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It seems I missed the big party when the list of Doc's newest gifts went online. ;-)

May I ask for Alien: Isolation Collection?
Thank you so much Doc0075 for Alien: Isolation Collection and thanks too to Lone_Scout for managing the giveaway. This has made my day.
Thanks so much to Doc0075 and Lone_Scout for the game! My first time participating in the giveaway and I'm able to nab something from right off my wish list! Absolutely fantastic what you both do for the community!
Thank you Doc0075 for theEndzone - A World Apart and Lone_Scout for hosting this Giveaway.
Many thanks to Doc0075 and Lone_Scout :)
Thank you very much again Doc and Lone_Scout for Cleo - a pirate’s tale - Deluxe Edition. You guys rock. \o/
Thanks Doc and Lone_Scout for Greedfall! Very appreciated you both :)
Well, then, can I have Graven if it's still available?
Many thanks to Lone_Scout and Doc0075 !
Muchos gracias to Doc0075 and Lone_Scout for what appears to be one of the most wholesome games on gog!
Thank you to Doc0075 and Lone_Scout.
Thanks to Lone_Scout for continuing to manage the giveaway and to maxleod for the copy of Another World!
Thanks to Doc and thanks to Lone! Hear a lot of good things about Prey, time to find out if it's as good as people say.
May I ask for the Wildfire, please.
thank you Doc0075 and Lone Scout!