitent Tower was before), this means Mountain Barrier might show up to some people as already beaten.
- Besiege will now better attempt to detect your system language and set itself to that language the first time you launch it.
- Rewrote fire system to use an optimised overlap evaluation instead of extra simulated physical trigger bodies to improve performance and consistency when many objects are on fire.
- Removed superfluous and old setup related components and sub objects from blocks to somewhat improve performance.
- Ipsilon Knight models updated to fit more with the later styles.
- AB Duplicate selection button now appears as part of the AB drop down on the top bar.
- AB and Level Editor gizmos now snap always correctly to the end rotation and position when snap/grid is enabled.
- Instead of a Duplicate button on the main AB bar the Machine Keys Display toggle is now present like it is on the non AB bar.
- Updated Steering Hinge model and texture
- Updated Piston model and texture
- Updated Suspension model and texture
- Slight update to Rocket model and texture
- Making the title screen planet rotate to better feature the current island in progress
- few control bindings have changed
- Improved logging of multiplayer issues.
- Slightly tweaked Old Howl Battlefield.
- Tweaked Marksman’s Pass to improve difficulty for newer players.
- Improved one of the ingame fonts.
- Removed superfluous components and sub objects from Southern Shrine statue.
- Tolbrynd knights now correctly run when on fire.
- Ipsilon archers were made to run when on fire.
- Updated Pin Block and Large Wheel tooltips to accurately display the default keybinding.
- Updated Flying Block tooltip to be more clear the default key is ‘O’ and not 0.
- Limited multiverse names to 32 characters.
- Removed Herobrine.

- Fixed a server freeze/crash error caused by when evaluating which blocks had to reinitialize their cluster links after moving it with an AB tool resulted in the machine getting stuck on the server since it was waiting for updated cluster results.
- Fixed an issue where blocks falling through the floor or that were otherwise under the floor would be included in the camera focus position, resulting the camera to be pushed beneath the ground.
- Fixed an issue with local clusters after using AB that wouldn't recombine clusters of now solidly connected blocks.
- Fixed a problem cluster evaluation where block proximity would not use the correct radius.
- Clusters for your machine are no longer evaluated for blocks not in your machine.
- Improved undo states for both AB and Level Editor transformations tools, where it will correctly compare quaternions before adding a transformation undo state.
- Fixed a problem where Mirroring blocks so they flip direction (like wheel spin direction), but with no physical change present, they wouldn't add a correct undo state for said block.
- fixed a problem where rotating machines with AB at above 60 fps would make blocks move independently towards the center.
- fixed a problem with the AB rotation tool gizmo where it would jump off into the distance instead of staying correctly centered.
- fixed a problem where using the paint bucket would display to other players in multiverse the entire machine or none of the machine being painted instead of just the selection.
- Now combines AB paint bucket messages to a single message for multiplayer to avoid skin paint related desyncs.
- Fixed a problem where entering simulation before a skin has finished loading it would never seemingly finish loading during simulation.
- Fixed a problem where the block Skins menu wouldn’t have the background and page selection correctly during initial uses.
- Fixed a problem where similarly those would incorrect if you added a skin through explorer.
- fixing a slight memory leak related to grabbers
- fixed short log blocks not receiving skins correctly
- Fixed skins not working on non-local machines (for other players)
- fixed a problem with ingame warnings staying too long or even permanently
- fixed Level Editor and Advanced Building gizmo not snapping correctly to the object after transformation.
- Fixed brace mirroring undo bug by correctly resetting pos/rotOffset on non-local client machine before applying
- Undo events are now processed in reverse order to ensure consistency
- Fixed several issues with dragged blocks and braces
- Fixed Braces sometimes loading with the wrong rotation compared to saving. Furthermore braces should be consistent between singleplayer and multiplayer now.
- Fixed an issue where springs and rope would slide slowly away from their starting positions as the machine moved.
- Fixed an issue where after many respawns machines would look to be shaking, stuttering or not moving as smooth, and performance would slightly be worse. Cause Machine didn't call RemoveRunningMachine when respawning, resulting in block updates being called too often after x amount of respawns.
- Cannons now correctly use ignition events across network.
- Refined Block transform caching system for multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where arrows would be on fire when reused from a pool by a crossbow
- Fixed various issues with arrows for both singleplayer and multiplayer, including better fire catching delay, and actually receiving the ignition event for clients.
- TimedRocket now sending ignition event correctly to clients as well so it can never be ignored.
- File Browser Title line break correctly with long titles, but only when there is a search bar in the way.
- Correctly resets timescale variables when NetworkAddPiece::OnClientStop is fired
- Only saves config when OnApplicationQuit is fired
- Various optimizations to the BalloonController and SpringCode cylinder/contraction calculations
- Improved machine bounds calculation.
- No longer updates bounds when moving a build zone with a player inside it.
- Blocks are now placed faster when loading and cloning machines in multiverse.
- Improved performance of title screen water.
- Fixed an issue where drills and saws would result in an error when attacking certain stationary objects.
- No longer tries to update center positions for machine every time undo/redo is executed if it doesn’t have to.
- Improved TimeSlider::DeltaTime calculation by removing unnecessary multiplications
- File browser no longer stays open when loading a level with limited machine selection as the limited options are presented instead of the normal file browser.
- Rope and Winch now correctly destroys a winch section when the block it’s connected to is destroyed.
- Fixed Spring and Rope getting stuck midair when it’s not connected to blocks at both ends.
- Cutting rope in multiplayer now snaps the rope instead of popping the balloon, where before it would have inconsistent behaviours for clients and hosts.
- Now correctly reversed the variant name for the chicken level objects.
- Fixed an issue where copying curly snowy grass tuft to grass patch messes up the parameter panel.
- Updated some chickens in Ipsilon because there were slightly completely broken.
- Updated some Yaks in Tolbrynd as they were sorta borked like some chickens.
- Used a grace period to avoid accidentally scrolling over the keys in Machine Key Binding window and rebinding several keys very quickly.
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Update 0.85 (added 30 July 2019) - Part II:

