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So wanted to play Minecraft,
But the DRM was daft.
Looked for the second best,
An engine called MineTest.
Got to dig my mega shaft!
A dozen, a gross, and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared and not a bit more.
There was a young man in Virginia
who wanted to visit Sardinia;
he made up a boat
that could barely stay afloat,
and never made it to Sardinia.
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There once was a lad from Kilkenny
'Twas broke and had nary a penny,
But when he looked down,
He found half a crown,
And went out with a lassie named Jenny.
„On the beach“, said John sadly, „there’s such
A thing as revealing too much.“
So he closed both his eyes
At the ranks of bare thighs,
And felt his way through them by touch.
No Man's Sky has a living ship egg,
For which offline players need to beg!
Now where will this end?
Or should we just bend?
Vote with what's on the end of your leg!
There was an old man in Nebraska
who wanted to go to Alaska;
but when he touched ground,
he balked and turned 'round:
it was just too cold in Alaska.
There was a young monk from Siberia
Whose morals were very inferior.
He had lots of fun
With a naughty nun
And now she’s a Mother Superior.
There was an old man in Missouri
who wanted some chicken tandoori.
He had a strong wish
for that Indian dish
he had never found in Missouri.
There once were some folk from Kilkenny,
Who would watch a cartoon at Pub Benny,
And then on a lark,
They moved to South Park,
Each week one of them could kill Kenny.

There once was a shepherd who loved counting sheep
He'd count them all night without any sleep
His wife was annoyed
As he gave her no joy
And now he sleeps with the sheep...
There once was a thing: D.R.M.
And let's say I wasn't a fan.
Then along came a site
Says DRM isn't right
And games like that get a ban.
There was an old man in Wyoming
who thought that a world war was coming;
he stocked up on meat,
on water and wheat,
that apprehensive man in Wyoming.
There was a young lady; a prude
She thought her friends' language was crude
She traveled down South,
Then opened her mouth
And recited a joke that's quite lewd.
There was a man in Alabama
who so wanted to meet Obama!
He wrote to Barack,
but all he got back
was a signed photo of Obama.