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This edition of the giveaway has ended. That's all folks!

It's been a pleasure being in charge during this time. A big thank you to everyone that contributed in one form or another.
It wouldn't have been possible without all of you. You are the best! :)
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[deleted] .
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We are in April!
Month of ***REDACTED***

This thread is over. Please move on to the next one...
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Thank you Lone Scout for continuing our GOG tradition!
I know our gratitude is incomparable to the amount of work you'll need to carry now on.
But for now, here are my paws of gratitude!
As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! And if / when the burden becomes heavy, the community members shall be there to assist, if the GOGmmunity is to be worthy of that name and the efforts required to hold the initiative (which as all previous keepers and distinguished supporters valiantly showed for so long, is by no means an easy feat).

The cycle of relay is complete, the torch is lit once again !
Thank you so much for continuing the tradition.
And so, the community GA redux dux begins.
Awesome, thanks for hosting the new version, I'll certainly be keeping an eye out!
Thank you Lone_Scout for continuing the tradition!
"It lives... again !"

Thanks Lone_Scout and good luck.
Thank you Lone_Scout for stepping up as the new giveaway overlord, and good luck!
Welcome Lone_Scout as new host! May this incarnation of the giveaway bring countless joy.
My thanks as well. The community died a little when the GA closed (amongst other locked thread events), so it's good to see some spirit still alive here. A salute to the new keymaster!
Thank you Lone_Scout for going the extra mile.