FIXES: (continued)
- Fixed a problem that occurred when dragging with middle mouse button it would also focus an object if the cursor highlighted that on button release.
- Improved Z Fighting issues across blood spatter and explosion marks on ground.
- Quests screen now correctly updates to the correct language when language option is changed
- Fixed an issue where Center of Mass and Symmetry Pivot gizmos would disappear when another player entered sim, additionally the skins label on the bottom bar for the active block would disappear.
- Fixed some overlapping text in some block tooltips for some languages.
- Fixed a problem where custom levels in multiplayer wouldn’t reset certain objects correctly due to an interpolation error.
- Newer ranged AI will attempt to not launch projectiles straight up to hit targets below them, to avoid hitting themselves in the face.
- fixed incorrectly loaded modded block from level machines.
- fixed an error when hosting, disconnecting, rehosting and entering level editor settings while having modded blocks.
- fixed an issue where arrows shot into kinematic or even potentially moving objects would still be actively damaging things, fx. Resulting in driving over arrows damaging wheels.
- Changed startup sequence so it no longer needs IEntryPointHandler, but uses delegates scripts can subscribe to instead.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes the missing skins warning prompt wouldn’t have the background encapsulating all the missing skins.
- Fixed an issue where variable names in the level editor wasn’t checked for validity and where the name wasn’t sanitised properly.
- Fixed an issue with Japanese localisation where ≤ and ≥ would appear incorrectly in the logic module.
- Tolbrynd tents always leave their broken scorch mark now again.
- Fixed some problems with old AI not setting the correct pose/animation in relation to the current state.
- Fixed a problem where the player could focus the camera on Sandbox environment resulting in the camera leaving the map.
- Fixed a problem where you couldn’t focus click on other players machines in building mode in multiplayer
- Cleaned up rich text formatting in various text fields.
- Fixed a minor problem where you weren’t able to use the pyro god tool to light things on fire while displaying a win screen.

- Changed several variables and references that will now appear as "Deprecated" when writing mods in an IDE like Visual Studio.
- Added ModIO.SerializeXml and ModIO.DeserializeXml methods
- Fix UriException when trying to convert paths with mixed path separators to a relative path in ModIO
- Fix being unable to use / to specify the root mod directory. And potentially other possible problems in ModPaths.GetFilePath.
- EntityAI now have fields for hardcoded names
- optional breakForce added to BasePoint in block mod xml
- Merged TimeSlider and TimeSliderObject, and added TimeSliderView for UI handling, myDeltaTime and myTime variable changed to deltaTime and time accordingly.
- Added and implemented onMachineChanged, onMachineModified and onMachinePostLoad delegates to ReferenceMaster.
- Added OptionsMaster.dontIgnoreBlockBeneathGround that can be used to change the machine simulation center calculation to allow having blocks beneath the floor be included or not.
- Added OptionsMaster.scrollBindingEnabled that can be used to start and stop when the scroll wheel is accepted by the Overview Mapper and Options menu.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Update 0.85-10458 (30 July 2019)

- When middle clicking on a picked object in the logic editor, it will focus on it
- Added an option for disabling the focus effect

