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Thank you for your work Lone_Scout.
One more Thank You to add to the list. Your contribution has been great and it was at a crutial time, when the future of the giveaways were kinda in turbulent waters.

Muchas gracias!!!
And another one. Many thanks for all you did, was a nicely done round:)
Thank you Lone_Scout o7
Thanks for the service to this community! We certainly appreciate it!
high rated
And of course I missed a very important post and I am far too late. Still I would like to take the time to thank you Lone_Scout for all the work you did with this giveaway. I do remember how many were sad that after the previous CG ended they decided to continue this on discord only and many don't use or want to use discord .... then there was this motion that said a true GOG CG has to be in the GOG forums and so you took over and brought it back here were it belongs. I also like to thank everybody who participated in the giveaway - without generous people like you such a giveaway would never be able to exist in the first place (at least it would not be that much fun without any keys ;)). This great tradition must never die - and seeing that others already volunteered to continue it, it probably never will and that is good thing because this is a good community (even though some think otherwise).
thanks for hosting this edition.Have a nice rest
Looks like I'm even more late...
It took me a while to check what's going on here and to find Lone_Scout's announcement.

Thank you, Lone_Scout, for all your efforts and thanks also to BenKii for continuing the tradition!
A very belated thank you @Lone_Scout for doing a fantastic job for the past year, not only as the host but a regular donor as well. Extra kudos for the humorous remarks and lines here and there,for they made this thread fun to read; they will be missed.

Big hats off @all the donors, big and small, for without them, this GOG Community institution would have died a long time ago.
Thank you for managing the giveaway. Awesome work.
Looks like I'm another belated poster, missing such important news.

While it may be belated, a very sincere Thank You @Lone_Scout for having taken on the task of reinstating the GOG CG on the GOG forums. Thank you for your work managing all the requests, with fairness and in a timely fashion, and especially for your wit and humor while doing so. :) I'm sorry I didn't get to participate or donate as much as I would have liked during your hosting, but I hope we still get to see you around the new thread and forum.

Welcome Captain BenKii!! Thank you for continuing this great Community tradition. I'll be hoping to explore some appropriate donations to have you beam up soon. ;)
I'm sad to hear of your retirement and wish you all the best in your future endeavors, @Lone_Scout. Thank you so much for what you have done for the community! Cheers!
Lone_Scout: This edition of the giveaway has ended. That's all folks!

It's been a pleasure being in charge during this time. A big thank you to everyone that contributed in one form or another.
It wouldn't have been possible without all of you. You are the best! :)
Thank you Lone_Scout for your great contribution to the GOG Community! We all had a good time while communicating with each other :))))
Thanks a lot Lon3scout, for your dedication. May all go well for you.
Locking the thread due to creator's request.