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Thanks a lot to Doc & Lone_Scout for GRAVEN
drxenija: Can I nominate AWG43 for he Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition?
If it is all taken already, then The Hand of Merlin?
Lone_Scout: There's a legal vacuum regarding nominations, but I'll treat them as requests, so only one game per post, sorry. Denied
Thank you for clarifying that. Understood!
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Thank you, Doc0075, for the game, and Lone_Scout for the delivery! :D

(even though I received No Game....)
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ciemnogrodzianin: May I ask for Shovel Knight? (:
Lone_Scout: Granted
Thank you, Doc, for your gift and for your amazing generosity!
Also great thanks to tireless Lone Scout, who is a true Shovel Knight of today ;)
Thank you, Lone_Scout, for granting me Wildermyth and for working so hard on a Saturday! ;) We appreciate it.

Thanks, Doc, for the generous donation! I noticed in the Fight Club thread that Wildermyth was one of the games you were currently playing. Hope it's as good as it looks. :D

ThatGuyWithTheThing: Requesting There is No Game, please!
Lone_Scout: Confusing request, but granted :D
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Thank you for the nomination, drxenija. The Hand of Merlin is really look cool.

But I more interested in Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game so I'd like to request this game instead.
May I please have GreedFall – Gold Edition ?
May I have Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™ + Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Complete Edition please ?
May I ask for Airport CEO.
Many thanks to Lone_Scout and Doc0075 for Divinity 2.
Huge thank you to Lone_Scout for all the work and Doc for all the donations.
Damn, I missed it again -_-
May I have Alien: Isolation Collection ?
A huge thanks to Doc0075 for Disco Elysium and all the games he donated and Lone_Scout for delivering the keys
Can I ask for the Alien Breed: Triology. Please.
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Thank you so much Doc0075 and Lone_Scout for the game!