- Completely removed GameAnalytics
- Ripple now moves with the focused object

- Fixed a problem with level editor/AB gizmos glitching when the camera was too far away
- Explosions no longer unconstrain movement on certain objects
- Fixed respawn zone picker behaviour
- Cannonball is now returned to the projectile pool with the right scale
- Build zone highlights properly when selected out of sim
- Chat and invite button no longer disappear in sim
- Focus effect is now time scale independent
- Resolved SP Ipsilon archer pooling issues
- Fixed vacuuming causing issues on Pertinent Tower
- DeselectAll and RemoveObjects now processes the selection in the right order, so it retains the last selected block when undoing
- Fixed a problem where the rope would inflict machine damage when exiting sim
- Removed positional threshold for spring/rope since it had a few drawbacks
- Simplified spring/rope cylinder math
- Fixed a problem where trying to update an existing machine would result in an empty screen
- Cleaned up timestamp code for sorting
- Freezing Frontier only triggers in campaign mode or for the local machine
- Fixed not being able to place blocks after refocusing on the client
- Fixed deselect undo not being created when removing blocks
- Improved middleclick focus algorithm
- Moved fire overlap code to physics update
- Fixed a problem where deselection of level objects wouldn't remove gizmo
- Reintroduced a lost spacing of loading a machine to mimic the timing of before but making it elapse slightly more time

- Fixed modded blocks not having a BlockDamageType when necessary
- Fixed UndoActionScale not taking a previous position
- Fixed and generated modding documentation
Mac OS standalone installers not updated yet.
high rated
Field of Glory: Empires
Update 1.0.3 (31 July 2019)

GAMEPLAY (improvements and fixes)
- Mercenary decision won't pick slaves as a valid mercenary army
- Cotton Field structure can now be built again (Egypt and India)
- You can abandon a region which has the 'Under Conquest' modifier or is pillaged. It costs one government age per population as a limiter.
- Rebels conversion to a reborn nation won't happen in contested regions (fix some issues)
- Units in neutral territory can be moved away toward closest friendly region (up to 6 regions distance)
- When a region rebels, garrison is mustered, and you keep the walls.
- Slave decimation in case of revolt is one slave pop per 5 units raised (was 10)
- Can import or export up to 24 (each) different trade goods per region
- New Capitol building provided for free at all difficulty levels
- Fix to Judea temple decision could cause a crash
- New buildings and tweaked buildings (geared toward easier crowd control):
- Olympic Games (World Wonder, restricted to Hellenes nation)
- Tabularium (National Wonder, restricted to Italic ethnicity)
- Naumachia (gladiator games on water)
- Pleasure District (National Wonder) loyalty 25>30
- Coliseum, Circus Maximus (World Wonder) loyalty 50>60
- Circus, Racing Track loyalty 30>40
- Prison loyalty 10>15
- Fix to an improper evaluation in the 'Support Science' decision
- A region already defined as the main capital should not move to another region.
- Fix to Provincial units, if different per civilization level not given properly (e.g Galatian Hvy Inf.)
- DOW probability lessened and use extra factors.
- An enemy can't steal anymore a region only defended by an ally
- Provincial capitol will move to the correct region
- Ensure that auto garrisons raise against invasion and post-battles checks
- Fix to 2 late wonders not added properly (again)
- All nations are 'switchable' once they appear on the map
- 2 fleets made only of transports won't attack each other.
- Transported units don't skirmish or evade.

- Will merge more often weak groups
- Allies should loiter less in other territories
- If under severe threat, will favor grouping and defending around capitals

- Master Fletcher can improve skirmisher ranged attack (provided it is not 0) and provides 5 XP
- Slightly bigger bonus for Peace chance from war duration
- Population with 2 or 3 unrest (was 2 only) are green in the region panel
- Heavy Infantry balancing (for non clumsy HI):
- Scots now have +15% "Money Increase cost"
- Rex Custodiae will cost a bit more (Are unique so not exploitable)
- Lin Teata will cost a bit more money but less metal, thematic with their gear (Are unique so not exploitable)
- Britonnic, Goths, Galatians, Pictish, Dacians provincial heavy infantries: They retain their excellent stats, but cost more in manpower and "Money Increase cost" is now 35%, not 25% as others prov. units.
- Brythonic infantry has the besieger effect
- Removed Phalanx from CAR
- Roman Fort and Limes can be disassembled
- Slave Market decision given more often (+50% frequency)
- Carthage initial treasury increased (1500>2500), friendlier neighbors.
- Mauretania hold on most regions removed
- North African nations don’t get cameliers until Imperial Level.
- Removed ahistorical phalanx to some nations.
- Rome objectives slightly more spread out (and far reaching)
- Cavalry balancing:
- Heavy Cavalry and Cataphracts now place themselves between HI and MI and gain +1 hit point
- War chariots get +1 hit point
- Companions get +1 effec
- Castrum Equitatum works for Med Cav too

