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And now one in German:

Die Frau eines Blinden in Plön
Hatte Liebhaber, 8 oder 10.
Der Blinde rief aus:
"Verlasse mein Haus!
Ich kann Dich nicht mehr sehn!"
There once a girl-scout pathfinder
Who fell into one big meat-grinder
But she got promptly out
Through the meat-grinder's spout
Now in much greater number you'll find'er
When the Titanic went under
her brand new hull broke asunder
passengers got wet
men, women and pet
they deemed the trip as blunder.
A miner once found a massive lode
he asked a girl where to drop his load
she said where she stood
"Quickly, get some wood!"
to fire up the furnace in her abode.
There was a young man on a horse
whose manners were vulgar and coarse:
when riding around,
he spat on the ground,
he cursed, and he did even worse!
There was an old wizard in Texas
who thought of some bad spell to hex us.
His name, it was Hooyah,
and he was like, "Screw ya!"
before casting that curse to hex us!
An old gamer lived south of the Swiss
He frequented websites like this,
He decided one day,
To go to Texas to stay,
And found it a true state of bliss.
There was an Italian olde gamer
who was such an egregious lamer!
His humour was naff,
his "poetry" a laugh,
and his skills were poor for a gamer...
An old guy who just posted right here,
Should know that there's naught he should fear,
When you get right down to it,
You know that I'd do it,
If I saw him we'd both share a beer.