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If anyone would be generous enough to give my late-night study sessions a little more incentive, I would like the original Fallout please. Thank you very much in advance.
koldar308: If anyone is feeling extremely generous, I would love a gift code for wasteland.
Muttala: Check your PM.

P/s: I only have 1 copy of original wasteland from Kickstarter, but there are quite a few requester here.
I'm not sure who need the most, just my guess based on the writing, hope you enjoy the gift.
Thank you so much! +1 and take care!
If anyone is feeling generous

Wasteland 1 – The Original Classic
Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves
Dungeon Keeper™ 2
edit: NWN2 received. Thank you, Dju.
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If any very kind one of you help an unemployed low-rep monkey with Jade Empire, i will cry all night. And give you a Trine 2 code. That's anything i have in the world. Thank you, thank you!
. I wouIld buy it myself, but I have to save up for chrismas, and I also am going to a convention soon.

before you downrep me, i am not sating anyody has to buy this for me. I would take an extra code, as well, plus, at least i am being honest

I still really want Retro City Rampage. PWEASE?
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Rayman Origins from a generous GOGer.

Contact by PM.
In hunting the "insomia" promo, I was quite sleepy after awhile, went bed and missed Startopia . If everyone has extra copy I would be very thankful to have one :)
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Can I have a code for Another World or Alan Wake, please?
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I'm somewhat hesitant for asking, but I'll be very grateful for a copy of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Thanks!
Jack Keane 2: "The Fire Within" is on sale, I hope someone is generous enough to gift me this awesome game, Thank you! :D
I wonder if anyone hit the chance to get spare copy of Jade Empire: Special Edition before Jackeanemanchia 2 blocked sales. ;-)
I'll second a request for jack if anyone's got a spare copy or 80
since i haven't succeded in getting any game in the click-faster-than-a-ninja-on-metamphetamine promo (and i will not 'cuz i have to go to work), if anybody were kind enough to gift me one of these:

-Gemini Rue
-Commandos 2+3
-Freespace 2
-I Have no Mouth...

i would be eternally grateful and pray for such guy's happiness and well-being in four languages
Hi guys, I would be very grateful if someone would gift me Heroes of Might and Magic 5 once it is on the sale, if not, thanks anyway! :)

Also if by any chance, someone has a spare copy of megabyte punch I would appreciate it.
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