- Remappable hotkeys for common panels (K diplomacy | Nation panel | Ledger | Build structure | Unit recruitment | Trade panel)
- Added diplomacy button to UnitPanel, can contact a nation without territory.
- New context and gameplay texts for Rome and Epirus in Pyrrhus scenario
- Move camera to an army location when selecting a faction with no regions in diplomacy panel.
- Show recruitment spending as spent rather than part of the delta on faction bar and military recruitment tab.
- Army display options: Unit Count, Combat Power (as before), Categorized
- Fix to missing title in the 'one of the Civil War Warning' for Rome
- Upgrade buildings show as slot usage zero
- Fixed ambiguous or misleading UI behavior when ordering intercepts.
- Leave Trade Info open when switching Region Panel tabs
- In structure info and construction, moved description to the right; modifiers, unlocks, and misc stats to the left.
- Show Ally Battle option (default off).

Nowhere Prophet
Patch 1.00.011 Arudha (30 July 2019)

- AI evaluation bug fixed: Later moves in a sequence had inflated scores, making even bad moves look useful
- AI decision system improved and more responsive to prioritization and unit positioning
- AI is less allergic to having obstacles in the front column position
- Enemy AI cleverness is affected by level (Ai is worse on lower levels)


- Enemy levels on map 1 changed to 1-2 (was 1-3)
- Enemy levels on last map changed to 7-10 (was 7-9)
- Enemy levels on crypt map changed to 10-12 (was 9-10)
- Enemy decks adjusted to be easier on lower levels
- Scion Bloodhand deck adjusted: Fewer charge followers in early maps
- Scion High Priest deck adjusted: Only one Bodhisattva, no more danger of cycling them constantly

- Unconquered Ascetic: Lost Shielded keyword
- The Tireless changed to 4/3 (was 3/6)
- Mounting Pressure cost increased to 6 (was 5)
- Frazzle cost increased to 4 (was 3)
- Bold Strike cost increased to 4 (was 2)
- Shade cost increased to 3 (was 1)

- Reduced number of nodes in later maps slightly
- Reduced rest at initial crash site to 3 uses (was 5)
- Finally added rest options to the Crypt Gate (3 uses). You can now take a breather before diving in.
- Battery rewards reduced slightly across the board

- Improved visual quality of intro logos
- French translation updated

- Soothing Shadows no longer triggers on moved obstacles or constructs
- Coordinated swarm no longer triggers on dead drones moving and no longer hits dead targets
- Defy Death is depleted on trigger, not on turn start
- Hedgehog Drone is depleted on trigger, not on turn start
- Battery mutator no longer has second player start with 10 Energy
- Wounded followers on the enemy side now start with 1 damage
- Rest button no longer vanishes on 4K displays
- Restarting game after loading a game no longer throws save game error
- Crypt Knowledge follow up events can no show up in the Crypt (no stars crashed into the Crypt)
- Surrender events in combat are now properly loaded
- Various minor text and event issues fixed
Standalone installers updated: 31 July 2019.
high rated
Rise of Industry
Patch 1.3.4:3107a (31 July 2019)

Improvements and Changes
- Made Boat Docks and Fishermen Pier much easier to place by using just one row of tiles to go in the water.
- Adjusted the dead settlement condition game over screen.
- Edited a tutorial slide to include changing the vehicle type when using Trains.

- Fixed a bug where the Building Upkeep was wrong after Players reloaded a game.
- Fixed a bug where the Bridge Speed was decreased if it went over a Dirt Road.
- Fixed a bug where the “Invest in the Sciences” event would spawn after everything has been researched.
- Fixed a bug where Pollution would not affect elevated tiles.
- Fixed a bug where the Pollution Game Over the screen would not appear properly.
- Fixed a bug where the Chemical Scrubber was researchable without unlocking Chemicals.
- Fixed a few minor errors with SVG settings and Data binding on destination modules.
- Fixed a bug where Train Terminals would lose their inventory when updating game versions.
- Fixed a bug with the Production Overview Screen to display more pertinent information.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Product from changing what Trucks were hauling properly.

Work in Progress
- Working on improving how the AI places building.

