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Does anyone else have a "503 Backend fetch failed" error on the pages of some games?

Summoner, for example:

It can be displayed at the top or bottom of the page.

I have this error in both Firefox and Chrome (latest versions).

bonzer: Problem with the daily deal? Anyone else?

Edit:"flash deal"
As you can see, not only with flash deals.
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Getting this error on all game pages. Can't add anything to cart or wishlist.
Seems to happen sometimes. Summoner loaded, but took a while, then tried a few more and one did display that, though the page also loaded below the error and bunch of pulled text. 503 is normally server busy, GOGBear without the bear.
high rated
mrkgnao: The “newly purchased games are not marked as owned” bug is back again, as of today (yesterday was still fine).
And... it's fixed.
while scrolling main page, the images are grey until after you've scrolled past them. in other cases, it loads timely but is still noticeable

...and now the currency's broken woohoo!
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It's still possible to send friend requests to users who have blocked you. This really should be fixed.
This may be more a case of some very old code left around instead of something that just broke, just that I only noticed it now, but if you put a / at the end of a game page URL, you get redirected to[game_tag], and with links (otherwise correctly) having relative path, if you try to navigate away to something other than a game page, you obviously get a 404.
Today I changed the avatar (at least I tried). It was updated after a couple of hours after the change, but only in the profile, and on the forum I still have my previous avatar.

I cleared the cache, but it seems that this problem is not on my side.
i never understood why gogie takes so long to update avvies?

like... i get it uses sum weird-ass sysyem where every version of teh avvy is stored different lee dependin' on uuuh forum, profile, etcetc, but wut is it doin' for days?
Fairfox: wut is it doin' for days?
Probably nothing at all.
Not sure if this has something to do with GOG itself or not, but yep, still normally using IE, including for GOG forums (and library, and wishlist, and news posts if I reached them via RSS...), which still worked, as does just about anything else bar GOG's new site (interestingly, including some, but not all, game pages as of some point), but obviously only as long as I stayed signed on, as the logon modal won't load at all... And yesterday I suddenly found myself signed out, was on the forum, opened several tabs, the first two had me signed on, next two logged off but still remembered light theme, then theme was forgotten too and was set on dark. So now have to start up Vivaldi even to get on the forum. Wonder what the heck happened.
When I try to download the Windows offline installer for Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders, I get a "404 - Not Found" error.
finkleroy: When I try to download the Windows offline installer for Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders, I get a "404 - Not Found" error.
GOG Support ticket #447906
kbnrylaec: GOG Support ticket #447906
I can confirm that this issue has been resolved. Thanks for submitting the support ticket.
mrkgnao: There doesn't seem to be a forum for "What Remains of Edith Finch".

Rather impressive, considering that the game has been added to GOG more than a year ago.
chandra: This one has been fixed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention :)
Same story for "The Long Reach".