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I am signed in, but I only see "Sign in" and can't access things like my game library.

EDIT: It came back.
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kbnrylaec: All newly added GOG games do not reserve review votes.
After one month, GOG's new games still can not reserve review votes.
Those numbers got reset to zero per day.
I found a BUG........You make a thread and someone replies but before I could reply the nasties here spammed and deleted the thread and guess what? The little purple light is on telling me a reply is patiently waiting,twiddling their thumbs and will probably stay that way until someone at Gog can fix.It's sort of like when the phone rings and when you rush to get it,the ringer hangs up but the little purple light stays on and is looking around and luckily it doesn't flash.Now that would be annoying.Thanks for reading the story about the little purple light.
timmy010: looks like keyboard shortcuts for images on the game pages is broken...
Should be fixed now :)