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Arcanum would be great. Thanks in advance!
I have not been blessed with any of the Bullfrog Classics Bundle and would love every single one of those games so please help me out getting this bundle at a price I can afford ;)
Syndicate Wars Please?
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I would love any of the Ultima games. specifically ultima 6 and 7. I missed the bundles.

I would love syndicate wars too.
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Part of my wishlist:

Tales of Monkey Island
Broken Sword 2
Tomb Raider 1+2+3

Thanks in advance.
The Temple of Elemental Evil.. please? :P
te_lanus: Krush Kill 'N Destroy Xtreme or BloodRayne (& BloodRayne2) would be nice
bumbing it for the weeeeekend
low rated
Top 2 games I am really wanting right now

Zork Anthology

Thank you
I'm having fun with Gothic 2! so while the series are on sale I'd love to have Gothic 3 and apply the community patch to it! I've heard it enhances the gameplay a lot!

Consider me rued! ;-p

~and no, you may not ask what that means!~
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Edit: Pathologic gifted by a certain ksj8ak2. Thank you so, so much! Words can't express how happy I am to play this game :D
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Bigs: Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude would be nice to complete my collection
Check your PM. :)
I'll be off to bed soon because of an awful busy day tomorrow--11 hours straight of busy, five of which is my job, and the other six being unconnected but annoying work. So if someone feels like easing my day along...

Syndicate Wars or either Dungeon Keeper please from the Bullfrog pack before it goes off sale...

Or Sam and Max Season 1 or 3 if you're feeling generous.

Please...not looking forward to tomorrow.
The Witcher 1 would be nice
Jagged Alliance 2 would be nice to play this summer... ^_^
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