Standalone installers updated 30-31 July 2019 with no changelog:

Airships: Conquer the Skies - to
Bad North: Jotunn Edition - Windows to 2.0(9ac50dd), and Mac OS to 9ac50dd.
Book of Demons - to 1.03.18759.
Eagle Island - Linux installer added (
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - to MYZ_GOG_22976.
Niche - a genetics survival game - to 1.2.1.
high rated
UnderRail & Expedition

Patch (01 August 2019)

-Quick Tinkering - Setting traps while in combat will now cost 25 action points
-[Expedition] Sixth Shell - will now also grant 10% (+2% per specialization) damage bonus per "shell count" buff stack; the final damage will not be changed
-[Expedition] Spear Throw - Base damage changed to 125% (down from 150%) and damage per unit of range changed to 20% (down from 30%)
-[Expedition] Continuum Ripple - Chance changed to 25% (down from 35%)

-Added Quick Tinkering: Action Points specialization - Decreases action point cost of setting traps using quick tinkering by 5 for each specialization point. Can be taken 5 times.
-[Expedition] Spear Throw: Action Points - Changed action point reduction to 3 per spec point (down from 5)
-[Expedition] Spear Throw: Damage - Increased damage per range per spec point changed to 1% (down from 2%)
-[Expedition] Continuum Ripple: Chance per spec point changed to 2% (down from 3%)

-Supersteel Sheet will now grant mechanical resistance and threshold bonus against all edge melee weapons; this will not be applied retroactively to already crafted/generated armors
-[Expedition] Vehicle parts are now counted as "crafting" item for the purpose of inventory filtering
-[Expedition] Shotgun damage reduced by 10% (both combat and regular)
-[Expedition] Shotgun optimal ranged changed to 4 (up from 3) (both combat and regular)
-[Expedition] 6p Shotgun Shell (Boarshot) - each pellet now does 15% of the nominal damage (up from 14%, even though the tooltip suggested it was 13% previously) and ignores 30% of the mechanical damage resistance (up from 25%)
-[Expedition] 12p Shotgun Shell (Houndshot) - now ignores 55% of mechanical damage threshold (down from 65%) and no longer ignores any resistance (down from 10%)
-[Expedition] 20p Shotgun Shell (Hoppershot) - now ignores 40% of mechanical damage threshold (down from 60%)
-[Expedition] 3p Shotgun Shell (Trainshot) - each pellet now deal 25% of the nominal damage (up from 20%), ignores 80% of mechanical damage threshold (up from 75%) and 50% of mechanical damage resistance (up from 40%)
-[Expedition] Shotguns are now perfectly balanced and there's no need to think about it further

-[Expedition] Limited Temporal Increment no longer affects Fatal Throw and Commando "once per turn" rules

-Observable object cursor will now indicate if the observable has multiple lines to show (with three dots) so you don't miss out on it

-Fixed the discrepancy between stealth detection in turn-based and real-time mode; TB should now be much closer to RT one, especially when it comes to movement
-Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to not try to escape fire while also feared
-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused NPCs to pass their turn trying to reactive their empty energy shields
-Splitting items will now accept input from the numpad
-Fixed the bug that caused a lot of random loot containers to be reseeded on entering the area
-Fixed the bug that caused a store to be mostly emptied out due to some new shipments
-Updated some old barrels
-Fixed Vera's infinite money glitch
-Fixed Arda's mercantile check (it checked base value instead of modified)
-[Expedition] Temporal Distortion will now properly break incapacitation/freeze
-[Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused a shotgun attack to always be reported as a crit when only a single pellet hit the target
-[Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused the combat shotgun currently being crafted to indicate it can burst as many shots as your current shotgun weapon if it's equipped
-[Expedition] Fixed some dialogue branching issues after rescuing a certain important person and talking to them afterwards
-[Expedition] Fixed being able to repeatedly report to Professor Oldfield about the Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center
-[Expedition] Fixed Cruzer not appearing during the Rig mission report in a certain instance
-[Expedition] Fixed the muties getting angry at the player too early for not delivering them the promised medications
-[Expedition] Fixed a certain person not towing a certain vessel if told to do so over the navcom
-[Expedition] Fixed a bug with the professor not following you in a certain instance
-Various minor dialog and map fixes
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Jul 2019:
Total updates: 66
Games updates: 44 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 59

89% updates have an official flag. 11% are missing.

Two silent updates that GOG re-upload missing patches are not listed above.
20190708 grim_dawn
20190704 war_for_the_overworld

[1] Jul 2019 updates:
[2] Jun 2019 record:
high rated
Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

Updated to 1.2.6a.
No changelog.
high rated
Train Valley

Update 1.3 (Linux) (1 August 2019)

- Fixed the saving issue on Linux.
@GOG Staff -- Any eta on the Brigador update?

The devs say you guys have it already, but it's going through your review process.

