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Got an update flag for Spacechem but I have no clue about what has changed. All installers apparently remain the same.
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karnak1: Got an update flag for Spacechem but I have no clue about what has changed. All installers apparently remain the same.
I'm receiving a 404 error for the Windows installer, so maybe the notification is a bit ahead of the actual update?
karnak1: Spacechem
ncs: I'm receiving a 404 error for the Windows installer
Yeah, same here.
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Coming in thick and fast...

AI War 2 has just received another update from 4.012 to 4.013 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

4.013 Hotfixes
(Released April 6th, 2022)

-Fixed an exception on load in the prior build if you had DLC2 but not DLC3 enabled.
-Thanks to Peter Ebbesen, Ithuriel0, and Smithal for reporting.
-Fixed an exception that could happen during loading certain quickstarts, or probably other lobby initialization situations as well.
-Apparently also when generating maps in the lobby for some players!
-Thanks to rem_tuas and Ithuriel0 for reporting.
-Fixed a typo in the Architrave Eques description.
-Thanks to Ithuriel0 for reporting.
-Fixed an exception that could happen after hitting reset to defaults in the lobby now that it is checking for re-pooled game commands. The game command in question was redundant and served no purpose at this point anyhow, happily.
-Thanks to Badger for reporting.
-Adjusted Dire CPAs to no longer be forced on until Logistician mode, rather than being forced on in Expert mode. They are still optional in any lower mode.
-Thanks to Strategic Sage for suggesting, and for being patient with our second-guessing of him on it.
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Space Haven

Updated from 0.14.1 to 0.14.2 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog present:
Patch 0.14.2 (6 April 2022)

* Gamepad support.
* Added one new wall look.
* Meat and fruit plants have their own growth stage graphics.
* Fixed bugs.
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EVERSPACE 2 (In Development)

Updated to 0.8.25327 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Patch Notes - 0.8.25327 (Hotfix) - Changelog

Hi GOG Community!

We've just released a hotfix patch, fixing a few issues that came with last week's update (0.8.25290).

Here's the complete list of changes:


- Balancing: Reduced EMP Generator effect duration
- Balancing: Reduced Bloodstar Raid Plating hitpoints
- Balancing: Adjusted Utility scaling curve for diminishing returns in late-game but greater bonus in early-game
- Balancing: Increased drop chances for pure and flawless resources
- Integrated localization changes suggested from Crowdin community


- Fixed that during "The Magic Of Umami" while chasing Maddocks at Sato Orbit some doors were closed if side mission "Spelunking For Madcaps" was done before, resulting in a mission blocker
- Fixed "Cargo Full" loot screen sometimes showing up after pulling multiple items at once although there still was cargo space available
- Fixed "Cargo Full" loot screen sometimes showing invalid items after pulling multiple items at once that could result in all sorts of weird glitches including freezes and crashes
- Fixed that players who were at "From Scratch" mission when they updated from version 0.7 to version 0.8 were unable to collect the required Aetheum crystals because of a replaced resource ID
- Fixed "optimized" affix effect still affecting item after new catalyst has been applied
- Fixed Gunship turret damaging the player's ship
- Fixed that damage values displayed in device descriptions were not buffed by Utility
- Fixed Stinger expertise falsely showing up as a passive
- Fixed that blueprintable variants of items did not display the blueprint progress correctly
- Fixed wrong rarities of dropped blueprints if there were no more locked blueprints for a rarity
- Fixed that pillar-shaped asteroids in generic Zharkov locations could have wrong rotation
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Updated to 1.2.3-03 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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PC Building Simulator Update v1.15.3

changelog from steam


Added support for the on-screen keyboard when players are using a Steam Deck
Added PS5 controller support
Fixed an issue which in some cases prevented the Steam Workshop wallpaper integration from functioning correctly.
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Tormented Souls

Updated to 1.07 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch v0.88.3

-Localization errors
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Sacred 2 Gold was updated from version 2.65.1 to version 2.65.1 w10 fix

The name implies that a fix was implemented to let the game run on win 10, as indeed there were many people that could not start the game on win 10. Some had te resort to a fan patch.

However, there are reports that the game now hangs when connecting to a local server.

More info in this thread.
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I got an update flag for Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition. No idea what's changed.

Version 1.07F > Version 1.07F hotfix
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Windows installer updated to 1.3.3326 rev546

(I suspect most of these changes are just related to steamdeck support)
Post edited April 07, 2022 by karnak1
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
Update version :

- Fix on the redeem code for the villager's skin of the Kickstarter campaign
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Forgive Me Father has just left Early Access and is now at version 1.0 (available through GOG Galaxy at the moment until offline installer files are done). There is no real changelog available (yet) but the following text gives some info of what's new:
Compared to the Early Access version, the full release brings another playable character (the Journalist), increases the total number of levels from 17 to 25, 3 new bossfights and 3 new Endless mode arenas, a new weapon and 8 new weapon upgrades, new skill upgrades, animated cutscenes showing the full story of the protagonists, and more!
EDIT: Offline installer files are updated now as well. :)
Post edited April 07, 2022 by Berzerk2k2
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And another one. :)

AI War 2 has just received another update from 4.013 to 4.014 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

4.014 The Intimidating Architrave
(Released April 6th, 2022)

-The new AI eyes (dire and regular) in DLC3 now have a new style of visual that is distinct to DLC3.
-This is finally now the end of the art for DLC3, for real!
-All of the Zenith Architrave units in DLC2 now have real graphics, and are much larger and more menacing. This is now one of the more visually striking factions.
-Thanks to everyone for their patience with the DLC2 art delays! That is finally absolutely the last of it, so all of the art that is planned for the game is now complete!
-Add some defensive code for MP clients
-Remove some mentions of the sadly-deprecated Vassal code
-Thanks to Strategic Sage for reporting
-Fix a typo in the neinzul migrant description
-Thanks to Strategic Sage for reporting
-Add a bit more colour to the Module Popup
-Fix a typo in the roguelike 'swap planets' option description
-Thanks to Mac for reporting
-Update the Enhanced Overlord description to explain some of its behaviour
-Thanks to Mac for reporting
-Update the Challenger description for the base game to not mention Brutal Guardian Lairs (since those are DLC3 only)
-Thanks to Strategic Sage for reporting
-Fix a typo in the Hugger golem description
-Thanks to Ithuriel0 for the report