Changed download version - Patch, Patch (1.03.18721 to 1.00.18759), Windows, en - 1.03.18721 ⇒ 1.00.18759
Doesn't make sense?
Post edited August 02, 2019 by ConnieThunder
high rated

Changed download version - Patch, Patch (1.03.18721 to 1.00.18759), Windows, en - 1.03.18721 ⇒ 1.00.18759
Doesn't make sense?
You should be looking a bit down on the page, at the first entry for 2019-07-30.

Changed download version - Installer, Book of Demons, Windows, en - 1.03.18721 ⇒ 1.03.18759
high rated
Lucian_Galca: @GOG Staff -- Any eta on the Brigador update?

The devs say you guys have it already, but it's going through your review process.
You should create a support ticket. I highly doubt they even watch this thread anymore.
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Between the Stars

Change Log v0. (1 August 2019)

- A bug causing items to be outside their slots has been fixed.
- The brightness of the ship's engines has been reduced.
- A bug causing the health of the ship when loading a save has been fixed.
- Volumetric lighting effect on suns has been reduced, most noticeably on red suns.
- A bug that prevented the bug report text box from clearing after being sent has been fixed.
- New line is now allowed in bug reports.
- Debug logs have been added to the loading code to try to know the reason for crashes that some players suffer upon starting a game.

Cultist Simulator - Part I

- Welcome to Cultist Simulator. Follow us at, and at @factoryweather on Twitter, to learn about upcoming updates and other projects in the Secret Histories setting. If you find a bug or the game is crashing on you, do let us know at .
- PS: Chinese localisation coming this year.

thank you!
Lottie, Alexis, Claire, Hannah and Marc


- All detective rivals can now be recruited!
- We have a modding framework! (a now-official version of Lyrositor's Frangiclave Mod Manager).
- Quality of life changes - automatically combine card stacks + new accessibility option for reading cards.
- Painting now penalises selling out. If you sell a lot of paintings using Reputation, you'll need to focus on quality work for a while to avoid going stale.
- Research mechanics have been upgraded. They now make use of variant HQs and involve more strategy, less grind, and less luck.

Full recent patch notes:

v2018.10.a.1: 'Ardour'

- Followers are now romanceable (not all followers in all circumstances)
- Extremely minimal Rivals implementation
- various smol fixes and content tweaks

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.b.1: 'Bitterness'

- Much richer Rivals implementation. Rivals will conduct expeditions and attempt to ascend in your place. Set traps for them and whittle down their health. Treat them with caution, and hope they'll come back around to your side. Or feed Notoriety to the Suppression Bureau in the hope they'll pursue your Rivals instead.
- a larger number of highly specialised victories, and a new loss
- fixed bug where cult formation wasn't giving HQs

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.d.1: 'Detection'

- Nasty ascension bug fixed
- Skills rework: Passion, Reason and Health are now all capped
- ...but much easier to get, with the 'Lesson Learnt' mechanic.
- A small surprise.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.e.1: 'Elegance'

- bug fixes to Skills/stats
- Corpses and Risen now retain additional aspects from life; so e.g. Winter-scarred corpses are easier to raise and more powerful
- Risen can now be renewed to keep them active longer
- nother book
- a surprise

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.f.1: 'Ferocity'

- filled in some missing art
- fixed soft-greedy-grab bug that sometimes made the player accidentally bin off their ain true love
- some things are unique-r (eg: it should never be possible to have concurrent different versions of the same follower)
- some Dancer fixes and clues
- a small surprise

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.g.1: 'Gravitas'

- Fleeting Memories can be used again to address Fascination (not sure when that broke)
- Defeating Fascination gives Lantern influence, defeating Despair gives Winter influence
- round-up of bug fixes and typos/contumps
- The tiniest of surprises

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.h.1: 'Hope'

- When a detective defeats an independent troublemaker, a new troublemaker will appear. The struggle is real.
- Detectives will have more temptations to resist if they burn the first file.
- When Disciples or Exalted followers rebel, they become more powerful Rivals/Long in the making immediately.
- Dammit Fraser stay in the credits
- Tristan ending image shows up
- Laidlaw romance not intermittently in second person
- Cheevos now trigger correctly for exalts, and also won't try to trigger more than once per card
- Elridge doesn't lose his lust: power when promoted to an Assassin
- Jealousy only triggers when romantic interest exists

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.i.1: 'Janus'

- Visions and Despair now give a visible and audible warning when they reach 2 F or D
- Guises in Dancer now give a small advantage on the relevant expedition
- Guises are mutually unique
- Passion and Reason textbooks now work with the Lessons Learnt system

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.k.4: 'Kronos'

- Major change to influences; they can now be harvested and upgraded in a whole bunch of combinations, and they decay slowly. This is an intended change that didn't quite make it into Teresa's Update. [Note: it makes Heart ascension significantly easier.]
- Creeping Breath Curse icon now displays correctly
- Curses can now be defeated, although not easily.
- Tweaks and bumps to Mansus rewards - in particular, there are now a couple of extra ways to get Heart influence.
- Romance: Uses of Strength no longer lets you put any old rubbish in the slot
- Now that Lantern and Winter influence turn into Fascination and Dread, Fascination and Dread no longer give Lantern and Winter influence when defeated.
- Inductions (those transient thirty-second verbs that sawn Restlessness, Vitality, Dread, etc) no longer spawn new inductions in their turn.
- Spawn chance of inductions slightly reduced.
- Attempting a Heart or Moth ascension, and then turning aside to be with your beloved, will now trigger the correct ending.
- A special case of a secret victory will now trigger correctly. You'll know it if you've seen it.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to skip a step on the route to that secret victory.
- Final Dancer job upgrade now requires Grace specialisation for Health skill.
- Fixed missing text for the final Dancer job upgrade.
- Added an additional Dancer hint.
- Added a side-effect from use of Glassfinger Toxin.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Stacks of unique items are no longer a thing.
- Detectives can now be captured again.
- Typos
- Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with skill upgrading in the pre-Teresa builds.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Stability improvements
- infrastructure work to support localisation
- typos

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Pawns now correctly show up as Troublemakers in Detective legacies.
- Burgeoning and Shattered Risen will endure for twice as long.
- The Bone Flute can now be given to Followers.
- Ctrl + ' also now brings up the console, as an alternative to Ctrl + `. Sorry, Italian keyboard users and others!
- Clarified some hint text.
- Typo fixes

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Corpses when raised will never fight to break control.
- Corpses when raised with a missing Follower aspect due to wounds will have Follower restored.
- Defeating Fascination with Fleeting Memory never creates a Consciousness of Radiance.
- Moth and Heart endings now correctly signal upcoming endingness.
- Permanent card elimination now occurs when a deck's list of standard cards, not current cards, contains a unique card or uniqueness group member card. Excited yet? Okay, this means that if you draw a book from a deck that reshuffles, it's now permanently eliminated from that deck, so you can't get multiple Viennese Conundra-a from Ecdysis.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Major Expeditions rework to reduce midgame grind, including six new Expeditions. Expeditions now give fixed, more thematically suitable, and usually more impressive, rewards. Default expeditions give you a chance to scoop up books from any Expeditions consumed by Rivals, and also can be repeated to gain Ingredients. (If you're in mid-game when this patch hits, it might mean you get some items twice on your current playthrough: call it a bonus.)
- Fixed a rare issue where it was still sometimes possible to put a stack of >1 card in a slot (if you swapped out one card of that type for a stack of identical cards)
- Fixed an even rarer issue where saving the game with two funds in unstarted Expedition slots would leave you with only 1 Funds on reloading.
- 30% of the time, failing to use a Favour to save a Follower would leave you under suspicion instead. This should no longer happen.
- Removed Bloodshed, for now.
- Reduced Fleeting Reminiscence duration to make it more Fleeting. It'll get more fleeting still, but I didn't want to cause too much unexpected pain when this hit the main branch.
- Rite of the Sea's Marriage is now Rite of the Crow's Quenching.
- You shouldn't see two Detective legacies
- Loads of enhancements to debug console
- Extremely alpha implementation of the first Major Victory. Currently, it's only possible to pursue a Forge apostle legacy (by completing the Forge/Power minor victory) and there is only a very limited implementation of just one of the immortal enemies you'll face. But it should give you an idea of what's coming. :) [This is unavailable in the main branch.]
- Lessons Learnt now decay to their antecedents. (Thanks for the feedback on this! It should always have been thus, really)
- Added a couple of Dancer hints
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Cultist Simulator - Part II

v2019.1.i.1: Illopoly

- Apostle legacies now in game! After you've completed a minor victory, try to complete your predecessor's ascension. Note: thanks to some very powerful interference these are much harder.
- escaped summonings now bite
- Grail auction no longer won without funds
- Grail auction never won cheap
- Ready for Apostle lift-off
- Forlorn Blood sickness no longer snags wounded followers
- Can't found two cults
- Watchers added by Long should now work as intended
- High Contrast option in settings
- Summonings now usually leave a residue when destroyed- Special characters should now be possible when naming your character. I mean special characters like " and %, not like Enid. However, you can call your character Enid, if you like.
- You can now close verb windows with a keystroke (Escape by default). I'm sorry we didn't do this before. It's my fault. I don't know what I was thinking.
- Ezeem, Crucible and Teresa are now rather more effectively unique.
- Forlorn Blood may now kill you.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- fixed a case where the Apostle update broke the Dancer legacy on Steam
- which also fixed the Enigmatic Square White Legacy bug
- game now recognises when you try to betray a mentor, but just can't quit them
- sundry typo fixes and minor bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who reported them!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- added experimental dropzone to allow you to direct cards somewhere specific
- Stag Door entry proofed against an odd bug
- various summoning fixes
- greedy-grab runs a little faster to help with situations where you're about to die from lack of health and it turns up with v little time to spare
- Collect-All now sends Mansus cards to dropzone, not to initiating location
- cards which were stacked when added to a recipe can now go into a different stack if their origin stack has disappeared.
- Keyboard scroll more responsive
- High contrast mode persisted between loads
- game over music respects volume, now
- fixed misleading text
- perf optimisations

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- It's now possible to repair a sabotaged Dawnbreaker Core. Sorry about that.
- Summons now markedly less voracious.
- Fixed an infuriatingly subtle bug where Time would start passing very late when you play as a Bright Young Thing.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Initial HQ implementation. They'll have some additional effects when the new Research mechanic lands.
- Backwards-compatibility tweak to allow access to the new HQs for existing saves.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Research mechanics have changed significantly (and may change further).
- Secret headquarters sometimes consume Reputation.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Opium can now cause health complications.
- Certain spirits will now protect against sickness.
- Certain other spirits will consume Passion and Reason... and under rare circumstances, you might choose to let them do so.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed Research mechanic bugs - particularly an issue where challenges weren't reset after a Lore fragment was upgraded.
- There is now an additional means of restoring Decrepitude.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed incorrect lore result from Ezeem.
- Fixed dual cults bug (AGAIN!).
- Working with Health should now always spawn the Time verb.
- Recipe outputs should now separate out stacks of decaying items to avoid some related bugs.
- Element and aspect details windows can now be closed by clicking anywhere else if a situation window isn't open.
- Certain identical notification messages (e.g. "Can't merge cards") will no longer stack.
- Fixed "The Lesser Crossroads" not being unique.
- Fixed certain legacy-specific items getting passed down to the Bright Young Thing.
- Ensure high-level Edge abduction attempts have a penalty for failure.
- Fixed Victor sometimes morphing into Valciane.
- Fixed Dartmen ignoring fatigue as a valid target when attacking the player.
- It is no longer possible to start a recipe while dragging any token to prevent certain recipe bugs.
- Fixed painting not always correctly accounting for the level of Passion.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed some issues related to stacking mutated cards.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added some additional safeguards around saving and loading.
- The game will now remain paused when leaving the Mansus.
- Fixed being able to repeatedly burn the Burning Bureau File.
- Fixed being able to Talk about the dropzone.
- Added a verb icon for fallen expedition members.
- Fixed being able to obtain translatable books twice.
- Reworked spirit summoning to prevent issues with summoned assistants turning on their master.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added a new accessibility option in the Options menu to orthogonally project a bigger version of a card on hover.
- Fixed a save corruption issue that would occur when the season of ambitions triggered.
- Fixed some cards occasionally disappearing from the table.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- MODDING! The core functionality of the Frangiclave Mod Manager has been integrated into the game. You can now manage mods from the new Transfigurations menu.
- Fixed failed auctions always taking one fund away.
- New text for the description of The Book of the Extinguished Heart.
- Echidna now acknowledges when she's eating a rival of yours.
- All followers, summoned or not, are now kicked out immediately before a Long moves to direct confrontation. This prevents sneaking them, especially spirits, straight in for a surprise attack.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added new Staleness mechanic for painting.
- Fixed some rite hint text unexpectedly showing up when using a certain Apostle item.
- Internal research elements will no longer show up on completion.
- Fixed incorrect summoning text showing up when a spirit tried to escape.
- Added a button for automatically combining card stacks.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- All detective rivals can now be recruited to your cult. Until now, only Douglas could be swayed.
- Added a list of installed DLC to the main menu.
- Changed the behaviour of the stacking button to make affected card stacks briefly glow white.
- Fixed the mod enable/disable button not changing text correctly.
- Fixed slots sometimes not highlighting after restarting the game.
- Fixed the Splendour influence not decaying.
- Fixed the new card accessibility option revealing the back of cards that haven't yet been flipped over.
- Fixed a couple of Knock lore fragments having too many challenges.
- Fixed Knock subversion sometimes failing to subvert the right lore.
- Fixed wounded followers being able to die twice thanks to the Season of Sickness.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed the Detective being able to obtain a second Temptation.
- Fixed an issue with the Steam integration.
- Fixed Risens being able to receive any number of scars.
- Fixed several typos in Priest and Ghoul.
- Added some missing verb and aspect images.
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